PSO2 New Genesis Class Guide 2021 - Which one is right for me?


PSO2 New Genesis Class Guide 2021 - Which one is right for me?

Which class in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis (PC, Xbox One, Xbox X) suits which taste and which style of play best? Which classes are available in the MMORPG at the start? Find out more about the respective classes in 2021 in our PSO2 New Genesis class guide.

The question of which class to play first concerns many online role-players at the start of every MMORPG, and Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is no exception.

We have listed all six classes for you here and shed a light on the respective game mechanics for you. 

The six classes of PSO2: New Genesis at a glance

What classes are there? The six classes in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis differ in ranged and melee combatants as well as a supporter class. For each class there is a suitable armor that underlines the respective class attributes. Incidentally, the races have no influence on your character selection.

Can i change my class? A special aspect of the MMORPG is that it does not dictate a fixed class for you. So as soon as you think it's time for something new, visit the class NPC in Central City. There you can simply select a new class of your choice without much effort. You can change at any time and as often as you like.

Can I also combine classes? The Phantasy Star Online series is known for the fact that you can play your character in different ways. 

Rather, the roles are fluid and, as mentioned above, you can add one of the six heroes given as a subclass. For example, as a ranger, you can first fall back on ranged missiles, switch to close combat thanks to the fighter subclass and hit your opponent with your fists. 

We don't want to shed more light on the sub-class system of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis at this moment. The focus of this guide is on introducing the main classes in the game.

The big world of PSO2: NG is full of dangerous enemies who seek your life.

The melee classes in PSO2: New Genesis

Which hand-to-hand fighters are there? The hunter and the fighter, who either attack with swords and polearms or handle double daggers, fistfighting weapons and double swords, are suitable as hand-to-hand combatants.

The Hunter - perfect class for beginners

What can the hunter do? With the Hunter you play the simplest class, which brings you easily through the MMORPG without falling behind other classes in essential points. The Hunter class gives a compelling idea of ​​playability, mobility and damage, and makes it difficult for you to find a better class later. 

Hunters are hand-to-hand combatants and specialize in swords, partisans, and wired lances. 

  • Swords have a slow but powerful attack and the ability to charge more powerful attacks. 
  • Partisans are a bit faster and offer some utilities during combat
  • The lances take some time to get used to, but focus on area damage and a lot of grappling attacks.

What is the advantage of the Hunter? Are easy to learn and a lot of fun while not in the least inferior to the other classes.

What disadvantages do you have to accept? Unfortunately, the class is not as manoeuvrable as others, but it is better armored.

The Fighter - Mobile damage and spectacular combos

What is the difference between the fighter and the hunter? The fighters play more or less like the hunters, but are faster and master devastating attacks. They don't take quite as much damage, but they move light-footed and can therefore dodge better. Hunters rely on double daggers, double swords and their fists in combat. 

Each weapon plays completely differently, but is just as efficient in its own way. 

  • With double daggers you are mainly in air combat and attack the opponent with brutal combos. These are difficult to do and you need good reflexes for them. 
  • The fist fight is literally very down-to-earth and you use fewer combos to attack - you land heavy hits against your opponent. Your range is short, but you can effectively parry hits.
  • Double swords play like a mix of fistfight and double daggers. Combos are not that difficult to perform here, however.
Advantages of the fighter: He is agile and has strong attacks. He is very effective in aerial combat. 

Disadvantages : The class has weaker armor and you have to dodge strong attacks

The most fun is PSO2: NG with other players

Ranged combat in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

What ranged combat classes are there? PSO2 NG offers you a whopping four ranged fighters with the Ranger, Gunner, Force and Techter. Whereby one of them relies on closeness to the opponent in combat.

The Ranger - Heavy damage at a great distance

How does the ranger play? If you want to keep your distance from your opponents and kill them from a distance, the Ranger is for you. You can use either rifles or rocket launchers and use them to do extreme damage from a safe distance.

  • Rifles are suitable due to their uncomplicated use and with different cartridge types you can cause different damage to the enemy. 
  • Rocket launchers are perfect when your enemies are right in front of you. With large area attacks you cause remarkable damage and can also hinder your opponents with various effects, such as slowing down.

Advantages of the ranger: it is deadly from a great distance and perfect for keeping your backs clear.

Disadvantages: As soon as the opponents come near you, you are vulnerable and you cannot take much.

The Gunner - Not for beginners, but the most fun

Why is the Gunner difficult to play? The Gunner class is a little difficult to learn at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's a lot of fun. Gunner mainly rely on a very fast style of play and actually behave more like close-range fighters than long-range fighters. This is mainly due to their weapons, where you can choose between double machine guns or assault rifles. 

  • The machine guns allow you an extremely mobile fighting style and you will quickly find that you are jumping over the entire battlefield in a battle. The optimal distance at the gunner is actually close to the enemy. If you have the mechanics on it, you will love it - I promise.
  • With assault rifles, on the other hand, you keep a large distance from your enemies at all times and support your fellow players with different skills and cartridge types - a certain similarity to the Ranger is obvious.

Advantage of the Gunner: He plays incredibly dynamic and fun while you rush across the battlefield.

Disadvantage: The way of playing is not easy to learn.

The Force - Strong area attacks wreak havoc on the battlefield

What is the Force? Typically for PSO2 there are also some magician-like classes. Force is the class for players who like the use of techs. Tech is the PSO2 equivalent of spells. 

A force player has the task of keeping a safe distance from his enemies at all times and conjuring up powerful tech attacks. The Force classes draw on all sorts of elemental tech and use wands and talismans. 

  • Both weapons work very similarly here, although the talisman uses slightly more mobile techs and doesn't do quite as much damage.

Advantages: It causes high damage on the battlefield.

Disadvantage : You have to keep your distance from your opponents at all times

The Techter - supports the other players but also does good damage

What does the techter offer? The Techter is the actual support class in PSO2 New Genesis. Your main job is to assist the rest of the team - but don't think now that you can't defend yourself. Techers use a variety of weapon skills and tech that properly deal damage. Not quite as much as a force fighter, of course. 

Techter also used wands and talismans, and both weapons have their own style of play. 

  • Talismans allow a more mobile style of play, but cause less damage.
  • The wands, on the other hand, are used as a melee weapon with which the opponent is beaten and incidentally has to take some techs.

Advantages of the Techter: Supports groups and also causes damage to opponents

Disadvantages: Damage is not comparable to the Force class

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