6 weapons and loadouts to start in Hunt: Showdown - How to win your first rounds


6 weapons and loadouts to start in Hunt: Showdown - How to win your first rounds

Hunt: Showdown, the shooter from Crytek (PC / PS4 / Xbox One), can cause a lot of frustration, especially at the beginning. We ahves tested the best weapons and loadouts for you and is of the opinion: "This will get you started in Hunt: Showdown".

Where does the information come from? In order to give you the best loadouts and weapons at hand, we looked at the opinions of the players and incorporated our own expertise.

Every player feels a little more comfortable with a different weapon. We want to give you the best tips here to help you cope better with the mechanics of the game and the dangers of bayou, especially at the beginning.

What are entry-level loadouts? In this guide we provide you with loadouts and weapons, all of which are located in the first tier of the bloodline level. This means that you can implement everything you read here before level 34, i.e. in the first 10-20 hours of the game. 

We also explain what the best weapons are and what skills, consumables and tools they work best with.

Basically, it should be said: In Hunt: Showdown, no weapon is bad. All weapons kill with a single shot in the head in the right situation, but each have different advantages, disadvantages and play styles.

Obtaining new weapons in Hunt: How to start

How do I get new weapons? To unlock the weapons in Hunt: Showdown, you first need a certain bloodline level. This will enable you to unlock the basic version of the weapon. In order to modify the weapon further, you must gain experience with the gun of choice.

You gain weapon experience with a kill that is carried out with this weapon. You also get points for grunt and boss kills, but by far the most points get you the player kills. In Hunt, grunts are the normal 0815 NPC zombies that stagger around on the map.

With more weapon experience, you will unlock new variants of the gun.

For example, you can saw off the barrel to have more space for another weapon, or put a telescopic sight on the weapon. If you like it a little crazier, you can also attach a melee weapon such as an ax to many weapons.

Tip: If you play two or three people with the same weapon, a kill of your fellow players gives you as much weapon experience as if you had done it yourself.

The best loadouts to get started with Hunt: Showdown

How are the loadouts selected? When equipping the loadouts, we focus on the following features:

  • Which main weapon is effective here?
  • Why does the second weapon fit in?
  • Which tools and consumables are useful for this?
  • Why do these characteristics complement the style of play well?
  • What are the alternatives?

We try to give you an optimal loadout for every play style to start with. The loadouts are our recommendation to you. Feel free to adjust them to your liking to better suit your play style. The loadouts are sorted according to "classes" so that you can choose according to your preferences.

Tip: In Hunt: Showdown you have to buy your weapons if you want to use them. A kind of price / performance comparison is therefore appropriate. The personal shooting behavior of a weapon, i.e. how it feels to you, can also be decisive for your decision.

The sniper - perfect at long range

The loadout: 

  • Requirement: Level 1
  • Main weapon: Springfield 1866
  • Second weapon: Nagant M1895
  • Tools: knife, brass knuckles, beacon, first aid kit
  • Consumables: Incendiary bomb, weak health syringe, dynamite stick
Who is the loadout suitable for? The sniper is best suited for cautious players who like to take a look at the situation from a distance. All those who are looking for fast action and combat should avoid this loadout.


  • Strong at a great distance
  • Perfectly armed against the NPCs
  • Can defend himself even at a medium distance


  • Weak in hand-to-hand combat
  • Little ammunition
  • Requires accuracy

This makes the loadout strong: The Springfield 1866 is the first sniper rifle in the game. It has a long range and can kill up to 175 meters with a headshot. You only have one bullet in the barrel before you have to reload. Like all sniper rifles, you can equip the Springfield with two different types of ammunition at the same time once you've unlocked them. By default, the Springfield fires medium ammunition.

As a second weapon , we recommend the “Nagant M1895” pistol to start with. You shoot compact ammunition with it and you can rely on its high rate of fire in close combat. If your shot misses with the Springfield and the opponent comes towards you, you simply switch to the pistol and put pressure on the attacker.

