Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Walkthrough - All Bosses and Anomalies


Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Walkthrough - All Bosses and Anomalies

The sequel to Ratchet and Clank's adventure in the PlayStation 5 action platformer Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart . The heroes set off to explore the rifts and meet Rivet, a new Lombax from another dimension, and confront the insidious Doctor Nefarius. In the walkthrough, we told you how to go through all the bosses and solve the puzzle anomalies.


At the beginning of the game, you can choose the difficulty, focus on your gaming experience.

The game begins with a scene in which Rivet, dressed in a special outfit, steals an infobot. A local resident is attacked by guards, and she, instead of going to the ship, rescues him.

Ratchet and Clank

Switch to Ratchet and Clank. We pass to the stage and take the multi-key. We jump to the first platform and break the boxes, we get bolts from them. You can shoot confetti from the big green cannon.

Behind a large pile of boxes, there will be a way further. Here you need to use a double jump. Click on the jump kick to activate the big red button. To get to the new flying platform, hold down L2 and throw the multi-key into the wall.

We take firearms, cartridges will be in the box on the right. It is better to shoot at red boxes from afar, as they explode. Blue crates help replenish health.

We make a shot at the ships, after which the first opponents arrive - Penny Thugs. We shoot them with weapons or use the multi-key in close combat.

We get to the next flying platform. We go along the rail and jump over the balloons. Magnetic boots will help you not to fall down. We use the thread to hook onto the platform.

On the platform with sand, we fight off the robops and break all the boxes. Squeeze the jump to glide slowly down. Here there will be more opponents, but the main goal is the Landing Ship of Thugs, at the top will be shown the scale of its health.

We move to the last platform and get a gift from Clank, which Doctor Nefarius immediately steals. The heroes immediately set off in pursuit to pick up the "Gauge". We are driving on rails where there is no electricity. Press the big red button to take a shot.

In Mrs. Zurkon's shop, you can buy various weapons for bolts. You can choose "Frag Grenade" or "Crusher". A detachment of opponents immediately appears. Having dealt with them, we go to the right, for the train. Don't forget to break all the boxes. Then Nefarius appears, Ratchet shoots the weapon and rifts appear.

Press L1 to pull over to the rift. The next rift will be on the train with the opponents on the left. We deal with the enemies and go into the large door. New enemies will appear inside from the portal. Examine the balcony on the left and head right.

The floor will collapse and you will find yourself in an open area. In addition to boxes, vases of flowers can be smashed here. Jump onto the large box using the rift. We make a few more jumps.

We deal with the enemies on the site and examine the room on the left. We cling to the taxi car and fly to the Nefarius ship. We fall to the site and buy a second weapon in the store. There will be many enemies on the next site, you can use the rifts to retreat or quickly approach opponents.

Boss - Nefarius

We go into the door. There will be the first boss - the large ship of Dr. Nefarius. We shoot at it and jump over the laser beams, you can use the rifts. We fight off the frogs from the rift.

We dodge the missiles that fly out of his hands. They hit in straight lines, you can stand between them. There are several boxes with ammo and health on the level. After the second wave of small creatures, we finish off the boss. Nefarius opens a portal and we go after him. The "gauge" explodes and Nefarius is taken to the dimension where he is the emperor. Clanca finds Rivet.


Ratchet finds himself in an unknown place and goes to find Clank. We pass to the elevator, examining all the nooks with boxes. If you get lost, then press R3, a hint will appear on the screen. Open the door using the key.

We plan down from the platform and stumble upon a store. Rivet runs by with Clank and flies away on the ship. Pay attention to the map, useful items are highlighted there and the examined areas are shown. Some doors will be closed at the beginning. We collect Raritan and buy from the merchant.

An additional task is marked with a blue dot. We deal with the enemies and find the Resistance robot spy. We defeat enemies, jump on platforms and open the factory door. We jump onto the large box, and from it onto the balcony on the other side. We deal with the robots and go through another hall of the plant. We go out into the street and deal with the enemies. We free the first robotic spy and return to the starting area.

We go to the pointer. We turn right and enter the club. We pass the dancing robots and the alarm is triggered. Find the Phantom - this is Skidd. We rush in pursuit and beat him off from the robots.

