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Sea of ​​Thieves a Pirate's Life guide - how to start the add-on


Sea of ​​Thieves a Pirate's Life guide - how to start the add-on

How to start the storyline of the free A Pirate's Life update for the pirate action RPG Sea of ​​Thieves

One of the largest and most exciting updates for Seas of Thieves has arrived. In the A Pirate's Life update, the insane world of the video game gets a crossover with the Disney franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. At the same time, a new season kicks off with a new storyline and numerous in-game changes. Along with the new storyline, players can complete tasks related to new fairy tales. But in order to touch the fresh content, you first have to get into the Sea of ​​the Damned. Here's how to do it!

When you download Sea of ​​Thieves, you will see a new tab labeled A Pirate's Life. Regardless, clicking on this tab will not automatically launch new content. Instead, you will find yourself in a random outpost, where you can interact with the new NPC Castaway. After talking with her, you will get access to five different fairy tales, but only one will be available. Approach the book to the left of the glowing lantern and confirm the beginning of a new tale. If your crew consists of several players, majority approval is required.

After starting the tale, you will receive a new collection, from which you will learn a little about the quest. Near the back of the book, there is a reference to a large gate and a bright green light. We'll have to sail. For some reason, the green light may not appear immediately, so stay on the ship until you see it in the sky. We checked the start of the mission twice, from different outposts. And it looks like the location of the gate was different each time. The first time they were near a stone arch near the Hidden Well Fortress, and the second time, south of this area.

As soon as you see a green light, swim towards it until you find a large gate filled with green energy. After going through them, you leave the main world and move to a private server tied exclusively to new content. Once you cross the threshold of the Sea of ​​the Damned, you can not worry about the fact that other players want to attack your ship. Keep in mind that you cannot take loot with you from the main server: make sure to sell it before submitting it. In fact, the supplies won't come in handy. At least for the first tale.

You will know that the story began when the screen goes out, and then you float through an eerie reservoir teeming with ghosts.