As far as the tools are concerned, we recommend that you take the knife and brass knuckles with you. With the two tools you are armed against almost all NPC enemies in the world.

The loadout is also stronger because it works very well even without properties.

When it comes to tools , the beacon is a real all-rounder. You unlock it after successfully leaving a game equipped with the electric lamp twice. The beacons can be thrown and set their target on fire.

The signal fire is particularly effective against the armored grunts with barbed wire, as the armored companions die immediately when they come into contact with fire. You can also use them to switch off swarmmothers on rooftops, for example, without having to shoot.

The signal fire reliably lights these bad guys

The first aid kit can heal you up to three times in the game. It is an absolute must and is used in every loadout.

When it comes to consumables, you unfortunately have little choice at the beginning, so we recommend that you pack the small health syringes for additional healing. It goes well with dynamite sticks as a grenade substitute and the incendiary bombs to set killed enemy hunters on fire.

These are the alternatives : As an alternative to the main weapon, almost any sniper rifle that you will unlock with increasing level is possible. As the best option, we recommend the Sparks LRR, which you get at level 26. It fires long ammunition and deals a whopping 149 damage. Hunters only have 150 life points.

For the second weapon you can alternatively take a “Caldwell Pax” revolver with you. He uses medium ammunition and thus shares the ammunition supply with the main weapon Springfield 1866.

The boy scout - suitable on any terrain

The loadout:

  • Requirement: Level 11
  • Main weapon: Vetterli 71 carbine
  • Second weapon: Caldwell Pax
  • Tools: Knife / heavy knife, brass knuckles, suffocation bombs, first aid kit
  • Consumables: dynamite stick / bundle, sticky bomb, large health syringe, liquid incendiary bomb
  • Useful qualities: adrenaline, determination, repeater sights

Who is the loadout suitable for? The boy scout is the all-rounder in this collection. It can act particularly well at medium range, but is also suitable for firefights in narrow terrain.


  • Good all-rounder
  • Ideal for medium distances
  • Large stock of ammunition
  • Armed against all NPCs


  • Unusable over long distances
  • Not ideal in buildings

That makes the loadout strong: With the Vetterli 71 carabiner you are prepared for every situation. Thanks to the range of almost 200 meters, they can be used well in both long-range and close-range combat. It uses medium ammunition for increased penetration. Their rate of fire is also comparatively high.

It is optimized by the “Caldwell Pax” revolver in the second weapon slot. If you run out of Vetterli ammunition, you can confidently switch to the revolver.

The Caldwell Pax has a comparatively long range under the pistols and fires medium ammunition. Your two weapons share the same ammunition supply. As a result, you have a lot more ammunition with you than you would have with other weapons of the medium ammunition category, which is forgiving if you miss it more often.

For the tools , we recommend the knife or, if you have already activated it, the heavy knife. It can kill several of the standard NPC opponents (“grunts”) at the same time with a single blow and does more damage than the light knife, but at the cost of more stamina.

The suffocation bombs can be used in many ways. They put out all kinds of fires and take the breath of hunters so they cough and you can hear them. You can use suffocation bombs to extinguish burning teammates from a distance. They can even be used very well against the butcher, one of the bosses.

You should always have the first aid kit with you to heal yourself. The brass knuckles meanwhile make it much easier for you to get along with the evil immolators .

The brass knuckles will help you to cope better with these nasty fellows, because pointed weapons would make them explode.

The consumables are more optional here. You get the sticky bombs by gaining experience with dynamite. The quickest way to do this is by killing the big heads of meat. Once you have unlocked it, it is extremely useful for dealing with the bosses. You can use incendiary bombs to ignite enemy fighters. An additional healing through the syringe that you have with you makes sense. You can also use the dynamite as a substitute for grenades.