We use the blue walls to jump upstairs. We use the mechanism to turn on the platform for the jump. The large hall will be full of evil robots. Meet the Phantom. We can now go through the blue doors using the Phantom Dash.

We learn to use a dash and run along the walls, but do not miss various boxes along the way.

The phantom offers to climb to the roof and steal the airship. We jump on the roofs and run along the paths, periodically fighting off the robots. The store will offer us something to buy or upgrade an existing weapon. We go up the elevator.

Dealing with robots in the spa without stepping into the pink liquid. We use the platform to extend the rail and return to the bazaar, at the very beginning of the location.

Corson 5: Nefarius Statue

We can collect resources at the bazaar or go straight to the statue. We run across the wall and get to the boss.

Boss on Corson 5 - Nefarius' First Giant

Use the dash to dodge his shots. We leave the red circles during the missile salvo. We do not stand near him for a long time so that he does not get hit by a melee circular attack.

In the middle of the battle, we will be sucked into the portal. Here you have to deal with monsters, although you can continue to beat the boss. Then we will return to the statue, where we will finish it off. We connect the "Glitch" to the access panel.

Corson 5: First Virus - Puzzle

A mini-game in which we need to control the "Glitch" and destroy the nests of viruses. We shoot at viruses and purple growths to go further. Use L2 to destroy the nests with rockets.


Ratchet flies off to a new planet, taking the ship out from under Nefarius' nose.

Switch to Rivet and start exploring the planet. We move to the pointer, dealing with purple toads. We find a store. We clean the area from toads and find the entrance to the cave. Be careful with flying opponents, they spit green acid.

At the end of the cave, we jump into the rift. We reach the helper bot. We hit the nest and jump onto the snail. A helmet can be found on the island on the right. And around are full of small islands with boxes.

We drive up the mountain on the right, chase the bot. Press R1 to speed up and jump over the chasm. We leave from the rift and return to the swamps.

We continue to chase the bot. We fly through the tunnel with flying monsters. Then under a huge dinosaur and back into the tunnel. Inside you will need to quickly jump off the snail.

We deal with the flying thugs and speak with Mort. We show Clank an anomaly and he enters the dimension.

Sargassa: The First Anomaly - Puzzle

Meet Gary. Take the red sphere on the right and place it in the circle in the center. Now you can get over to the other side, be sure to use the dash.

We break the boxes and go to the meta terminal. Take the green sphere and place it on the right to run through the obstacle. We install first green and then red to climb up. We stand on the green button to change the direction of movement.

In the third hall, we use the red sphere on the first press. Go ahead and use the red sphere on the left press. We take away the green sphere and place it in the last side slot.

We take away the second red sphere by placing the first red one for the jump. Rearrange the green and red so that you can jump onto the ledge. We stand on the button to reverse the movement. Morts are saved.

Now you need to lower the bridge. We move to the crowd of opponents. Then the boss jumps out.

Boss on Sargassus - Gruntor

The thugs will help a little to deal with the boss. Gruntor is pretty simple. We actively move and shoot, do not linger near his feet, so as not to get hit.

We use Strezhuk to accelerate and fly over the bridge. We deal with the opponents and quickly press the buttons to get into the cave. This is where Rivet's house is located.

We chase the scanopendra on horseback, we go around the bombs. When a springboard appears, then with acceleration we run onto it. We jump on the back of the monster. We crash into the mechanism and fall to the ground.

Boss on Sargassus - Scanopendra

The boss stands still. Sometimes it shoots lasers from the bottom up and hits the ground with sweeping blows of pincers, over which you can jump.

Again we go through the swamp, but this time we need to use two jumps to get on the back of the monster.

We continue the battle on a new piece of land. When the boss has little health left, he can try to fly away - we do not give him such an opportunity and we finish off. We return to the ship that the Mortas repaired.

Skarstu wreckage field

We leave for the 3rd planet on the list. We pass the parking lot of the ships and go to the gastropub to talk to Zurki.

