Where to find all the lockpicks in Resident Evil Village to hack locked boxes


Where to find all the lockpicks in Resident Evil Village to hack locked boxes

To collect as many supplies as possible in Resident Evil Village , the player needs to find lockpicks to open locked boxes. In this guide, we'll show you where to find all 10 hacking tools.

What is a lockpick in Resident Evil Village? Properties and capabilities of the subject

  • The master key is a disposable item. In this case, hacking takes place with 100% probability.
  • The item can be sold to the Duke for 1000 lei. But it makes no sense to sell it, because locked boxes contain much more valuable items.
  • By selling the master key, you will no longer be able to redeem it back.
  • Lockpicks are stored in one inventory slot, so they won't take up much space in your suitcase.

Where to find the lockpicks

You will come across the first locked box almost as soon as you get into the village. But you can find the lockpicks much later. Skip all the locked locks until you get to Dimitrescu Castle. There you will find the first master keys.

Dimitrescu Castle. Lock pick (1) in the hallway next to the kitchen

Having dealt with the first daughter Dimitrescu in the kitchen, look for a long corridor where the first master key lies. There is also a locked box next to it:

Inside you will find a wooden statue of an angel .

Dimitrescu Castle. Lock pick (2) in the attic

You will get here after defeating the daughter in the library. Then you need to solve the puzzle with the bells in order to get to the attic, where the second master key is on the boxes. You can use the item on the nightstand in the Opera Hall:

You will receive 6 Sniper Rifle Ammo as a reward .

Dimitrescu Castle. Lockpick (3) in the armory

After escaping from Dimitrescu in the elevator, you must go to the armory, where there will be a fight with one of the daughters. You will find the master key on the bedside table where the homemade bombs are. You can use the item next to the bedroom, where Ethan was lucky enough to hang on hooks:

Inside the box you will find 4 Shotgun Ammo .

The village after the Dimitrescu castle. Lock pick (4) in the street toilet

You can find the lockpick while searching for the house with the red pipe (after escaping from the Dimitrescu castle). After the tractor, which you jacked up, and the armored werewolf, you will find a gate with a lock, which is knocked off with a knife blow. Once in the courtyard, pay attention to the blue street toilet, inside which is the master key. You can use the tool in the house where you first met the locked box.

Lock pick (5) in the garden next to Beneviento's house

The fifth master key can be obtained after passing the Beneviento house and obtaining the second flask. Returning to the village, look into the garden along the way. Having dealt with a group of zombies, go into a small house and take the master key. You can use the item in the house next to the Virgin of War Square:

In the box you will find 7 Shotgun Ammo .

The village after the Beneviento house. Lockpick (6) in the well next to the workshop

First you must get the wheel from the well. We have devoted a separate guide to this. After that, you need to use the well near the workshop to get a master key. You can use the item in the house in the west of the Old City, where there are 7 rounds for a sniper rifle in a locked box :

Lockpick (7) in the waterwheel house after the Beneviento house

Look for the next lockpick after you get the key with the 4-winged embryo. That is, after passing the Beneviento house. When you get to the area where the reinforced black werewolf is walking, find a house with a water wheel, which can be accessed with a marked iron key. Inside the room, search the windowsills, where the master key is.

Lockpick (8) in the cave under the well after the Moro reservoir

You can find this master key after defeating Moro and getting the handle. From the Duke's shop, go to the ritual site. On the way, you will reach a bridge over the river. Only you do not need to cross it, but go a little higher along the river until you find a bridge that is lowered with a handle.

Next, get into the boat and swim to the very top of the map until you reach the place where you can leave the transport. There will be another bridge that is lowered with a handle. Go through it, and then explore the courtyard behind the house, where you need to use the well. Only this time you will raise the ladder and you will be able to go down into the cave, where a master key lies immediately near the descent in the water.

The Heisenberg Factory. Lockpick (9) in the cave

The penultimate master key must be found at the Heisenberg factory. After the second escape from the fan monster, you will find yourself in a cave where zombie miners are working. You need to find the cabinet where the master key is. You can use the item in the corridor near the foundry:

The Heisenberg Factory. Lockpick (10) in the operating room

The last master key is in the operating room, where you will find yourself after casting the Heisenberg key. Look for her on the workbench in the room with three zombie drillers. You can use the master key in Heisenberg's dwelling:

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