All Musubi Secret Codes for Scarlet Nexus

 List of all valid codes for Musubi from Scarlet Nexus

Bandai Namco has added to Scarlet Nexus the ability to use special codes that can be obtained when watching the anime of the same name. Dedicated fans of the series, thanks to their attentiveness, will be able to unlock a reward - exclusive cosmetic items for the main characters and their companions.

The cheat quest is an offshoot of an earlier side quest. You will have to either view each series yourself, and at the same time decipher the codes, or use our guide (below will provide the entire list of codes that are in each series).

Codes can be obtained from the anime series Scarlet Nexus. As soon as a place called Musubi is unlocked as a fast travel point, you can go there and enter the received codes. Each of them will unlock a special item for Yuito, Kasane, or members of their OPI squad.

All Musubi Secret Codes for Scarlet Nexus

Typically, codes are a phrase or short sentence associated with a story about fellow journalist Musubi. They are case sensitive, and do not allow random use of uppercase and lowercase letters. You will receive a brain message from Musubi. Travel there and talk to Musubi to start the quest.

The first code is sort of a tutorial for decrypting a secret message, but if you don't feel like wrestling with it, just skip to the list below.

After giving Musubi the first code, you can talk to her again and select the file for which you need to activate the password. However, the codes can only be used after the corresponding episode of the anime aired. Even if you get the code in advance, Musubi won't let you use it. The Scarlet Nexus anime airs on Funimation on July 1st. The first two episodes are available to watch for free on the Funimation YouTube channel.

Here is a list of the current codes for Musubi from Scarlet Nexus:

  • CODE - 1000 credits
  • Such a liar - poster with Yuito
  • Tell the truth - unknown (you need to wait for the episode to be released)

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