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Ayaka guide from Genshin Impact: banner release date, skills, leveling, elevation and builds


Ayaka guide from Genshin Impact: banner release date, skills, leveling, elevation and builds

Genshin Impact is an RPG game that came out on mobile phones, PlayStation 4 and personal computers. With each update, new playable characters appear in it. On July 21, 2021, the pantheon of heroes will be replenished with Ayaka, a five-star swordsman who wields cold magic. In this article, we have collected everything you need to know about this heroine.

How to get Ayaka

Ayaka is coming to Genshin Impact with Update 2.0, along with a temporary banner called The Heron's Court, which will be available from July 21 to August 10, 2021.

Description of Ayaki - titles, affiliation, region, constellation, birthday and gender

  • Female gender;
  • Birthday: September 28;
  • Constellation: Snow Crane
  • Region: Inazuma;
  • Affiliation: Yashiro Commission;
  • Titles: Master of Art Kamisato Tachi Jutsu Inazuma, Frost Heron, daughter of the Kamisato clan.

Ayaki's active talents

  • Kamisato's Art: Naname (Normal Attack). Ayaka inflicts up to 5 blows with Ayaki's sword. The charged version of this attack is a barrage of blades. In this case, the heroine's stamina is consumed. If you make a fall attack, you will deal area damage.
  • Kamisato Art: Hyoka (elemental skill). With this spell, all enemies around Ayaka are thrown into the air and take ice damage (Cryo).
  • The Art of Kamisato: Sometsu (Elemental Explosion). Ayaka creates streams of swords that attack with ice magic (Cryo) anyone who gets in their way. In addition, explosions occur, which cause damage in the area.
  • The Art of Kamisato: Senho (Alternate Sprint). Ayaka moves across the battlefield with great speed. After the end of the sprint, she casts Cryo status on all nearby enemies, and her sword deals additional cold damage. In addition, the alternative sprint allows you to move on water. Keep in mind that it wastes Ayaka's stamina.

Ayaki's active talents

Ayaki's passive talents

  • The fruits of reflection . When Ayaka creates materials to raise weapons, she has a 10% chance of getting two items instead of one.
  • Kanten Senme Norito . Unlocks at the 2nd stage of the elevation. When an opponent takes Ice Damage (Cryo) from an alternate sprint (Art of Kamisato: Senho), Ayaka regains 10 Stamina and her Cryo Attack will be increased by 10% for 10 seconds.
  • Amatsumi Kunisumi Ihaigoto . Unlocks at the 4th stage of the ascension. After using the elemental skill (Art of Kamisato: Hyoka), Ayaka's normal and charged attacks deal 30% more damage over 6 seconds.

Ayaki's passive talents

Where can I find (how to get) materials for leveling Ayaka's talents?

  • 2nd level : 12,500 mora, 3 "Teachings on Elegance", 6 old handguards.
  • 3rd level : 17,500 mora, 2 "indications of Elegance", 3 Kageuchi handguards.
  • 4th level : 25,000 mora, 4 "indications of Elegance", 4 Kageuchi handguards.
  • 5th level : 30,000 mora, 6 "indications of Elegance", 6 Kageuchi forend.
  • 6th level : 37,500 mora, 9 "indications of Elegance", 9 Kageuchi forend.
  • 7th level : 120,000 mora, 4 "Philosophies of Elegance", 4 famous forend, 1 branch of the bloody ishma.
  • 8th level : 260,000 mora, 6 "Philosophies of Elegance", 6 famous forend, 1 branch of the bloody ishma.
  • 9th level : 450,000 mora, 12 "philosophies of Elegance", 9 famous forend, 2 branches of bloody ishma
  • 10th level : 700,000 mora, 16 "Philosophies of Elegance", 12 famous forend, 2 branches of bloody ishma, 1 crown of contempt.
  • "Teachings on Elegance", "Guidelines on Elegance" and "Philosophy of Elegance" will be available in one of the new dungeons. At the moment, his whereabouts are unknown.
  • The old forend, the Kaegchui forend and the famous forend can be knocked out of the new enemies known as the Nobushi.
  • The branch of the Bloody Ishma can be found in the Under the Tree of Suppression dungeon. Its location is indicated on the map.
Ayaka guide from Genshin Impact: banner release date, skills, leveling, elevation and builds

  • The Crown of Contempt can be obtained by completing temporary events. Now they are no longer available, but similar quests will surely appear in the future. At the moment, the only way to get the crown of contempt is to reach level 11 of the Permafrost tree. On the map, we indicated where it can be found.
Ayaka guide from Genshin Impact

Constellation Ayaki

To activate the constellation, you need Luck for this character. To get it, open Ayaku again during prayer.

