Death's Door walkthrough - game guide


Death's Door walkthrough - game guide

Detailed walkthrough of all Death's Door story levels, tasks, puzzle solving, boss battles, search for objects, trinkets, weapons and so on

After the introductory cut-scene, you will see the main character, a black raven, who has arrived at the office of the reapers' commission. Use WASD to move, LMB for attack, RMB for archery (hold, cursor, aim and release to shoot; or LMB if you don't want to shoot; each shot consumes a charge of energy - white cells under the health bar at the top left), " Space "for rolls. If you hold down the mouse wheel, the hero will swing his weapon, and when released, he will strike with a sword.

By pressing Esc, you can open the main menu. On the first screen there are 3 slots for the souls of giants, the number of crystals (now by zero), on the next - slots for weapons, on the third - shiny things (collectibles, 18 pieces are hidden in total). Go the only way and listen to the crow at the table. He will show the gate that leads to the first giant. But take your time. Walk to the right and up from it. This path will lead to a passage closed by a grate, but to the right of it there is a discarded umbrella. Pick up - this is a new weapon!

Grove of spirits

Go through the gate to go for the first soul. Move the only way until you hit the grate. Go down below and to the right of it and hit the glowing cube with LMB. The grate will go down. Go through it, go up the stairs and shoot at the cube on the hill, using the RMB and cursor to aim. Continue on your way, hit the third cube and go to the arena with the boss.

You will have to fight with the Devil's Soul of the Thicket. It is a huge plant with four tentacles. His first attacks are spinning and striking with tentacles in pairs. First, the plant beats three times with two pairs of different tentacles (and always those that are in the opposite side, that is, along one line), then three times in pairs and once with all four. Attack in between these hits. When all four tentacles are lowered to the ground, the boss does not pick them up, but instead begins to rotate. Run in circles. The boss will then rotate and try to ram you. But the Soul of the Thicket does it very slowly, so just run away. As a last resort - dodge on "Space". Finally, when the boss stands on two tentacles, hit each three times to knock him down. Then all actions will be repeated. Attack until you win

Lost cemetery

Go forward and turn into the building on the left in front of the stairs. Behind it you will find the seed of life. If you put it in a pot and eat it, you can restore health. Move on and see a lattice with a pink keyhole. I need a key. Go to the right of it, follow the sign "To the top of the cemetery", and pick up the pink sphere. This is the sphere of souls (x100). For souls, you can buy upgrades at the main office of the Reaper Commission. Walk down the steps from the grate with the keyhole and activate the pink symbol. A gate will appear. Through them you can return to the main office. You can do this if you wish, but now you will have about 200 soul energy.

Back out, enter the building on the left and take the Soul Orb (x200). There is a cobweb nearby, but now you cannot get rid of it. Keep moving, killing various enemies. Some bars will have a pink lock symbol. This means that they will open after all opponents have been killed. Kill multiple enemies. There will also be a pot on the left in which you can grow a seed. But don't do this if you are at full health. Pick up the pink key and hit the cube to make a ladder appear. Go back upstairs and open the lattice with the pink keyhole and head up the stairs in front.

Keep moving, fight the enemies that will appear from the pink gates. There is a seed pot on the right. Climb higher and chat with Groboplit. He will tell you new techniques: normal LMB attacks, strong through the mouse wheel and running attacks - "Space" roll and the mouse wheel. Then he will walk away. There is also a door with six holes nearby. Now it cannot be opened.

Climb the stairs to the left of Tombstone. Go left and down. There is a cave passage on the left. Behind it there will be a sphere of souls (x100). Continue on your way. At the fork on the right there is a seed, on the left - a tower with a clue (that there is a similar tower with a secret) and a raised staircase leading to the "Sailor aground". Now it is impossible to go there, so we go down. Walk across the long bridge and lower the lever. This will create a shortcut back. Walk left and take the elevator down. Walk around the corner on the left! The camera will turn around. Go downstairs, enter the cave and pray for a shard of life crystal. Every 4 such shards give 1 additional life cell. The situation is similar with magic and red crystals.

Continue on the only route. Soon you will lower a couple more levers and you can create a short route to the very beginning of the cemetery. Be sure to take advantage of this moment to return to the gateway and spend the accumulated souls on one of the improvements. After that, go further along the bridge and find a new boss.

