All About the Formation Manor Dungeon and The Shakkei Pavilion Quest in Genshin Impact 2.0 - How to Unlock, How to Destroy Barriers, Rewards and Tactics


All About the Formation Manor Dungeon and The Shakkei Pavilion Quest in Genshin Impact 2.0

With the release of update 2.0 in the game Genshin Impact has a lot of new interesting content. Among other things, several dungeons awaited us, the list of which included the "Shakkei Pavilion". In this guide, we will tell you how to open it, what awaits you inside and what reward you can expect upon completion of the passage.

When you find yourself on Inazuma (this is a new region that was also added to the game in patch 2.0), you will first need to complete the "Tales from the Tatara" quest, at the end of which you will have access to the desired dungeon.

Passage of the quest "Tales from the Tatara"

The first thing you need to do on Inazuma is to go to Camp Kujo, which is located southwest of Amakane Island.

Once on the spot, find the teleport, next to which is Toranosuke - after talking with the NPC, we will begin the task.

Next, you will have to talk with several more characters (Miyuki and Xavier), the location of which will be marked on the map with quest markers. As a result, Xavier will ask you to investigate three cracks that raise questions from the NPC.

Arriving at a place with cracks (they will also be marked on the map), you will find the branches of a thunderous sakura. Near them you can find electrogranums, which are useful for passing through electrical barriers. Interact with the luminous spheres on the ground for a rift action, and fight several of the monsters that appear afterwards.

In one of the areas you will have to interact with a fairy who will ask you to bring her to the desired point. Do this, pick up the electrogranum and go through the barrier, and then interact with the pointer to complete the current stage.

When all three points are examined, we return to Xavier, who, as a reward, will give you a map with the location of Kamuijima's cannons. Now you just need to get to the marked places in order to use the tools to destroy the rifts.

Passage of the quest "Tales from the Tatara"

To interact with the cannons, you also need an electrogranum - you can pick it up near the devices. Now you need to direct the cannon to the crevasse and make an accurate shot (the number of shells is not limited, so you don't have to worry and shoot as much as you like). After doing this three times, you will see a cut-scene, after which you will need to return to Xavier.

Note that it is at this stage that the entrance to the Shakkei Pavilion dungeon will be unlocked, however, we believe that it is unwise to refuse the reward after completing half of the task, and therefore we recommend continuing the quest.

After talking with Xavier, he will ask you to destroy several Fatui agents, who will be marked on the map. When you're done with this, return to Xavier, who will give you the next task.

Follow the quest marker to the area where the electrical element is raging. Because of it, your characters will gradually lose health, so we advise you to hurry up with this stage (or you can constantly pick up electrogranum to neutralize the effect). Once at the desired point, activate the camera (this is done from the Paymon menu) to take a shot of the bugle. After receiving the photo, return to Xavier to receive a reward for completing the "Tales from Tartarus" quest. You are supposed to:

  • 50 source stones;
  • 40,000 mora;
  • 400 adventure points;
  • 4 units of the hero's experience;
  • 4 units of magic ore enhancement.

Now we turn to the very dungeon "Pavilion" Shakkei "", access to which we opened not so long ago.

Passage of the Shakkei Pavilion dungeon

Before descending underground, we recommend pumping your squad to at least level 79, since under other conditions you may not have enough power for future battles. We advise you to choose characters whose skills are charged with pyro, cryo, anemo or electro elements as the recommended champions.

When you find yourself inside the dungeon, go forward and turn left. Go down the stairs and, having reached the bottom, turn around - you will see a chest (there are a lot of such chests here, so we advise you to carefully examine the dark corners). Now you need to climb the stairs again and jump down using the attack in the fall - this way you will break the wooden floor.

Once on a stable surface, you will be greeted by two samurai Nobushi, the battle with which will not take long. Having dealt with the enemies, turn right and go up the stairs, then turn right again and enter the new room. Look around, turn to the right - you should see a lever that, when interacting, will lower the stairs. However, do not immediately climb it, you need to first find thunder jades, which will be useful in the future.

Go forward to the adjacent room and examine the chest, then go upstairs and look to the left. After opening the door, move forward until you see another chest on the left. Next to him you can find the first jade, then break the screen and jump down. After picking up the second jade, turn around and go through the opening on the left. Now you need to turn right and go through the next door, then turn left - there you should see an unstable wooden floor. As before, perform a fall attack to work your way forward.

Below you will find a third jade and a chest that may contain valuable loot. Now you need to head towards the lift - get on the platform and wait for the lift to take you to the desired floor. Here you can go to the previous locations and examine them, if you did not have time to open some chest, or continue your journey by inserting all three stones into the corresponding recesses.

In the next room, a Fatui agent with a pyro element, as well as a Fatui Mirror Maiden, will be waiting for you. We recommend that you deal with it first, since the enemy is able to freeze you, making it impossible to move and defend against damage.

Having dealt with both opponents, you will complete the passage of the Shakkei Pavilion dungeon and you will be able to open the last chest with loot.

Reward for completing the Shakkei Pavilion dungeon

For successfully completing the dungeon, you will receive the following reward:

  • 40 source stones;
  • 500 adventure points;
  • 3 units of the hero's experience;
  • 2 teachings about "Light";
  • 30,000 mora;
  • 5 units of magic ore enhancement;
  • 5 Electro seals;
  • Fickle Face 4-star artifact.

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