If you survive a few rounds, the question arises which properties to use. Adrenaline and determination work well with this loadout as they will help regenerate your stamina faster. With repeater sights you stay in the rear sight mode after a shot with the Vetterli and do not lose sight of your target so easily.

These are the alternatives : As an alternative to the Vetterli, you could take one of the Winfield variants with you. They have less damage and range, but a higher rate of fire. If you make this choice, you should use the Nagant M1895 or the Caldwell Conversion pistol as a second weapon, as these then share the ammunition supply with the main weapon.

Instead of the knuckles you can also take beacon fire with you and beat the Immolator to pieces with the charged blow of your weapon. You can easily replace the sticky bomb with consumables with another stick of dynamite.

The Gunslinger - Fast and dangerous at close range

The loadout:

  • Requirement: level 22
  • Main weapons: Two “Caldwell Conversion” pistols
  • Second weapon: Nagant M1895 eagle eye
  • Tools: knife, suffocation bombs, beacon, first aid kit
  • Consumables: a variation on the incendiary bomb, sticky bomb, health syringe and endurance syringe
  • Useful qualities: adrenaline, double hand, packhorse, steady hand
Who is the loadout suitable for? The gunslinger is suitable for fans of shooting action. Thanks to the second weapon, he is still able to deal 50 to 70 damage even at medium range. But it is best suited for close combat. Players who tend to stay further away from the hustle and bustle will not be happy here.


  • Strong at short distances and in buildings
  • Huge ammunition supply
  • Fast and agile


  • Not optimally equipped against NPC opponents
  • Simply useless at a great distance

That makes the loadout strong: With the two pistols as your main weapon, you are extremely deadly in close combat. You will lose some precision in the process, but your second weapon can compensate for that. Because all three weapons use compact ammunition, your supply of ammunition is huge and you can shoot around you like in a bad western.

Actually, all pistols are suitable for this , but the Caldwell Conversion has a special property: If you do a few kills with it, you unlock the “uppercut” variant after the chain pistol. This revolver then fires long ammunition and is therefore still effective even at great distances. It will become essential in later builds and is perfect, for example, as a long-range weapon for shotgun players. So you play the loadout partly for the future.

The second weapon is the Nagant M1895 eagle eye, its stapler and telescopic sight make the weapon particularly stable and precise. But you shouldn't forget that it's still a pistol - so long ranges are taboo here.

To unlock this variant of the Nagant, you need a few kills with the Nagant pistol. You can also play the loadout with two Nagant pistols until you unlock the conversion at level 22.

Seven kills in one round - nobody can fool you with the gunslinger!

As far as the tools are concerned, we again trust the knife, which is your best friend against the NPC opponents. For the armored grunts we have the signal flares with us, but Immolator should handle this loadout sooner.

With regard to consumer goods , we stick to the previously established rule: something that burns, something that heals and something that explodes. Of course, you can vary this accordingly.

However, we recommend the endurance syringe for this loadout, as it can let you sprint and hit for a limited time without restrictions or endurance consumption. With your two pistols you are quickly in a fight or out again.

As an optional feature , we recommend adrenaline, which replenishes your stamina if your health reaches a critical state. Packhorse also makes a lot of sense here, because instead of one you always get two tools from the boxes on the map, so you don't have to be as economical with the suffocation bombs and signal fires.

Furthermore, the double hand property is of course suitable here, as it significantly increases your reload speed with two pistols. With the steady hand property, you hold pistols with visors much more calmly, your second weapon benefits a lot from this.

These are the alternatives : Actually, you can use any pistol you like for this loadout. The Caldwell Conversion chain pistol would be particularly suitable, but you only unlock it afterwards. 

An alternative second weapon would be one of the sawn-off Winfield variants or even a sawn-off Springfield. With that you would be better armed in the middle distance, but you lose a little range of use in close combat.

If you want to go into close combat completely, an ax would also be conceivable in order to emerge victorious from the close combat situation even when empty.

