LoL: What's my MMR?


LoL: What's my MMR?

The matchmaking rating (MMR for short) plays an important role in League of Legends ranked matches . We reveal what MMR is and how you can find out your own MMR.

What is MMR? The matchmaking rating is a value that describes your skill level and which your fellow players and opponents use to orientate themselves in a ranked match:

  • If you have a low MMR, you play against weak opponents and with weak allies
  • If you have a high MMR, you play against strong opponents and with strong allies

The matchmaking rating works independently of the actual ranking, whereby wins and losses have an influence on your rating. As a gold player with a high MMR, you can meet platinum players, while you meet silver players with a low MMR.

What's my MMR? Unfortunately, it is not possible to find out your exact matchmaking rating. However, you can see a tendency if you look at the LP (league points) received after a ranked match:

  • If you get a lot of LP, your MMR is higher than the average of your ranking and the game tries to push you quickly to your real rank
  • If you get little LP, then you have played against weak opponents and your MMR is rather lower. The system will push your MMR while the rank is held back

The various MMRs of fellow players and opponents also play a role in the LPs won, but a tendency can still be derived from several matches.

There are also external aids. The Whatismymmr website uses various algorithms to provide the most accurate value possible. To do this, she uses the solo matches played in ranked. The displayed value indicates a tendency (example 1200 ± 100) so that your actual MMR is between 1,100 and 1,300. Whatismymmr also emphasizes that the value becomes more precise the more matches you have played.

The different ranks in LoL from iron (left) to challenger (right).

How do I improve my MMR? The matchmaking rating improves if you win a ranked match and deteriorates if you lose a ranked match. Basically, whoever wins more than loses improves their matchmaking rating.

How is there a difference between MMR and ranking? This can have several reasons:

  • The first 10 matches in a season, the placement matches, are particularly important. They give a lot more LP to get you to your rightful ranking quickly. If you lose there, it will take longer for the MMR and league to adapt.
  • Anyone who leaves a queue - be it through a disconnect or on purpose - loses LP, but not MMR.
  • If you lose a match with 0 LP but are not relegated, your MMR will still get worse.
  • If you queue up with players who have a high MMR, you sometimes get more MMR than LP.

Is there MMR also in other modes? Yes, MMR is also available in the normal mode of LoL or in the Auto Battler Teamfight Tactics. However, each mode has its own rating that works independently of the others.

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