Walkthrough Necromunda: Hired Gun - game guide


Walkthrough Necromunda: Hired Gun - game guide

Complete walkthrough of the main story of Necromunda: Hired Gun with tips

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Necromunda: Hired Gun is a new shooter set in the Warhammer 40K universe. In this guide, we will guide you through it.

Chapter 1. Caerus

Chapter 1. Caerus

After watching the introductory video, in which they will talk a little about the current order and introduce the ideas of the zealots, we move directly to the terminal in front of the hero. We pass the identity check and choose the appearance of the character. In this mission, the player will have to go with two mercenaries to get the killer of a member of the Merchants Guild. A high reward is assigned for the destruction of the enemy.

We move straight and after the appearance of a huge gear in the floor, press the key combination "CTRL + S" to avoid the obstacle. We roll down and jump over the walls. We continue our way forward and find a chest with a rifle. We destroy the first opponents and climb up the platforms.

We go up the stairs and silently destroy the enemy from the back. We jump down and call the dog to help in the fight. We defeat all the members of the gang and, having climbed the only ladder, we take the reward from the chest on the left side of the location.

We return back to the center of the room to the opened passage. We move forward and again destroy all enemies. We reach a two-level room with a terminal in the center. We kill all opponents and open the way further with the help of the device. On the way, both partners of the protagonist will die.

We destroy the huge thug and move on to the exit point. We defeat another strong rival and get out of the location.

The stranger will catch the hero and push him down. The hero will wake up in the doctor's room, in which he will have bionic arms. Cal Jericho will ask to meet him at the base. After talking with the doctor and other characters, we immediately go to the Gladiatorum and enter the arena.

With the help of a double jump, we climb onto the hanging platform and destroy all the appeared opponents. We leave the Gladiatorum and move to the bartender. We meet the priestess Wildsnake and go to Jericho.

She will tell you about Silver Talon. Re-communicate with the bartender and follow the marker to Jado, who will tell you about the phosphor beacons. We leave for the terminal in the center of the bar and start the next mission.

Chapter 2. Ear 44

Once in a huge tunnel, we skip the train and jump down. We move quickly in a straight line and go to the elevator. We go upstairs and move deeper into the location. The nearest door will be closed, so we climb up to the right of it and jump down into the hole in the floor.

We move straight along the corridors, open the door and destroy all opponents. We activate the elevator and again find ourselves in the thick of the battle. We climb to the very top and jump over to the only open platform with opponents. We open the door and run further. Jado will report on the radio that the train is already on its way, so we run forward and jump to the very bottom of the location.

We find a rise along the green lighthouse and run to the very top. After opening the red airlock, the hero will find himself on a huge freight train.

Now you need to get to the head of the train. In most cases, it is not necessary to kill all opponents, so we run through the crowd of guards forward to the marker. We get to the abyss and jump over to another carriage. Again we pass through a similar location. We destroy opponents and jump over to the next trailer.

The platform at the third car will be destroyed, so we leave through the door back and go up the stairs. We jump even higher and follow the corridors to the marker. Having reached the next car, we climb inside the stairs. In this location, you will have to destroy all enemies in order to advance further. After that, the bridge will lower, and the hero will be able to move forward.

We make our way further and find a powerful shotgun that destroys most of the usual enemies with one shot.

At the end of the open carriage, we jump over the abyss down and climb the stairs to the next room. On the left around the corner we find another staircase and go upstairs.

Once inside the car with sand, the hero will have to face the first serious opponent in the game. We use any weapon and destroy the mechanized robot.

We follow forward and meet another machine that will launch green spheres at him and subsequently try to hit the character in close combat. After defeating the enemy, we climb onto the platform at the end of the carriage and go further.

We take the hook from the table and use it on the pipes and platforms in front to climb to the very top of the train. Now the player will have to make his way forward and dodge the oncoming obstacles. In the front left part there is a hole through which you can climb inside. We move forward and find a locked door. In the wall on the right we find a chain highlighted in green and destroy it from any weapon.

The hero will find himself in a prison area with a huge number of cells. We go to the guard post and open the door. We jump to the lower level and follow the green lanterns to the next room.

