Walkthrough Duskwood (1-2 episodes): all answers and forks in dialogues


Walkthrough Duskwood (1-2 episodes): all answers and forks in dialogues

Duskwood is a mobile game in which you have to investigate a girl's kidnapping. Her friends and a hacker will help you in this. We have prepared a detailed guide with all the answers and forks in the game.

Episode 1

A stranger named Thomas added you to a group chat. Choose any of the four answer options for the guy to add other friends to the chat.

  • Hello;
  • Do we know each other?
  • (Welcome smile);
  • I'm here.

The following two answers will also have no effect:

  • Oh, I don’t understand anything;
  • (Say nothing);
  • Who are you.

Reply to group members:

  • (Welcome smile);
  • Hello everybody;
  • What's happening?

Lily asks how you know her sister:

  • What are you talking about?;
  • But ... Actually, YOU invited me here ?!

Thomas interrupts the girl and asks how you know Hannah Donfort:

  • This is the first time I hear this name;
  • The name sounds familiar;
  • But why are you asking?

Thomas will answer that Hannah is his girlfriend and she disappeared three days ago:

  • What do I have to do with it?
  • Let's get to the point;
  • I'm sorry.

The missing girl sent Thomas your number from her phone, which disappeared with her.

  • Maybe we crossed paths with her somewhere?
  • Are you kidding me?
  • Horror.
After receiving the message, Thomas tried to call her immediately. Someone picked up the phone but said nothing. Cleo will send a photo of Hannah to the chat and ask you to think carefully about why your number was sent from her missing phone.

  • Sorry, I honestly don't know;
  • Maybe she knows me from somewhere? (Maybe you have known each other for a long time?);
  • Maybe you are confusing me with someone? (No, this is your number).

Some of the group members will leave the chat, and Lily will continue asking you to remember at least something.

  • (Say nothing);
  • I think anyone would have done the same;
  • I think this is a waste of time;
The missing girl's sister will leave the chat along with several other members of the group. Richie will point out that there are only three people left of the crowd of friends, including you, Mr. or Mrs. X.

  • Mistress X will do (choice "Girl");
  • Mr. X, be so kind ("Guy" choice).

Richie will ask you to just give your name. To select a name, return to the main screen of the phone, go to the "Profile" section and enter your nickname in the appropriate line.

Richie will apologize to you and do not have time to finish the phrase "I just thought that ...":

  • … It would be wise to exchange pleasantries (Does that have to mean something?);
  • You need my help, right?
  • Listening?

Lily writes that you are their only lead to Hannah:

  • Yes;
  • If you think so ...
  • Well, I doubt something.
Richie will ask you not to leave the group and help in finding the missing girl:

  • I will try to do my best;
  • Okay;
  • Very strange;
  • Sounds awesome!
Richie will say goodbye to you, but before he leaves the chat, answer him:

  • Good luck!
  • (Welcome smile);
  • Pokedova.
As soon as Richie leaves the chat, describe the guy:

  • Strange type (many people think so about him);
  • He seems to be cute (Few people notice this so quickly).

Lily will ask Thomas to briefly tell you what happened. Thomas will add you to contacts and start a personal correspondence. Thomas will once again apologize and say that it all seems pretty wild:

  • Yes, still;
  • That's really true;
  • Nothing wrong;
  • I understand everything (exclusive answer) (Thomas would like to thank you for your understanding).

Thomas will explain that he hasn't been himself since Hannah disappeared. Then he will say that he must tell about the events that happened:

  • You should not. It was your choice, you decided so (Thomas thinks that he will have to deal with this);
  • Come on.

Jesse and Dan left the group chat and started chatting with each other in a private chat. You can continue the dialogue with Thomas or switch to Jesse and Dan. In the last chat, you cannot send messages, only read what users write.

In a conversation with Thomas, you still need to choose one of the answer options:

  • Tell me about yourself (End dialogue);
  • Who are the others? (End of dialogue);
  • Important Answer : You didn't go to the police with my phone number? (Thomas wanted to, but the message Hannah sent him suddenly disappeared.)
Choice "You didn't go to the police with my phone number":

  • Are you saying it was deleted? (Thomas has no idea, but he himself did not exactly delete the message);
  • Are you serious? (More than);
  • Hard to believe (Thomas himself is confused).
Continuation of the conversation:

  • This is really weird (Thomas totally agrees with you);
  • Did you drink too much? (Thomas does not drink alcohol);
  • (Thoughtful smile).
Thomas hopes you believe him:

  • Important choice : I wonder how you got in touch with me then? (Thomas will answer the question with a question);
  • I believe you, Thomas;
  • I don’t believe it.

Choice "I wonder how you got in touch with me then?":

  • And who didn't?
  • I don’t remember that, no;
  • What do I have to do with it?

When Thomas got Hannah's text, it only contained your number. He will never forget your phone number. But since the message disappeared, he could not go to the police. Any of the answers ends the dialogue with Thomas.