Inside we go to the bar. We speak with Pierre and go to the arena. Before Pierre himself appears, you will have to withstand several rounds. There are first-aid kits and ammunition boxes in the arena, but they will still be in short supply. Therefore, use different weapons and hide behind cover. Make sure that opponents do not come from behind.

Skarstu Wreckage Boss - Francois

Instead of Pierre himself, the big robot Francois will enter the battle. We actively move around the arena and avoid the red areas. The robot can jump, so it's better not to stand still. At a certain moment, he will begin to summon small robots, first we attack them. Keep a close eye on the ammo and change the guns. "Mister Antiload" can be very helpful. After the battle, Clank will contact Ratchet.

We return to the ship, watch the message of Nefarius and fly to another planet.


We play for Ratchet. We speak with Gary. You can jump on red plants. We deal with the first group of opponents and examine the cave.

We deal with a large group of enemies and go to the archive. We speak with the student and, using jet boots, we get to the big map.

There is a merchant in the center of the map, next to him you can talk to a scientist to complete an additional task. He will ask for three lospheres for the armor. If you bring three, he will mark the rest on the map.

Three temples are marked on the map, where you need to free the monks. We deal with the guards and release the monks from the cells.

Boss on Savali - Second Giant of Nefarius

There will be a mini-boss in the east temple. This is a big robot. We keep an average distance and spin around until we win. After that, you will have to protect the student from waves of opponents and a flying ship.

The last temple is on the mountain at the bottom of the map. Here you have to overcome an obstacle course. We accelerate and quickly drive along the collapsing slabs. We periodically jump over obstacles and deal with a group of enemies.

Savali: The Second Virus - Puzzle

We use "Glitch" to hack the terminal. To turn off the shield on the sockets, you need to stand on the button. They can be easily spotted by the wires coming from the shield.

After the release of the third temple, we will be sent to the archive. We quickly fly through the tunnel and at the end we cling to the rift. We deal with a large group of enemies.

Sawali Boss - Invasion Force Commanders

We use the mechanism to go up to the second floor. There will be two large robots here. We have already encountered similar ones. We deal with them, open the archive and go in.

Blizar Prime

We get down from the ship and notice that this planet has a different gravity. Rivet can stay in the air longer. There will be a blue crystal on the right, if you hit it, another dimension will open.

We deal with crabs and find a store. We hit the crystal, talk to a stranger and go out into the street. We aim and press the "circle" to make a jump to the selected place.

The crystal is on the other side of the glass, we hit it. We use the console with the green screen to open the door.

Examine the small island at the bottom of the map and follow the mission. Deal with the thugs and use the elevator to get to the other side.

We examine a large area with workers. On the right, you can complete an additional task and find a chef. Everything is very simple here. We jump on platforms using magnetic boots and crystals. In the end, we help the cook to collect honey, protecting her from opponents. We use the rifts to quickly jump over the buttons that activate the traps.

We return to the site with the workers. The road to the chief engineer is located behind the store.

She will send us to find bots. We jump across the platforms. Remember the timings so you don't get caught in the erupting fire.

When we find the first bot, we will fall into the ground. We quickly jump to the crystal. Then we go to the second bot. In the cave, activate the right crystal to get to what is behind the glass. We jump through the broken glass and activate it.

We find the third bot and use the mechanism near the distant crystal to move it to the bot. We activate the near crystal, go to the bot and activate the moved one.

We return to the chief engineer.

Blizar Prime Boss - Displaced Giant

The boss will fall from the ceiling. It's a big robot again. Nearby, he shoots a laser, and if he moves away, he throws grenades. It can also deal damage in an area around itself. You can circle around him and shoot with a shotgun. If you have pumped it, the boss will not stand for long.

Blizar Prime: Second Anomaly - Puzzle

On the way back, we notice an anomaly. Take the first ball and make the platform heavier to take the second ball. We use it to make it heavier and let the little people pass. We stand on the button so that they reach the end.

We jump onto the movable platform and take the red sphere. We use it to take the first blue one. Use the blue sphere to lower the platform with the green one. We put the green sphere, then the red one, and the blue one into the saw.

Use the blue sphere to lower the saws and take the red one. We use the red one on the press and take the green one. We put red, green and blue so that the bots can go to the exit.

