WoW: This is how you upgrade your Legendarys to rank 5 and 6 in patch 9.1


WoW: This is how you upgrade your Legendarys to rank 5 and 6 in patch 9.1

The upgrading of legendary items in Patch 9.1 of World of Warcraft is a bit more cumbersome. We explain how you can upgrade the most important items.

Patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion is in the starting blocks and soon players will be able to experience a lot of new content in WoW. But in order to get the maximum out of the character again, the legendary items must be upgraded. The previous maximum rank 4 has been raised and rises to 6. We reveal how you can upgrade your Legendarys in Patch 9.1.

Torghast is the key to upgrading Legendarys in WoW

What do you need to upgrade? The upgrading of legendary items basically works as you already know it. You know back to the Runenmetz with your Legendary, select the item and supplement it with a higher-ranking base item of level 5 or 6.

However, this time you don't need soul ash, but the new currency "soul embers". You can earn this new currency in Torghast, but only in the new levels 9 - 12. So you will have to visit Torghast for a few weeks if you upgrade your Legendarys to rank 5 (item level 249) and rank 6 (item level 262) want.

The new total costs for legendary items of all levels can be found in the following table. Please note that the respective rank always contains the total costs. When you upgrade your Legendary, you can deduct the costs you have paid so far (as usual). So you don't need any new soul ash if you upgrade from Rank 4 to Rank 5 or Rank 6:

rankItem levelSoul ashEmbers of soul
How do you build the new basic items? Building the new base items at ranks 5 and 6 is a bit more complicated. Because craftsmen do not get any new recipes for these levels, but have to take a detour.

You have to make the old recipes for Rank 3 and Rank 4 while using an additional component, the "Vestige of Origins".

If you use this item when making the item, the rank of the base item is increased by +2. That means:

  • a level 3 base item becomes level 5
  • a level 4 base item becomes level 6

In Korthia, artisans can earn the recipe for “Vestige of Origins”. It only costs 2,000 stygia, but it requires a benevolent reputation with the new faction. Therefore, it can take a few days until you have reached the necessary reputation level.

What do you need for a Vestige of Origins? That depends entirely on the respective craft occupation. In principle, however, the materials are comparatively affordable. For the individual manufacturing occupations, the costs are:

  • Blacksmithing: 40x Laestrit Ore, 15x Shadow Terror Bar, 40 Korthite Crystals
  • Jewelery: 2x Essence of Rebirth, 2x Essence of Torment, 2x Essence of Servitude, 2x Essence of Valor, 40x Korthite Crystals
  • Leather processing: 2x heavy grief leather, 15x horn hide, 70x pale bone, 40x Korthite Crystals
  • Tailoring: 400x lightless silk, 400x veil fabric, 75x penum thread, 40x Korthite Crystals

Where can I get the Korthite Crystals? You can get the necessary Korthite Crystals from various activities in the new Korthia area. You can loot them from treasure, loot them from rare mobs or get them for completing certain quests.

The rune mason helps again with upgrading.

Do you have to make the items yourself? No. As usual, you can simply buy the basic items for rank 5 and rank 6 from the auction house or have them made by a friend of yours. However, since he must also own the Korthite Crystals, the costs for legendary items at levels 5 and 6 should be a bit higher.

When can you upgrade the Legendarys? That's not entirely clear yet and is also due to how quickly the new Torghast difficulty levels open. However, do not expect to be able to upgrade in the first or second week. Week 3 or Week 4 seem much more realistic if you visit Torghast diligently and pursue the various activities on Korthia.

Are you going to upgrade your Legendarys as soon as possible? Or do you take your time with the orange objects?

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