  • Sousai Sumizome Sakura . When normal or charged attacks deal Cold Damage (Cryo), Ayaki has a 50% chance to speed up the cooldown of Elemental Skill (Kamisato Art: Hyuk) by 0.3 seconds. The effect can occur every 0.1 second.
  • Mie Yuki no Seki no To . When using Elemental Blast (Kamisato Art: Sometsu), two additional Blade Vortexes are generated, each of which deals damage that is 5 times less than the main Vortex.
  • Hanano Nishiki Kamifubuki . Elemental Blast Mastery (Kamisato Art: Sometsu) is increased by 3, up to a maximum of 15.
  • Eikyo Ryuuhan . Enemies that take damage from an elemental explosion (Kamisato Art: Sometsu) have their defense reduced by 30% for 6 seconds.
  • Hanani Kumo Kaneni Irutsuki . Elemental Skill Mastery (Art of Kamisato: Hyoka) is increased by 3, up to a maximum of 15.
  • Ai Suigetsu . Every 10 seconds, Ayaka gains Dance on Thin Ice, which increases her Charged Attack damage by 298%.

Where can I find (how to get) materials for Ascension Ayaki? What does it take to elevate Ayaki?

When a character reaches level 20, his pumping stops. For further development, it is necessary to carry out an elevation procedure. You will need resources and pestilence.

  • Level 20: 20,000 morahs, 3 old fore-ends, 1 shard of Shivada jade, 3 sakura petals.
  • Level 40: 40,000 morahs, 15 old handguards, 3 fragments of Shivada jade, 10 sakura petals, 2 eternal hearts.
  • Level 50 : 60,000 mora, 12 Kaguchi forend, 6 fragments of Shivada jade, 20 sakura petals, 4 eternal hearts.
  • Level 60 : 80,000 mora, 18 Kaguchi forend, 3 pieces of Shivada jade, 30 sakura petals, 8 eternal hearts.
  • Level 70 : 100,000 morahs, 12 famous forend, 6 pieces of Shivada jade, 45 sakura petals, 12 eternal hearts.
  • Level 80 : 120,000 morahs, 24 famous handguards, 6 precious Shivada jades, 24 scrolls of the forbidden curse, 20 eternal hearts.
  • A shard of jade Shivada drops from cryo ferns, is mined in the lair of the Wolf of the North and in the Golden Chamber, and is also bought in souvenir shops. We have indicated the location of these objects on the map. 

  • A Shivada Jade Fragment can be crafted from three Shivada Jade Shards, obtained from the Golden Chamber, or dropped from the Wolf of the North or Level 40 Cryo Fern.
  • You will receive a piece of Shivad's jade as a reward for completing the Golden Chamber or the lair of the Wolf of the North. In addition, it can be knocked out of a level 60 cryo fern or made from three Shivad jade fragments.
  • Precious Shivada Jade is made from three pieces of Shivada Jade, mined in the Golden Chamber, and also knocked out from the Wolf of the North and Cryo Ferns of Level 75.
  • The old forend, the Kaegchui forend, and the famous forend are knocked out of the new enemies known as the Nobushi.
  • Eternal hearts and sakura petals are coming with Update 2.0. Their exact location will be indicated later.

The best weapon and artifact builds for Ayaka

Ayaka is a character with a lot of damage, so you should increase it. We recommend using a sword called "The Precious Pool" as a weapon. It increases health by 20%, and your attack gets a bonus to attack in the form of 1.2% of the character's maximum health. An alternative option is the Black Sword. It increases your normal and charged attacks by 20%, and when you deal critical damage, there is a chance to restore health in the amount of 60% of your attack. The effect can occur once every 5 seconds. You can get weapons with the help of prayers.

Of the artifacts, the Lost in the Blizzard set is the best option. It increases damage from cold magic (Cryo) by 15%, and when attacking enemies with Cryo status, the chance to deal critical damage is increased by 20%. If the enemy is frozen, then the probability of a critical attack increases by another 20%. This effect occurs when ice spells are combined with water magic (Hydro). You can find artifacts from this set during the passage of the Vindagnir Peak dungeon.  If you just want to increase your attack, then use the "Gladiator's End" set. It increases attack power by 18% and an additional 35% when using a sword or spear. You can knock out artifacts from this set from elite and world bosses.

Ayaki's advantages and disadvantages


  • High base damage, enhanced by ice magic (Cryo).
  • Fast recovery of elemental skill.
  • The ability to move on water.


  • High speed of character movement, which makes it more difficult to control Ayaka than other heroines.
  • Low level of protection.

How do I play Ayaka? What heroes work well on a team with Ayaku?

Ayaka can become your main character, that is, the hero that deals maximum damage. Due to the combination of elements, it will be especially effective against fire, water and electrical opponents. In a team with Ayaka, it is worth taking characters who own the magic of water (Hydro) and electricity. You can protect yourself from enemy attacks with the help of the Crystallization effect, which can be caused by earth spells (Geo).

Optimal team composition with Ayaka:

  • Mona, Xing Qiu or Tartaglia (hydro characters);
  • Bei Dou, Ke Qing, Razor or Fischl (electric characters);
  • Albedo, Ning Guang, Noelle or Zhong Li (geo-characters);
  • Barbara, Qi Qi or Jinn (healers).