We use the mechanism to start the hydraulics. We go up the elevator and go along the rails. We jump over to the left, then to the right, we hit the crystal in front of the closed pipe. Next, activate the crystals and jump over the trolleys to switch between dimensions and get to the drill.

We use the mechanism to turn on the drill. We fight off opponents and knock out quartz from the drill beam with a hammer. We deal with a new group of enemies, we hit the crystal and fight again.

Blizar Prime Boss - Troopers Landing Ship

The boss will appear later. We attack him and dodge the shots. Let's not forget about ordinary thugs. If the ship falls, it will break the quartz, but Rivet will have an idea how to fix it.


To the right of the destroyed bridge, you can jump and find a gold bolt and resources.

After we go to the left, we jump to the central part of the location. We reach the store and talk with Wollard about Chinila. We go further to the rails.

We jump onto the rail, then right and left. We jump over the gap. Then right, left and right. After turning right and left. We quickly jump over the falling off rails and run along the wall in the tunnel. At the end, we jump into the pipe and get to the smelters.

It will be full of pirates. We deal with them and take the "Unroll" from the crane. Now we can jump, spinning on the boat. We move on, cleaning up small areas and pirate ships from opponents.

Boss on Torren 4 - "The Kid" Roger

A pirate robot that will appear on the ship. He is quite jumpy, so you have to run from him. He constantly attacks with grenades and summons little helpers. Hits the ground with his hands and deals damage in a small radius. After the victory, Rivet jumps off the ship and ends up in Garbage City.

Here you need to jump over the destroyed bridge. We clean the island and jump further. We will meet a group of pirates, and behind them - a mini-boss.

Boss on Torren 4 - "Not-Baby" Roger

The location is not very convenient for battles. You have to jump on ledges, but the robot is not much different from its predecessors. We spin around it, dodge grenades and punches on the ground.

After the boss, you can examine the small island on the left, and then go to Chinil. Use the mechanism to turn on the huge robot.

The robot will begin to destroy everything. We jump on the rails and go around the trains along the running walls. We pass the mine, jumping along the rails and clinging to the fault. The robot will catch the heroes, but Clank will save the situation. The robot will fix the quartz.


We deal with the soldiers of Nefarius on the site and go up to the second floor, to the store. We hit the crystal to go to another dimension and go down the elevator.

We go along the corridor and fight the enemies. The room on the left can be accessed by using a rift.

After the door we will meet with Hlumbot, he will ask to drain the water in the room. The control panel is at the very top, but it is easy to jump to it.

The junkbot leads to the elevator and asks to turn on the power on the second floor. We go down the elevator even lower.

In the first room, we jump upstairs and change the dimension by activating the crystal. In the central hall, we jump to the control panel and try to make a meter, but something goes wrong.

We deal with the robots and use the mechanism to remove the dome from the crystal. We return to the destroyed dimension and use Glitch to deal with the virus.

Cordelion: The Third Virus - Puzzle

We get a weapon upgrade and face flying opponents. We climb the tower to destroy the first nest. The next part of the card will have several slots and buttons located on the ceiling at once. We follow the wires. The last nest is located in a separate room. As soon as you destroy it, viruses and turrets will appear.

We return to Ratchet and move on, below there will be a crystal and a door. We stand on the button to open it.

We pass the corridor and find ourselves in a room with a monster. We break the orange cans to distract Vigorous. While he is eating, we press the button and run on.

Two locks need to be disabled in the large hall. We go to the first and go to the console. We fight off enemies and activate the castle.

We use the mechanism to disable the second one. You can discreetly bypass Vigorous or distract him with food.

We run away from Bodryak through the window he broke and head into the opened door. After pressing a button in the next room, water will fill everything around. You can jump on special surfaces underwater. We deal with crabs and go into the gateway. We run around Vigorous and beat the crystal.

In the large hall we break through the robots to the power source. We use the mechanism to free Vigorous.

Boss on Cordelion - Special Guard Soldier

A group of large robots will appear. But Vigorous will help to cope with them.