We find ourselves in a torture room, where a large group of opponents will be waiting for the hero. We deal with all the guards and get acquainted with the goliath, who will not be able to tell anything about Silver Talon.

The prisoner will open the passage for the hero. We go down and move on to the locomotive on the right side of the room. We climb up the stairs and deal with all the enemies. Do not forget to use a dog that will help destroy several villains.

We use the hook and pull ourselves up to the wheelhouse, in which the head of the train is already waiting for the main character. His armor is quite difficult to penetrate, so you need to constantly move from side to side in order to dodge his shots. After defeating the enemy, we use the terminal and kidnap the train. Returning to Martyrs End, we communicate with the priestess. She will tell you about the group of Iron Vipers, which wants to capture an object below Delta-7. We communicate with Jado and follow to the terminal to start the next task.

Chapter 3. Generatorum

The Iron Vipers gang is outlawed. The heroine must go to clean up the villains to the Generatorum, which controls Steam Dogs. We move straight and at the first fork we face two warring gangs. All opponents on the map will attack the player. We destroy the robot and move straight. On the hill on the left, we defeat several enemies and take them to the very top of the location. There are turrets here that will shoot at the hero, so we very quickly get to the other side of the battlefield. To speed up we use a hook.

Next to the destroyed ambot we climb into the building through the roof. Inside we kill all enemies and use the terminal to launch missiles. The shells will make a hole in the wall near the turrets, so again we run on top in the opposite direction. We climb inside and use the hook to climb up.

Once in a huge hangar, we follow in a straight line through the crowds of opponents. We are waiting for the opening of the metal lock and go further. We use the blue elevator and get to the open area with opponents.

The girls use lightning bolts to destroy the hero. Their shields are quite difficult to break through, so it is advisable to deal with them in close combat with the help of instant finishing moves. We deal with all the remaining enemies and climb into the wheelhouse.

An unknown monster lives in this place underground, which must be destroyed. We go into the building on the right side, pick up a new rifle and start the Generatorum. The entire area will be burned out, so we immediately run away to the gateway to the right of the terminal.

We activate one more device and we pass into a small area.

Here the player is already waiting for enemies, so we deal with them and watch a small video. We deal with reinforcements and return to the base. We talk with Cal Jeric, Priestess Wildsnake and Jado and leave for the next task.

Chapter 4. Geister Station

In this mission, the hero needs to clear out the remaining forces of the Iron Vipers gang. They hide in a half-abandoned cargo station. You can only get to them through a working drill shaft. Other gangs are still fighting for the sphere of influence, so it is necessary to prepare well for future battles. Having reached the station, we go forward and jump to the very bottom. We pass through the only open airlock and find ourselves in a large room with many enemies.

We immediately move to the terminal and activate the process of pulling out huge drills. We destroy all enemies while the mechanism is working, and we go down into the opened hole under the drills. At each level, the player's stations will be awaiting crowds of opponents. Once at the bottom, we make our way through the only corridor and activate the terminal, which will open a new gateway. We jump down immediately.

We grab a hook to the bridge opposite and use another device that will open the next passage down. Jumping into the hole, the hero will be in mortal danger. The drill is activated, from which you will have to run away for some time. We follow along the mine for a short period of time and quickly open the door with the help of a masked man. We move on and jump into a small depression in the ground to hide from the drill.

The hero will be in the main zone of the station. Now you need to destroy four ambots, which are scattered throughout the location. We get to each marker in turn, deal with opponents and break robots.

After the destruction of the latter, we follow to the railway and watch the arrival of the train. We are trying to destroy all enemies, but the hero will be trapped.

We immediately return to the common area with red illumination and climb into the gateway.

We go up the stairs and try to escape from the station, but the stranger will again catch up with the hero. He will once again throw the man down from the tap.

Chapter 5. Gobnyu-Pete

After a skirmish with a stranger, the hero is captured by the Goliath gang Steam Dogs, which he had already encountered before. It is necessary to escape from their base. The hero will summon a dog that will kill the guards and help get out of the cell.