Instead of the beacon you can of course also take the brass knuckles with you, in order to be better armed against the Immolator and not to have to use suffocation bombs for it. As always, dynamite is a substitute for the sticky bomb.

The one-shot killer - if you fall into his trap, there is no escape at short range

The loadout:

  • Requirement: Level 1
  • Main weapon: Romero 77
  • Second weapon: Caldwell conversion pistol (later the uppercut variant)
  • Tools: knives, suffocation bombs, brass knuckles, first aid kit
  • Consumables: 2x incendiary bomb, large health syringe, dynamite
Who is the loadout suitable for? The one-shot killer plays with a shotgun that has exactly one shot in the barrel. Everything that dares to approach him within 10 meters is as good as lost. If you don't like to be in close combat or avoid buildings, this loadout is not for you.


  • No great accuracy required thanks to the spread
  • Hardly defeatable at close and short distance
  • Perfectly armed against all NPCs
  • Beginner-friendly shotguns


  • No longer usable from a medium distance
  • Just one shot in the barrel, if it misses, you're as good as dead

That makes the loadout strong: The Romero 77 is already available from level 1, but it is a dreaded shotgun. It only has a single shot in the barrel, but it sits neatly. The Romero has the highest effective range of any shotgun, plus a great deal of damage. An encounter with a Romero within a building seldom ends well for your opponent.

As a second weapon we use the Caldwell Conversion, but only because you have probably not yet activated the uppercut version of the weapon. However, this is your goal in order to get the most out of the loadout. Because once you have the uppercut, you are a great danger to your opponent even at medium distance.

If the enemy comes through the window you have him: The Romero in action.

When it comes to tools , we're again using our best friend, the knife. As always, the first-aid kit is included. The brass knuckles make you more effective against the immolators that roam around the world and the suffocation bombs serve as a multifunctional tool to rescue teammates and to extinguish fires

As far as consumer goods are concerned, we are using the incendiary bomb twice. The reason for this is that, ideally, you want to meet opponents in buildings. If an enemy hunter runs into you and you kill him, his team has all the time in the world to pick him up.

Unless, of course, you set it on fire. If you throw the incendiary bomb on the corpse of the enemy hunter, slowly burn his life energy. So you're putting his allies under time pressure and forcing them to come near you. There you can kill them with the shotgun.

The health injection is used for additional healing, as you can take a little more damage than a sniper in close combat. You have the dynamite with you to lure enemy hunters out of their cover and drive them to you. 

This loadout is also strong because it does not need any additional properties in order to develop its full potential.

These are the alternatives : Hunt: Showdown has a variety of shotguns, but none are as powerful as the Romero in one shot. If you still don't want to trust your only shot, you can confidently choose the Caldwell Rival. The shotgun also does a lot of damage, but still has two shots in the barrel.

The Caldwell Pax Revolver is an alternative to the second weapon, as it offers a little more range than the Caldwell Conversion Pistol, but you don't work your way towards the uppercut with it - which is a small disadvantage if you play long-term.

As for the tools, you can take the beacon with you instead of the knuckles. Depending on whether Immolator or armored grunts annoy you more. With the consumables you can take two health syringes or two dynamite sticks.

If you play in a duo, you only need one incendiary bomb anyway. In the trio we would always advise you to use two incendiary bombs.

The Spray'n'Pray - Shoot a lot, aim little

The loadout:

  • Requirement: Level 17
  • Main weapon: Winfield M1873C
  • Second weapon: Caldwell Conversion chain pistol
  • Tools: brass knuckles, suffocation bombs, throwing knives, first aid kit
  • Consumables: Incendiary bombs, dynamite, health syringe, sticky bomb
  • Required properties: lever out and fan out
Who is the loadout suitable for? Dangerous at medium range, deadly at short range. If you like to move within this spectrum and maybe don't like to aim precisely, this loadout is perfect for you. For the quiet sniper waiting for the opportunity, it's rather nothing.