We go after Vigorous and use the crystal. Two Vigoros were able to restore power, so that we could make the "Measuring device". We return to the ship.

Returning to the Skarstu Debris Field

We go to the pub and find Ratchet.

Boss on Cordelion - Doctor Nefarius

We play for Rivet. We fall into the arena and attack Nefarius. He actively moves over the site and periodically attacks, hovering in the air. Makes sharp jerks that are difficult to dodge. It can also hit with a blue beam underneath.

At 80% health, he will open a portal, you have to slide along the rail and jump over several minecars. In the new arena, he will start pulling boxes, shoot at the exploding ones. He will also begin to throw green bombs that deal damage in a small radius.

He will open another portal by 50% and we will have to fight Gruntor, we have already met such opponents. After defeating the dinosaur, switch to Nefarius. Now he can fire rockets over a large area.

There will be 25% teleportation again. We return to the very first arena and finish it off. After that, the real Emperor Nefarius will appear.

We return to Sargassa

We beat off Mort from opponents. We jump on platforms and deal with enemies from portals. We use the mechanism to raise the platforms and jump further. In the end, there will be a lot of opponents.

Boss on Sargassus - Third Giant of Nefarius

Big robot again. Attacks with a beam from the chest, jumps and hits the area around him.

Sargassu: The Third Anomaly - Puzzle

We place the yellow ball on the left, in front of the wire. Use the second yellow ball to lower the platform with the red one. We put a red ball so that the little men jump over the platform. We put the second yellow one to turn on the mechanism and reverse the direction of movement.

Use the yellow ball to turn on the wire. We use it to take the second yellow ball. Let's start the little men so that they can press the button on the left. The platform will go down and we will press the button on the right. We activate the vertinator while standing on the button.

Use the yellow ball to get to the red sphere. Use the yellow ball to go forward and take the blue sphere. We put the blue ball on the fan, place the red sphere so that the little men fly over the button, and use the yellow ball at the very end.

We climb onto the enemy ship, deal with the enemies and activate the mechanism. We get a flying dinosaur and shoot down the protection of cruisers.

We blow up the first cruiser, the rest will turn on the shields. We use bombs, which can be picked up on the shore, to destroy the shield. We achieve the remaining cruisers. Emperor Nefarius sends Rivet to another dimension, but she can easily deal with him.


There will be a shop on the left, go right through the caves. You can hit the cannon so that it shoots at enemies. There will be thugs and pirates in the large hall, you need to clean both floors.

The elevator can be taken downstairs to reach the pocket measurement. We make a long jump to get to Pierre. We fight off the pirates and activate the mechanism.

We jump on the islands and get to the “Skull on horseback” mountain. The first challenge is about songs. From left to right. We shoot at 2 and 1. Then 5, 1, 2 and 3. Then 4, 1, 2, 5 and 3.

The dinosaur from the second trial did not survive, but you can use the Glitch to get the golden bolt. You will have to go through two times to destroy the Main Virus.

In the third trial, we will need to deal with the pirates on the ships.

Boss on Ardolis - Crabokex McGee

An island with a boss will appear in the middle of the arena. We have already met such robots. We move around it, but go around the hand. The pumped-up shotgun quickly deals with the enemy.

We turn the lever and take the reward. We get down on the elevator and run from the tentacles of the kraken to the ship. We speak with captain Quantum. We fight off the pirates and press the button to start the ship. We attack pirates on the arriving ships. We cling to the platform and turn off the "Robbery ray" on the main one.

Boss on Ardolis - Gemini Sailors

We jump onto a nearby ship and fight a couple of large robots. We actively move around the arena and use a shotgun or grenade launcher. You can use a weapon that summons helpers.

We use the mechanism to open the hatch and get the bell. The kraken will break the cannon and the ship.

Back to Savali

We break through the robots to the archive. Later, new opponents will appear - skeletons. We go into the rift.

Switch to Rivet. We need to go to the very top using the elevators. There will be many opponents, among them there will be a mini-boss, whom we met earlier. We speak with Gary.

Switch to Ratchet and turn on the devices by activating the buttons. The second button will be on the tower (the point is shown in the screenshot), focus on the red color. The third button will be near the red tower in the upper left side of the map.