As soon as Thomas goes offline, an anonymous person will write to you. He will ask "Well ... How do you?":

  • (Pensive smiley);
  • (Say nothing);
  • I have no idea what you mean.

Anonymous will tell you about Jesse and Dan's chat, because it is thanks to him that you can see their messages.

  • It was exciting (He'll love your reaction);
  • What are you, a hacker ?! (The hacker will say that he was called in words and worse);
  • It is illegal! (This is all for the greater good);
  • I was not myself from this.

Continuing the conversation with the hacker:

  • Stop talking in riddles;
  • What do you mean?
  • Are you trying to justify your perversions by this?

Choose any answer. Anonymous will call your phone. If you reject the call, then after a while he will call again. In any case, you need to take the call.

Walkthrough Duskwood (1-2 episodes

After the call, send a message to the hacker:

  • Do you even realize how suspicious you are?
  • You're the kidnapper! (These are just precautions);
  • I trust you.
The hacker will give you access to Hannah's cloud storage to recover files and find clues.

  • Sounds illegal (Don't give a damn about the law in this situation);
  • Oh, thanks?
  • Can you explain in more detail? (Hannah's cloud storage contains files that need to be decrypted).
Continue the conversation with the hacker:

  • If only Thomas knew about this (Do not think so, as Thomas can be a kidnapper);
  • Fuh;
  • Or something marked with XXX;
  • All clear.
Ask the hacker a question:

  • And if you find something - will you share it with me too? (If a hacker finds something important, he will show you);
  • Why don't you do it? (The hacker is checking other leads in this case);
  • If I find anything suspicious, I will definitely show it.

An additional "Cloud" section will appear in the main menu of your phone. You have to play mini-games to decrypt files and unlock plot dialogs. We advise you to complete as many minigames as possible immediately, as this will allow you to continue the story and complete the episode.

Cleo will add you to her contacts. Thomas will return to your conversation and continue it. Depending on which ending dialog you have chosen, different answers will be available. Feel free to choose any option and ask Thomas more about him and his friends.

Thomas will tell you about the hacker who reported Hannah's missing. Until the end of the episode, go through mini-games and communicate with the characters. After Jesse's video call, the episode will end.

Episode 2

Jesse will add you to a group chat with other buddies. Cleo will insult Jesse, but you can intercede for her:

  • Enough for you! (Jesse will say that she needed your support);
  • Cleo, keep your thoughts to yourself (Jesse will be glad you supported her);
  • I probably agree with Cleo (Jesse will trust you less);
  • (Say nothing).
After this dialogue, Jesse will write to you in private messages. You can support her, or vice versa, move away from the girl.

Jesse will ask you to report the terrible news to Thomas. Go to messages with Thomas and choose how to tell the guy about it:

  • The police found the body;
  • Although, you know, it's not that important (End of dialogue).
Select the first option to continue the dialogue:

  • The victim is a woman;
  • It must be Hannah;
  • I'm sorry;
  • That's all we know so far (This seems to be the most benign choice).

Return to the group chat with new friends and talk about Thomas' reaction. Dan will call his reaction very suspicious and ask you for your opinion:

  • I don’t think I should have told him about it;
  • This also seems suspicious to me (you supported Dan, he will remember this);
  • I don't think his behavior is suspicious at all (you didn't support Dan).

Friends will go offline one by one, and you have to go through mini-games in the "Cloud" section again. As in the previous season, complete all the mini-games at once to avoid returning to them until the end of the season.

You will be contacted by a hacker with belated news about the found corpse of a woman. Talk to him, explain to the hacker who told you about the woman's corpse (you can lie to him, but this is useless, since he already knows the truth). To learn more about the personality of a hacker, ask him the question "Tell me about yourself."

When you unlock new story dialogs, return to chat and say hello to the missing Hannah's sister. Later, Cleo will write you a private chat message.

  • Is there something that doesn't suit you?
  • Yes. I think Jesse is acting a little naive (Lily agrees with you, but did not expect you to say this);
  • We were just chatting about nothing, by and large.

Cleo will invite you to learn more about Hannah. Ask one of the questions that interest you:

  • Does Hannah have brothers or sisters? (Only a younger sister named Lily);
  • An Important Choice : Is there a chance Hannah just ran away? (Unlikely, because she had a great family and life was just beginning to improve);
  • Hannah had enemies? (No, everyone adored this girl.)

Lily will remind you of the hacker who told her friends about the missing girl:

  • Exactly, I remember (End of dialogue);
  • Maybe he's lying (By choosing this option, you will be able to argue your thoughts).
Change the subject and ask Cleo about the hacking attempt Jesse told you about:

  • Important choice : Would you like to tell me about your hacking attempt? (You will learn about Cleo's evening walk and the conversation of two strangers at Richie's junkyard);
  • That's all for now.

By choosing the option "Would you like to tell me about your hacking attempt?" In one of several answers, you can encourage Cleo to tell Richie about everything:

  • (Say nothing);
  • An important choice : You should tell Richie about it yourself (Jesse will be happy about your action, since Cleo herself will tell her boss about everything).
Cleo will say that she is going to take matters into her own hands, since she simply can no longer be idle:

  • Will you go to the police? (Not);
  • What are you up to? (Cleo asks the people in the city, maybe someone saw Hannah before disappearing);
  • Are you going to find Thomas? (Good idea, but no).