We take away up to the terminal on the right and use it to open the metal door. Here, the hero will return all the lost equipment. We make our way along the corridors further and face a bunch of opponents.

We follow to the far part of the location and activate another device on the upper tier. We go down and shoot at the glowing orange ball. After the explosion of the object, a small passage will open.

We make our way further and run across the wall.

We will definitely pick up Des Bringer and activate another terminal.

We meet with the leader of the Goliath gang and defeat him in a difficult battle. There will be a lot of opponents, so with the help of a new rifle we get rid of the weakest opponents first.

After defeating the enemies, we move to the marker and use the button to open the descent down.

We jump down the pipes into the hole and find ourselves in another arena.

Here you will also have to defeat all opponents.

After the destruction of the goliaths, we go into the elevator in the center of the location and watch a small video. The hero will meet with Shadow for the third time. After a short conversation, he will disappear, and Cal Jeric will come to the aid of the mercenary. We return to the base, where the hero's savior will offer a mutually beneficial deal. We communicate with the bartender and go to the next mission.

Chapter 6. Hypogean Citadel

Gilder really needs the services of a hero. We'll have to go to the merchant in the warehouse and protect him from any attacks by bandits. Once on its territory, we follow to the meeting place and get acquainted with the gilder.

We move behind him and find out the plan for protecting the territory. Suddenly, enemies will blow up the warehouse wall and rush inside. We go to the specified label and take our position. The player will have to fight off many opponents.

We shoot back from the enemies and do not forget to pick up the cartridges lying nearby. Behind you can pick up a machine gun, which is very useful when protecting the warehouse. The enemy's pressure will be even greater, so you will have to retreat several times.

When the opponents completely breach the defense, the player will have to run into the vault and go with the gilder to the exit.

On the way, they will be attacked by another detachment of the enemy gang. We fight off the Escherok and return to the base.

Gilder will talk about valuable items that began to appear about a year ago.

He will remember that after the death of his brother, many gangs became more organized, and assume that Silver Talon may be behind all the atrocities.

Chapter 7. Cold Black

The hero will go to study the dome that the gilder found earlier. Silver Talon also takes a great interest in him, however no one knows what this person looks like. Although rumors are that something sinister is lurking in Cold Black. The hero needs to find the source of the mysterious archeotech. We move straight along the tunnel, jump over the abyss and find ourselves in the caves.

Further passage will be closed, therefore it is necessary to insert several batteries into the generator. The first is found next to the device on the shelf, and the second in the nearest cave on the table.

Having inserted the batteries, we pass through the opened gateway and move forward along the corridor.

After passing along a small metal bridge, the hero will notice some kind of monster ahead. Go ahead and carefully go around the yellow balls with mucus. It is advisable to blow them up in advance with a weapon so that they do not reduce the character's health. After getting out of the narrow corridor, the hero will land on the elevator, which will lower him to the lower tier.

Another transformer is also located here. The first battery lies next to the device on the table, and the second and third are to the left of the closed gateway. We start the transformer and go deep into the caves. Here the hero will meet with enemies who will launch purple projectiles at him. They also know how to teleport to the player's back. After the destruction of three girls, the character will meet with huge monsters. These creatures often become invisible. They jump from afar at the player and try to hit him with their claws.

We move forward and stumble upon a couple more monsters in the tunnel. We destroy them and we reach the location with pipes. We activate the green tap and again deal with all the enemies. We jump to the very bottom in the center of the location and go through the opened gateway. In a huge cave we find another transformer.

The first battery lies next to it. In this location, the player needs to be careful, as monsters will often attack near the transformer. We turn around and go in the opposite direction. In a small hall we defeat enemies and find another battery on the back of the huge central pipe.

We immediately pull ourselves up to the platform above and find another device.

The last battery is located in a dead-end side room. After starting the transformer, the player will have to fight off a huge number of monsters until the gateway is fully opened. We go inside and return to the base. The hero could not find anything useful in the mines. We tell Cal Jericho about the creatures, and after talking with the bartender and the guide, we go on a new assignment.

To be continued...

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