  • Lots of ammunition
  • Accuracy is not required due to the high rate of fire
  • Well armed against NPC opponents
  • Good at different distances
  • Very cheap


  • Only becomes fully usable through properties
  • Activation of the pistol relatively late

That makes the loadout strong: You already have the Winfield at level 1, it is characterized by a lot of ammunition and a high rate of fire. It's a good starting weapon across the board, but it's especially deadly in this loadout.

You can also use any other pistol as a second weapon, but the plan really works if you use the Caldwell Conversion chain pistol, because it has a lot of ammunition with it.

Due to the levering property (level 14), the Winfield can fire very, much faster if you shoot it from the hip. The fan feature (level 17) lets you convert pistols into semi-automatic monsters, and it also increases the rate of fire enormously.

Well, actually, your two weapons don't do much damage. Keep in mind, however, that any headshot in Hunt: Showdown is fatal within range of your weapon. The main thing about this loadout is to try to hit the head often enough - or simply hit the body several times.

You should keep moving while firing, as precision in this loadout is not one of your strengths anyway and you want to make it particularly difficult for your opponent to hit you. While you're trying to meet him. Your chances of doing this should be significantly higher due to the constant hail of bullets on your part.

If you are fast enough, your opponents are dead until you are there

As tools we choose the brass knuckles against grunts and immolators. In addition, the suffocation bombs are included as multifunctional tools as well as the always useful first aid kit for healing. Should you ever have to kill something silently, the throwing knives are ideal - but be careful, hitting these things requires a little practice.

When it comes to consumer goods , we're going back to the tried and true combination of burning, exploding and healing. We use the incendiary bomb to ignite dead hunters and lure the enemies out of the reserve, as well as the sticky bomb to be able to fight the bosses faster.

The health injection is also included because at the beginning there are few meaningful alternatives and healing is always good.

Other useful traits would be determination and adrenaline. Both increase your stamina regeneration. Since your opponent is guaranteed to be empty in front of you with this build, he will probably run away. With these qualities you come after him. Pack donkeys are also great to take with you to compensate for the throwing knives that you didn't hit with.

These are the alternatives : Even if levering out works for all lever rifles, there is no alternative to the Winfield at the beginning, which unfortunately has to be. But it is also very cheap and available from level 1.

As for the pistol, we can also recommend the Nagant M1895. It's also deadly with fans, and even more precise than the chain pistol in the original loadout. It cannot offer that much ammunition for that.

As an alternative to the throwing knives, you can also take a light knife or the heavy knife with you, even if you lose the distance. Another option for the sticky bomb would be to take a stick of dynamite with you to keep opponents at bay.

The ax swinging zigzag - when a short distance is not close enough

The loadout:

  • Requirement: Level 1
  • Main weapon: battle ax
  • Second weapon: Winfield M1873C Vandal
  • Tools: brass knuckles, bait, beacon, first aid kit
  • Consumables: 2x health syringe, endurance syringe, incendiary bomb
  • Meaningful qualities: adrenaline, determination
Who is the loadout suitable for? For anyone who may not get along well with the slow weapons in the game. In close combat, you don't have to aim, you just have to be quick. If you like to lead your opponent by the nose and a short shooting distance is still too far away, this loadout is perfect for you.


  • Incredibly strong in close combat
  • No need to search for ammunition
  • Opponents are often overwhelmed by the tactics
  • Perfectly equipped against NPCs


  • Endurance can be difficult at the beginning, but it is imperative
  • Good sawed-off weapons are only unlocked a little later
  • Is not yet optimal in the low-level area, but becomes even better with aids in the later game

This makes the loadout strong: Most of the weapons in Hunt: Showdown are comparatively slow. If you intend to face an opponent in close combat from the outset, they usually only have one to three attempts to hit you before your ax is in their back. In addition, many and especially new players are quickly overwhelmed when an opponent runs towards them instead of shooting back.