The Gatekeeper is a very dangerous and interesting enemy. It is a huge stone palace that has been brought to life by dark energy. It strikes one of its two columns and rotates 180 degrees. Hit 2 times and dodge. When the boss jumps back to the beginning of the location and zooms in, a laser pointer will appear. Avoid it to avoid being exposed to the powerful laser beam. A little later, more such pointers will begin to appear on the location - bombs will fall at these points. At the end of the fight, all these attacks can be combined, so try to take your time and dodge once again.

After the victory, go upstairs. Hit the cube on the left and ride the elevator up to the top of the cemetery. A pointer to the right points to Overgrown Ruins, but you can't get there yet. Go immediately to the left to the lever to create a shortcut. Climb higher. Walk to the left and find incense (sparkle 1/18). Walk right to the top of the cemetery to meet the Gray Crow. She will explain that she is a reaper and it takes three powerful souls to open the Gate of Death. This will have to be done.

Go back to drop the key pedestal. Take it and go to the left, opening the grate. Pull down the lever to the left to create a short path and then enter the Ceramic Witch's crypt.

Ceramic Witch's Crypt

First, go to the right, kill the spider and pull the lever. Jump down to the left and pull the other lever to the left of the grate. It will open. Pre-go into the room on the left to find a sphere of souls (100) and a passage closed with cobwebs. Nothing can be done with her now. Go outside, get to the closed grate and shoot so that the arrow flies through the fire and hits the adjacent stand.

The Ceramic Witch's Domain

Shoot into the fire and light a bowl of wood, then shoot that bowl to light the third. Hit fly agarics if you need magic. Go through the opened passage and turn left from the passage with the stone block. This will be the hidden path leading to the realm of souls (100). Go right now and activate the gate that leads back to the office.

Go back and chat with the Bowler. He asks to clear the way further. You need to go both left and right. On the right, you need to shoot at the jugs near the stone blocks to blow them up. At the end there will be a lever that will light the first torch. On the left, you need to shoot at the fiery bowls, lighting them one by one. Continue with the steps. Also blow up the jugs near the stone blocks, and at the end you can activate the last lever.

Further, there will be a fork again. The path to the left is easier. There are fewer enemies, there are plates with jugs (which are restored as soon as you destroy 5 of them), but I still have not figured out what to do with them. The path to the right leads into corridors with many opponents, and at the end there will be a huge knight with a mace. Dodge three of his hits and then land 3 of your hits. Continue until the victory, for which you will receive 50 souls. Go ahead and activate the lever to get to the Ceramic Witch's house. Next to him is also a new weapon - the rebel daggers.

Walk left from the entrance to the witch's house. There are solid bushes here, but on the left, approximately opposite the tree with red leaves, there is a hole in the form of a rounded bush. You can go there. Having done this, go higher and exit to the right. This will take you to another hidden altar. Pray for a crystal of magic.

Ceramic manor

Go inside the house and activate the gate. Look around and head right as the rest of the doors are locked. Destroy the jug in the upper right as it is a mimic and the gate will open. Defeat opponents in the hallway. Then you will find yourself in a room with bowls of fire. Climb up, go around the room on top and shoot so as to light the bowl to the right of the passage. Climb up to it, break the jug and light the bowl on the left with a shot. Proceed further. Take the yellow key and move on.

Shoot the cobwebs with fire to open the passage. Next, you need to break four jugs. One will be at the bottom, the second is on the table (shoot a bow from 3-4 steps), the third is under the balcony on the second floor, the fourth is at the very top. In the next room, stand on the bookshelves and shoot at the bowl from below. Continue shooting, lighting one bowl after another. After destroying the web, go to the next room. Dodge and hit the enemy's shield to break it. Attack from the front, along the long tongue, remembering to dodge. If the enemy lets out green ghosts, fight them off with your melee weapon. Repeat until victory, rise higher and free the first soul.

To open the door in the house of the Ceramic Witch, you will have to free four souls. On the way back, you will meet the witch herself. Go through the opening to the side of the witch and return to the beginning.

