Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Guide - Best Upgrades, Gadgets and Weapons


Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Guide - Best Upgrades, Gadgets and Weapons

Detailed analysis of the equipment menu: how to choose the best sniper rifle, additional weapons, pistols, gadgets, perks, abilities and upgrades

Before completing each task in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 , sending to the desired region, you can customize the Raven's ammunition - choose a sniper rifle, an additional weapon, a pistol, gadgets, and also purchase new perks. In this guide, I'll show you how to pick the best gear, but I can't argue that yours will be worse than mine. It all depends on the specific style of play!

Note . This guide makes no mention of weapons, gadgets, or abilities associated with any of the game's add-ons. Some of the DLC gear looks great though (which is the PR15 HERA sniper rifle).

How is the sniper rifle the best?

My choice was the Riimahki M10 , which I consider to be the best sniper rifle in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2. Its cost is low (110,000 credits) and you don't even have to add any special tokens. Therefore, you can unlock weapons in the early stages of the game.

Here's what I love about this weapon:

  • Installing a muffler provides maximum noise reduction.
  • High rate of fire. According to this indicator, among single-shot copies, this weapon is inferior to only one rifle - the LSSR Mysh 2.
  • Armor-piercing, explosive and EMP cartridges can be used. But in general in this game, only RON B107 can use all special ammo.

Perhaps, if you change something, then you can take the aforementioned LSSR Mysh 2 . This weapon is excellent in terms of rate of fire (entire shot cycle, entering / exiting aiming mode, changing weapons, reloading, re-firing) and noise reduction. Unfortunately, it is limited in special ammunition. You will only be able to use bait, tag and AGILE. This is a serious problem, especially when trying to complete special tests or kill armored opponents.

Best secondary weapon

Personally, I would recommend sticking with the RAM-BOW or NR-37 . In the first case, we are talking about the real bow. This is definitely the best secondary weapon when it comes to stealth. Especially for silently killing enemies in transition areas (connecting places where story missions are performed). You can even use gas and explosive arrows, which will provide overwhelming help in difficult situations.

As for the NR-37, it is an assault rifle with a fairly cheap silencer. You will be able to kill a bunch of opponents, but in this case, the probability of an alarm being triggered is the highest.

Which pistol to choose?

Of the pistols, I like the FFF-45 ACP . It has special ammunition and good noise reduction (better than the KSG GK77). Unlike other variants like the Harrier, the FFF-45 ACP has less damage. However, the previous pistol has a low rate of fire, and the silencer does not really help to disguise the shots.

What gadgets to choose?

By default, before the start of each Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 mission, you will have access to frag grenades and first aid kits. However, you can later unlock even more gadgets by purchasing them with credits. In addition, some of them can be found right in the course of completing tasks, in the open world.

As for specific gadgets, I recommend paying attention to:

  • MBPLA Sokol is a drone that copes with important tasks of exploring the surroundings and finding enemies. Using the upgrade menu, you can unlock additional abilities for the drone, which can turn from a research tool into a weapon.
  • Also take the RWS SR-50 turret with you to shoot at nearby enemies or enemies located at a great distance. The only drawback of the turret is that there is only one perk that increases the range to 1000 meters. And this is the maximum! That is, for missions where you need to shoot enemies from a long distance, it will be useless, since the target is usually at a distance of at least 1200 meters.
  • Optional: C-4 explosives , which will come in handy when there are tests to destroy transport vehicles.
  • Gas Boot Mine and EMP Grenades - Gas Mines will let you take out a crowd of oncoming enemies, and EMP Grenades are ideal if you need to disable jammers or enemy turrets.

Advice . In the beginning, you will have four gadget slots, but you will be able to purchase a couple of additional ones from the upgrades menu!

Best Abilities in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

The only skill that will be available by default in the story campaign is "Improved Vision" (Utilities) from the "Mask and Reconnaissance" branch . It adds a thermal imager to the mask that detects enemies. A little later, completing tasks and challenges, you will receive skill points to unlock additional skills. And here are the best in each category.

Mask and reconnaissance

  • Utilities branch (all perks) - no kidding. You will be able to ping the map (left CTRL) to look for nearby enemies. This is a huge help when exploring the levels!
  • Branch "Movement" (all perks) . All abilities of this line are useful, as you will be able to move faster and hold your breath for longer periods.
  • "Military Engineer" ("Vigilance" branch) - optional. There are only a few places with minefields that you can and even have to go through. And this perk will be incredibly useful. Another thing is that there are always alternative routes to bypass mines.

Support and stealth

  • Branch "Soldier" : all abilities, including " Double pocket " (optional). You can't go wrong if you buy abilities that increase the maximum stock of regular and special ammunition for the sniper rifle.
  • "Scout" branch : all perks, including " Kevlar suit " - the less noise you create while moving, the easier it will be to play through the game.

Drone and turret

  • Poison Drone branch - all abilities. Perks from this branch can be useful when you need to complete certain additional tasks that require the use of the "Poison Drone". There are also several challenges when you need to kill armored soldiers. Without explosive and armor-piercing ammunition for a sniper rifle, the poison drone is the only effective and silent rescue.
  • " Range of a sniper turret " and " Semi-automatic " or " Silencer for a turret " on the same branch. As mentioned earlier, the firing range of a sniper rifle is limited to 1000 meters. In most long range kill contracts, the targets are further away. Therefore, as an alternative, you can consider the "Semi-automatic" perk, since there are a couple of plot points in the campaign when the enemies surround the Raven, arranging an ambush for him.

Gear and gadgets

  • Branch "Technician", ability "Tactical backpack ". You will be able to use more gadgets (due to the appearance of additional cells).
  • Branch "Gadget", ability "Mine-decoy" . Allows you to lure nearby enemies with the help of gas traps and quickly incapacitate them.

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