A first look at the Star Wars Visions anime anthology debuting at Anime Expo


A first look at the Star Wars Visions anime anthology debuting at Anime Expo

George Lucas loved the Japanese artist Akira Kurosawa. And although Lucas continued to provide direct assistance in the master's career, producing the 1990 film Dreams, his tributes began much earlier. Indeed, there would be no Star Wars without Kurosawa's 1958 drama The Hidden Fortress.

So it's fitting that the Star Wars franchise will give a wave of Japanese creators the ability to travel the galaxy on their own, as in the forthcoming Vision anthology series. Lucasfilm first introduced the series to fans this fall at Anime Expo 2021 on Saturday. Participating studios include Kamikaze Douga, Geno Studio (Twin Engine), Studio Colorido (Twin Engine), Trigger, Kinema Citrus, Science Saru, and Production IG.

“Each of these studios we reached out to are hardcore Star Wars fans. They all had their own story that they wanted to tell. "

- said executive producer of Lucasfilm Jacqui Lopez in the video.

Here is a complete list of the shorts that will premiere on the series:

Kamikaze Douga - Duel

Geno Studio (Twin Engine) - Lop and Ocho

Studio Colorido (Twin Engine) - Tatooine Rhapsody

Trigger - Gemini

Trigger - Elder

Kinema Citrus - Village Bride

Science Saru - Akakiri

Science Saru - T0-B1

Production IG - Ninth Jedi

“This is essentially a story about the twins of the dark side,” Hiroyuki Imaishi of Trigger said of his work. Taku Kimura describes his short film Tatooine Rhapsody as "a rock opera movie."

Star Wars: Visions premieres on September 22 via Disney Plus. 

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