We jump into the pit and open the door with the mechanism. We go into the portal. Here we need to get to the anomaly. We go into the hall for the monks.

Boss on Savali - Gruntor from the Other World

There will be many opponents here, but the most important skeleton is GrĂ¼ntor. We attack him from afar, using the most long-range weapons. We dodge stones flying at us. Do not forget to get rid of ordinary skeletons in time.

Savali: The Fourth Anomaly - Puzzle

Jump forward and use the yellow ball to turn the platform around. We use the blue ball to lower the platform at the fan. We put the second blue ball so that the little men can go straight ahead and press the button. We put the yellow ball at the very end and press the button on the tower. Little people will take a detour.

Use the red ball to make the little men fly over the platform and press the button that unfolds it. Place the green ball on the left and press the button to destroy the barrier. Rearrange the green and red balls so as to destroy the obstacle on the right. We put green and red balls at the beginning of the level to jump over the trap at the bottom. We put the red ball on the platform, the blue in the saw and stand on the button.

Use the yellow ball to take the red one. Change the direction of movement of the men so that they go over the button and take the blue sphere. We remove the ball, go up on the tower and insert the yellow one to get along the wire to the green one. We put green, red and yellow to take the second red from the right tower. We put the blue at the top of the fan. Red and yellow at the bottom will help the people to go to the exit.


We jump on the islands and find a shop. With the help of a jerk, we pass the door. We activate the consoles to go further. We jump on the platforms and break the fan to get inside. If you break the second fan, you can find a cache of crystals.

We go downstairs and release friends. Take the cragbear and crystals in the chamber. The doors will lock and you will have to exit from the side. We deal with the opponents and go left. We go out into the street and restore the bridge using the mechanism.

Boss on Vicero - Manager

Boss robot. We attack from afar, jump over the beam and dodge the grenade launcher volleys. We don't get hit by the area around the boss.

We cling to the camera with Ratchet and go to another part of the map. We hit the big button to open the door. From the round chamber we go to the left and we reach the store. We jump along the platforms to the director's office.

We use the console and fight off enemies. Through the broken window we go to Ratchet. We break through the hall with cameras. We jump along the faults to get out of the pit. At the end, you need to activate the remote control.

We ride the elevator down. Open the door by hitting the side buttons. We go quickly along the corridor, jumping over the fire. At the end, we cling to the rift. In the round hall, we move on the right side and go out into the street. We catch up with the camera and clear the area from enemies.

Boss on Vicero - Royal Guard

At the end ships will arrive. We use the most long-range weapons against them. We are constantly moving, the main thing is not to fall off the cliff. We attract the camera using the mechanism.

The final

We speak with Quantum to start the decisive battle. We break through the troops of Nefarius. We deal with the boss "Giant Nefarius".

Switch to Rivet on the dragon. We attack opponents from the air. A huge boss appears.

Boss - Imperial "exoskeleton"

For Ratchet we shoot in the hand that appears from the portal. Do not fall off the edge of the platform by jumping over the beam.

At 75%, the boss will start attacking with rays from the eyes. We shoot at the monitors. A hand will also appear periodically. We dodge machine-gun volleys from the mouth.

At the end, we jump over the islands and get close to the boss. We jump into the rift and get inside. We attack the heart on the red dots, then we finish off the blue sphere. We jump over the electric rays moving in a circle. Sometimes you can clear an area from normal enemies.

Boss - Emperor Nefarius

Switch to Rivet. We attack the flying boss. He will shoot beams and throw objects from rifts. We move away when he makes a sharp dash down.

At 55% he will call on his fighters. But Keith will appear to level the playing field. Constantly collect first-aid kits and cartridges in the arena, but keep an eye on the boss, he is very nimble and constantly attacks. At the end there will be another group of common opponents. After that, Kit will help Rivet finish off the villain.

Ratchet & Clank Ending: Rift Apart

The Kraken will steal the Emperor Nefarius, and crush the normal Nefarius with a falling robot. The heroes rejoice that they were able to free the changes from the Nefarius and find each other. There is only one ending in the game.

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