How to Make Money Fast in Hobo: Tough Life - Begging, Hacks, Quests & More


How to Make Money Fast in Hobo: Tough Life - Begging, Hacks, Quests & More

Money in homeless simulator You will need Hobo: Tough Life not only to buy clothes, food and consumables, but also to complete the storyline and side missions. In this guide, we will tell you the main ways to make money in the game: what skills to pump and what quests to complete in the first place.

Inspect telephone and vending machines

In the city, you can find a large number of vending machines and telephone machines, and check them for the availability of funds. Usually, you will collect up to 4 crowns from one machine. This is not a lot, but considering that the loot in such machines is updated every 3-4 game hours, you can make good money just by moving around the city.

Inspect telephone and vending machines

Inspect telephone and vending machines

How to make money by begging

Begging is one of the main ways to make money in Hobo: Tough Life. A high level of this skill can bring you not only a lot of game currency, but also various consumables.

Always beg, no matter what you are doing. Follow the quest, run to the store or to the public toilet - beg for money from all passers-by. Even with unsuccessful begging, you will increase the level of this skill, which will have a positive effect on you as you progress through the game.

You can ask for money from any passers-by whom you meet on the streets of the city. All passers-by are divided into three difficulty levels:

  • Easy : it is easy to beg for a handout from passers-by, but the amount will be small;
  • Moderate : to get a good amount, you will have to get a stranger to talk properly;
  • Difficult : it is almost impossible to beg for money from such passers-by, but if this happens, the handout will be very generous.

During a dialogue with any passer-by, you first need to get him talking in order to increase the character's loyalty. The higher the loyalty, the more likely you are to receive a handout. If the hero refuses to give you alms, then you can try to talk him back and increase the level of loyalty.

For more effective begging, be sure to complete the Shizik story mission "Collecting Taxes" and increase the skill level of a homeless man named Henry.

How to make money by begging

How to make money by begging

How to make money by begging

How to make money by hacking, stealing and stealing

In a dialog box with any passer-by, you can use the "Steal" action. The difficulty level of a passer-by directly affects the time allotted to steal any item from your interlocutor's pockets.

Stolen items can be sold to the same passers-by or handed over to Anatoly's commission. When you learn the "Street Vendor" skill, you can bargain with passers-by and sell them any goods at an inflated price.

In the game, you will find locked trash cans and containers. You can find very valuable loot in such garbage cans. The higher your lockpicking skill, the easier it will be for you to pick the lock and search the trash can.

While exploring the city, you may stumble upon locked drawers, cabinets and sheds in the entrances of residential buildings. In such cabinets and boxes, you will find valuable items that can be expensively sold to passers-by or handed over to Anatoly's thrift shop.

How to make money by hacking, stealing and stealing

How to make money by hacking, stealing and stealing

How to make money trading common items and smuggling in Hobo: Tough Life. How to learn to paint and sell paintings

The main resource you'll find when researching the trash cans in Hobo: Tough Life at first is empty bottles. They will come across to you in large quantities and you can take them to the supermarket for one kroon apiece.

When inspecting large, rusty containers, you may find broken appliances or other interesting items that are good for sale. Before selling, household appliances must be repaired. Homeless Monty is fixing household appliances. With him, you can complete the quest "Monty's Apprentice" and learn the skill "Engineer" in order to independently repair any equipment in the game. The sooner you complete Monty's quests and learn how to repair equipment, the faster you will start making money in the game. Broken household appliances can not only be found in rusty containers, but can also be bought from Meisner.

You can sell household appliances both to ordinary passers-by on the streets of the city, and to Anatoly's commission shop, which is located not far from the gas station.

When inspecting any garbage cans and garbage containers, you can find an "interesting piece of paper." You can draw pictures on such pieces of paper and sell them to any passers-by. To craft paintings, you will have to spend money on tempera paints. They are sold at We Have Everything by Mrs. Spurna at 30 CZK each. or they can be found in garbage cans. Click the Craft tab and under the Basic section select Custom Drawing. Play the mini-game to paint the picture. Such drawings can be sold to passers-by for 40-60 CZK apiece.

In addition to legal items, you can also become a dealer for illegal substances and sell contraband. To do this, you need to complete several plot tasks of the homeless Ramzi, who is located in the brothel on Wenceslas. Be careful when selling illegal substances to passers-by, as some of them may call the police.

How to make money with a pet (dog) in Hobo: Tough Life

During a conversation with a homeless Drax in Ferenc's camp, you can get an additional task "Four-legged friend" . You need to go to the gypsy slums and pay Langos 600 CZK for a pet.

After a while, for doing good deeds, you will gain access to the Fort of Decent People. Complete the side quest of a resident of Fort Johnny "Finding Sartre", meet a homeless man named Donut and take his dog Johnny from him. When the quest is complete, you can return to Donut and offer him your dog for begging.

From now on, return to Donut every two days and collect the proceeds from 80 to 150 CZK. In a few days, you will fully recoup your pet and receive a net profit.

Quests for quick money making in Hobo: Tough Life

For completing the storyline and side quests, you can earn good money. Some quests in the game can be completed an infinite number of times, simply by earning money.

Scrap metal

The quest can be taken from the gypsy Langos, who lives in the slums on the territory of the old sugar factory. He will tell you about the base of Mr. Kotler, who dearly buys up any scrap metal. In addition to the constantly repeating quest, you can sell the scrap found in dumpsters on your own and earn good money on it.

Roof fee

"Paying for the Roof" is an additional task of Ferencz, in which you need to bypass first three, and then five homeless people, and take money from them for protection. If you have the "Strategist" skill, then it will be very easy to complete this task. Otherwise, you will have to put pressure on the heroes using 50 units of "Attack" or take away their money by force (you will have to beat the characters). The latter method is the most unproductive, since it will take at least 500 crowns to reconcile with any of these characters. For completing the task, you will receive 200 kroons.


This task will become available from the bandit Anton. To contact him, you just need to rob a few passers-by, after which the bandits themselves will make an appointment for you. To complete this task, you need to pump the Hacking skill, find and steal one or more bicycles. The bikes are scattered throughout the city, so finding them is easy. Return to Anton some time after completing the quest to activate him again. Anton will pay CZK 200 for each regular bike, and CZK 400 for a steep bike.

Car radio

In this quest, you will learn how to open parked cars and steal car radios. The task will be given to you by the bandit Anton as the level of trust with this character increases. In addition to individual cars, which will be marked on the map on assignment, in your free time you can steal car radios from any cars. This is not to say that this is a hot product. Anton himself will buy from you no more than three units per day. To expand the customer base for buying car radios, we advise you to increase the level of trust of the owner of the commission Anatoly. The guy will buy one car radio from you per day.

Proslav legends

This quest can be obtained from Professor Müller in the eastern part of Zizkov, provided that you have learned the skill "Brave". For completing the task, you will receive 750 CZK and at the same time spend only a few minutes of real time. 

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