If you run fast and in a zigzag, alternating between walking and running and at the same time arbitrarily heading, it is really difficult for even experienced players to meet.

A charged blow with your ax in the upper body of the opponent is fatal. If that doesn't work due to the situation, you still have a sawed-off shotgun with you to heat up the opponent a little.

As for the tools, you don't need a knife here because you have your ax with you. A brass knuckles for Immolator is still recommended, just like a beacon for the armored barbed wire zombies. Furthermore, we use baits that imitate noises and thus lure hostile players into your trap - or into your ax.

The birds are not likely to be impressed by your ax, but the opponents even more

When it comes to consumables , we rely on a lot of healing here, because most of the time you will be hit by a shot or two, but you can easily heal that in a quiet corner after the fight. You also have a stamina syringe with you so that you don't run out of breath while zigzagging and swinging an ax.

The loadout is rounded off by the incendiary bomb, which sets enemy, dead hunters on fire and forces his teammates to come to you.

While not mandatory, but you have very much easier with the properties of adrenaline and determination. Adrenaline ensures that your stamina is replenished should your health points be low, while determination is there to ensure that your stamina begins to regenerate sooner. Both are extremely helpful in successfully wielding ax.

These are the alternatives : In addition to the battle ax, you also unlock the machete and the cavalry saber in the course of the game. Both are accordingly good alternatives to the ax. There are also different versions of weapons with a bayonet - they can also be very powerful.

As a second weapon, you can also take two pistols with you in order to be able to react even more agile in close combat, but at the expense of strength at medium range. Instead of the bait, you can also take asphyxiation bombs with you, which are an absolutely useful multifunctional tool.

General tips for the first excursions into the bayou

What do you find out here? The following tips are very useful for the beginning and will help you in many situations in the game:

  • Charge your strike with the melee weapon of your choice before you get into the combat situation. This saves you stamina and time in combat.
  • With the sniper variant of the Winfield, which you unlock a little later, you can keep an eye on your opponent and put them under pressure even from a greater distance - but you shouldn't expect much damage.
  • The shotguns have one big advantage in Hunt: Showdown: They don't care what you do. Whether you're standing, running, kneeling, aiming or shooting from the hip, the shotguns in the game always have the same dispersion. That makes them especially interesting for beginners.
  • If the going gets tough, you can also kill an enemy hunter with a charged blow of the knife in the head.
  • Use syringes early and often, as you can find them in supplies in one round and you have to use several syringes to unlock better variants.

These properties are a must!

What are properties? If you survive a round, your hunter receives experience points for this and climbs up to 50 levels. Each level gives you a point that you can spend on properties, i.e. passive abilities. You also have to unlock them first by reaching the necessary bloodline level.

Which properties are useful? In addition to the specific properties already mentioned in the loadouts, there are some traits that make sense across the board in every loadout. We would also like to briefly address these.

"Alligator legs" can do that : With the alligator legs feature, you can move faster in the water and are quieter in the water while crouching. Since there is a lot of water on the cards of Hunt: Showdown and being loud is rarely the best idea, this quality is always a good addition

What "Greyhound" can do : The Greyhound trait allows you to sprint at full speed for longer. If you have the prey and have to leave quickly or chase hunters with the prey, it can make your life a lot easier.

“Leichtfuß” can do that : Leichtfuß allows you to climb, jump and fall much more quietly. A quieter movement through the terrain is extremely useful in many situations - take it with you!

What "Ghoul" can do : The Ghoul trait lets you regenerate a little life when you kill Grunts. Since a broken health bar of your hunter automatically heals again fully, Ghoul can often save you a bandage.

This is what “Salamander” can do : This ability is particularly useful in a trio, as here you are often set on fire faster than in a duo. Salamander reduces fire damage taken by 25%, even on death. Your teammates have 25% longer time to save you - very useful!

