How to get rid of alcohol, drug and tobacco addiction in Hobo: Tough Life


How to get rid of alcohol, drug and tobacco addiction in Hobo: Tough Life

Harsh gameplay in Hobo: Tough Life forces players to use all sorts of ways to survive. Some of the methods available can lead to addiction. We will tell you how to avoid alcohol, drug and tobacco addiction, and also help you get rid of existing addictions in the game.

How to avoid any addiction in Hobo: Tough Life

To avoid any addiction in the game, you just need not to overuse products that can induce this very addiction. In case of excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or prohibited substances, the corresponding yellow icon will appear on the left side of the screen (under the character icon), which will warn you about the high risk of becoming addicted to this product.

How to avoid any addiction in Hobo: Tough Life

If this happens, then you should immediately stop using that group of substances that can affect the appearance of addiction. Just a few hours without drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes is enough for this icon to disappear. The risk of addiction can also be tracked in the "Character's health indicators" section in a separate tab.

How to get rid of alcohol, nicotine or illegal addiction in Hobo: Tough Life

If you do acquire any addiction, then you either have to live with this addiction or get rid of it. When your character has a new addiction, a blue scale with a description of the addiction appears in the "Character State" section in the "Dependencies" tab. This scale shows how much time you have left until the next intake of a substance on which your character's body depends.

When the blue scale is empty, a red scale will appear, and the hero will begin to break. During withdrawal, the character's health indicator will continuously decrease. Every second the hero will lose 1% of his health. To prevent a decline in health, you need to take the withdrawal substance again.

At the same moment, in the "Character State" section, you can track the time until the addiction is completely eliminated. Time is not playtime, but real. To finally get rid of the disease, you will have to hold out for the specified time without the use of substances on which your hero is dependent. At first glance, this may seem impossible, but we have several effective ways to get rid of addiction.

The first way is to learn special skills that can help reduce the risk of addiction or relieve withdrawal symptoms.

  • Drunkard Skill : Allows you to consume large amounts of alcohol without the risk of becoming addicted. This skill can be purchased from the Cardinal, in the Bukhari camp at the station (you need to increase this character's trust to 30 units).
  • Skill "Addict II ": almost completely relieves you of withdrawal symptoms. With this skill, the hero's health will decline ten times slower than usual. The "Dependent I" skill can be purchased from Ramsay (30 trust points), and then increased to the second level (80 trust points).

How to get rid of addiction and not die in Hobo: Tough Life

There is a small feature in Hobo: Tough Life that allows you to get rid of any addiction without losing your health. The same feature can be used to ride out a cold night or cloudy weather. It lies in the fact that during a dialogue with another character or during a purchase in a store, external factors do not affect you. Time continues to pass, but the hero does not feel cold even at low ambient temperatures.

And during withdrawal, when using this trait, your health stops decreasing. In a word, this feature "freezes" all indicators of your hero until the end of the dialogue with the game character. However, the real-time timer continues to work.

If you need to get rid of addiction, but at the same time you do not want to just wait, then for this you will need at least 60 first-aid kits or about 300 bandages.

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