There are only three major rumor mongers living in Duskwood. Cleo offers to choose who she should go to first:

  • The owner of the motel probably knows something (Cleo will go to Miss Walter);
  • I think we should start with the main gossip girl (Cleo will go to Mrs. Sally's);
  • It's up to you where to start.

The next file will be restored and you can send it to the hacker. Read the correspondence between Richie and Jesse, then return to the dialogue with the hacker again. The stranger will begin to speculate about what Richie was going to tell Jesse about you:

  • Jesse will probably tell me (Possibly);
  • Because of a mysterious message that says I'm now part of the group? (Unlikely);
  • Trust no one - these are your words.
Ask the hacker why he trusts you and end the conversation. Cleo will contact you at this point.

If you invited Cleo to visit the owner of the hotel, then she will not find Miss Walter at the front desk:

  • What do you think to do now? (Ask Miss Walter's son, who plays near the hotel);
  • Maybe there is a bell? (Cleo has already tried calling);
  • You should have called before you went there.

If you invited Cleo to visit the gossip girl, then she will be able to chat with Mrs. Sally:

  • Will you tell me over the phone? (Exclusive choice);
  • What she said?
Mrs. Sally saw Hannah just before she disappeared. Hannah ran out of the pharmacy and looked very agitated.

  • What did she buy at the pharmacy? (Cleo has no idea);
  • Even if you, her best friend, don't know about it, then who? (Most likely Thomas knows at least something about this);
  • How do we do this?

Cleo will talk to the boy. He will tell you that he saw Hannah being dragged into the forest by a man without a face. The boy would not just invent such a terrible situation. Alfie called him "a man without a face."

  • He must have seen the masked suspect (This is likely);
  • Maybe he's somehow disfigured?
  • And who could it be?
  • Maybe it's a horror character? (This is one of Duskwood's many dark legends.)
Complete the dialogue and talk to Jess. Ask her about a local legend about a "man without a face."

  • Have you heard about the "man without a face"?
  • Cleo and I are working on a lead (Jess will not be happy about this turn of events).

Tell Jesse about the Alfie story and keep asking questions without mentioning Cleo. Jesse will explain that the guy is mentally retarded, so he can make up anything. She will add Richie to the general chat and start telling the legend of the "man without a face."

After that, you will decrypt the next file and send it to the hacker. Cleo will contact you and ask to listen to her:

  • Tell (Cleo will tell you a story about boy Alfie);
  • I have no desire to listen to stories (you will refuse to listen to a story).

We return to the conversation with Jesse. The girl will ask if you are communicating with a hacker:

  • Aren't you at work? (You will not be able to evade the answer, as Jesse will ask the question again);
  • Yes;
  • Where did you get it?
  • Sometimes, why?

You will start discussing the hacker. Jesse confesses that she recently also discussed you with other members of the group:

  • I am aware (You will reveal to Jesse that you are reading her personal correspondence. Not a good idea);
  • If I were you, I would also have doubts about me;
  • I will prove that I am part of the group.
Jesse will ask you not to tell the hacker a lot about what your friends are talking about:

  • Do you think he might be someone from the group? (Continuation of the dialogue);
  • (Say nothing) (End dialogue).
If you chose the first option, Jesse replies that Richie thinks so:

  • I don't think he is anybody in the group;
  • It doesn't matter anyway (End of dialogue);
  • I do not want to answer this question (End of dialogue);
  • I think he is someone from the group.

Then you can choose an exclusive dialogue option to get to know Jesse better (just want to chat?). In this case, you will learn about her brother Phil.

Soon you will be able to read Dan and Thomas' private chat, then the hacker will write and ask what they were chatting about. While chatting with the hacker, you will see another entertaining correspondence between Dan and Poke. The first made an appointment and clarified the price for something. Answer the hacker:

  • This stranger is being paid to cover his tracks;
  • Thomas is hiding with this stranger;
  • Dan seems to be buying something from this stranger (That's right);
  • I do not know.

Continuation of the conversation:

  • So that Thomas can get out of town;
  • Because Thomas and Dan have kidnapped Hannah;
  • That's all that comes to my mind;
  • And he asked for 350 dollars for it (That's right).

The hacker will find out Poke's number and ask you to chat with him. But before that, he will drop you a part of the file you restored. The image shows a recipe for a strange drug. Tell the hacker to find out his name and share with him:

  • It is a simple pain reliever;
  • It's contraceptive;
  • It's an antidepressant (That's right);
  • This is for insomnia.

The hacker will be strangely surprised by this and will say that Hannah did not suffer from such disorders. Decrypt another file and send it to the hacker. Switch to dialogue with Cleo. She will arrive at Hannah's house and call you via video link. Suddenly the connection will be cut off, and you will see how someone enters the house after Cleo.

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