How do the weapons work in Hunt: Showdown?

We not only want to tell you which weapon to take with you, but also how you can best choose weapons. For this we explain how the weapons basically work.

What are the values ​​of a weapon?

A gun's stats are at least as important as its feel and price. But what values ​​can you look for at all? These are the weapon stats in the game and how they work:

  • Ranged combat: The ranged combat value given for the weapons relates to a hit to the upper body at a distance of 10 meters. This is especially tricky with shotguns, as they lose a large part of their damage after 10 meters.
  • Range: Headshots in Hunt: Showdown are basically fatal. The effective range of a weapon refers to the number of meters that a single headshot will instantly kill an enemy player. If the enemy is out of range, the one-shot kill is no longer guaranteed. If you exceed the range too much, the shot may no longer arrive. 
  • Rate of fire: The rate of fire indicates the number of shots the weapon fires per minute. Interruptions such as reloading are not taken into account here!
  • Handling: The handling calculation is more complicated than that of the other values. Recoil, weapon movement and the dispersion of the bullet are taken into account. The higher the percentage, the better. In the case of melee weapons, the stamina consumption, the range and the angle of attack are calculated instead.
  • Reload: The reload time indicates the time it takes the weapon to fully reload if it is empty. Partial reloading of a weapon often takes more time.
  • Muzzle velocity: The speed in meters per second at which the bullet moves. 
  • Melee combat: Indicates the damage to the weapon that occurs in the upper body of a light melee attack.
  • Heavy melee: Indicates the damage the weapon sustains in the upper body when a charged melee attack occurs.

What types of ammunition are there in the game?

In addition to the basic values ​​of a weapon, there are also different types of ammunition for most of the weapons in the game. These also influence the weapon values ​​and how you best play with your weapon. These are the types of ammunition in the game:

  • Compact ammunition: Many of the first weapons you unlocked in Hunt: Showdown use compact ammunition. It is quick to fire and usually has a large supply of shots, and it is easiest to find in the world. It does less damage than the other types of ammunition and has less penetration.
  • Medium ammunition: The medium ammunition lives up to its name and serves exactly the middle of the other types. It's harder to find than compact ammunition, and you don't have a lot of it with you. On the other hand, the medium ammunition is much easier when it comes to obstacles such as wood and general distance.
  • Long ammunition: The long ammunition is mostly used by sniper rifles or repeater rifles that can be unlocked later. It is particularly rare and the supply in your magazine is always limited. The long ammunition can cover a distance of up to 350 meters and even penetrate metal at close range. 
  • Cased ammunition: Cased ammunition is used exclusively by shotguns and is therefore particularly ideal in close combat, but loses its effectiveness considerably after 10 meters, depending on the weapon model.
  • Fire ammunition: The fire ammunition is not equipped by default in any weapon. You always have to unlock it and it is not available for all weapons. It falls under the special ammunition category and is therefore particularly difficult to find. When hit, it triggers fire on your opponent, which he must first extinguish. It is particularly effective against the NPC opponents in the game.
  • Explosive ammunition: It also falls into the category of special ammunition and is therefore difficult to find. It is also not available for all weapons and has to be unlocked first. Upon impact, the ball explodes, causing area damage.
  • Poison ammunition: It joins the last two colleagues on the list and joins the special ammunition category. Poison ammunition must first be unlocked and causes poison damage when hit. The poison ammunition has no penetrative power, as it bursts the poison container on the first surface it hits. This makes it suitable as the only projectile against the nasty Immolator zombies.
  • Special ammunition: All types of ammunition are listed under this point. For example, there is still ammunition that increases penetration or even causes bleeding. Some weapons in the game, such as the Sprenglanze, the Dagger 96 or the Nitro Express, can even only use special ammunition, which is why you have to be careful with them.

What do you think of the loadouts? Would you like to adapt anything and do you have suggestions for improvement? Then always put it on in the comments!

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