Go downstairs and open the door on the left using the yellow key. Destroy all disguised enemies in the room to open the grate, and don't forget to take the seed of life. Light all the bowls and take the yellow key and then head up the stairs. Go to the corridor, where there will be several passages. To get started, follow the left and into the passage on the left. This will be the bathroom. Pay attention to the gender. There are reflections of a door and two jugs. One jug sits on the floor to the left of the bathroom, and the other sits on the edge of a wooden shelf that can be accessed by stairs. Attack these invisible jugs and head into the opened passage on the left side of the wall. You will find an altar. Pray for a crystal of magic.

Return to the corridor. Go left and into the opening on the right. You will find yourself in the bedroom. It's easy to break two jugs. In the third you need to shoot from the bed (jump from above), and in the fourth - from the cabinet (first you break the usual one that stands in front of him). If anything, beat ordinary jugs so that energy appears. In the next room, fight the same enemy using shields, but this time he will be helped by ordinary opponents with pots on their heads that appear from portals.

Go back to the corridor with several passages and head right. There is a lever on the left that allows you to start the elevator to the first floor. Fight with a large pitcher. Attack him three times when he stops, and dodge the rest of the time. Climb up the stairs, break the two jugs on the planks under the ceiling and go to the next room. Strip it and use the bow to light the bowls and burn the cobwebs on the far staircase. If you light all the bowls, then a secret staircase will appear in the corner, leading to a niche with a sphere of souls. Go to the next room and free the third soul.

Return to the room with burning bowls and in the corner you will see a hole that appears. Jump down to the beginning, and open the door in the upper right with the key. Destroy four pitchers. To get into the pitcher on the left, go up the steps and jump down to the center shelf, where you can shoot. In addition, if you jump down to this central ledge and walk under it, you can find a sphere of souls under the wall. In the next room, climb the far staircase and shoot so as to burn the cobwebs on the long staircase. Go further to find yourself under the bridge with a white path, and shoot into the bowl to light another. You will be able to pick up another key. Finally, climb the long stairs and reach the passage. There will be a lever that will create a fast path. In the next room there will be an enemy with a shield and sorcerers. Everything is as usual. After the victory, free the last soul.

Enter the door with souls and go up the stairs on the left. Interact with the chest to complete the Avarice challenge. Kill enemies until all torches light up. You will receive a fire spell as a reward. Use the "2" KEY to switch to this spell, or "1" to return to arrows. Go downstairs, light the bowl and go down the steps. If you go under them, you can reach the sphere of souls (100). Return to the Ceramic Witch's House by taking another Soul Orb (100) along the way.

Furnace inspection rooms

Light the two bowls near the blue door next to the gate, go through it and take the elevator down to a new location. Explore the location. Step on metal platforms with horns and hit in the direction you want to move. In the second hall with mobile platforms, do not rush to move through the passage to the left, but on the next platform, go right and down. Climb the stairs, move to another platform and light the bowl to open a niche at the bottom. The room will contain a Soul Orb (100). In the next room, move on the platform and shoot the bowls on the left and right. In total, you need to light four bowls, and then you will be able to go to the sphere of souls (100) on the left.

Continue until you see a fork with several platforms. The path to the left leads to the laboratory with the Ceramic Witch and the Pot. Talk to her and then light the coals in the furnace on the left. The door will open. Proceed further.

Internal ovens

Activate the gate leading to the reapers' commission and move on. Light the stove, climb up on the blocks, kill the slugs and move further on the platform. Climb even higher along the blocks moving up and down and leave the room. Keep lighting the stoves and using the moving blocks. New enemies will appear - larger slugs that break up into two medium ones, and enemies with a cannon. When you attack enemies with a cannon up close, do not forget that they are hitting with a weapon in front of them, so dodge. Eventually, you will get to the boss.

Use fire magic to defeat the Ceramic Witch, Granny. First, move to her and attack close, while she is throwing pots. The purple ones will explode, and the blue ones will spawn green ghosts. They need to be beaten off with a sword. After 3-4 times, the granny will begin to rotate her arms and move in your direction. Dodge and then run up and attack close while she climbs into her pot. When she pulls her head out, run. When it stops, it will hide in a pot, and it will begin to rotate and shoot purple projectiles. This is where fire comes in handy! Pick up the moment and shoot so that the fiery sphere hits the neck of the pot. If you do this, you will set the witch on fire and she will be temporarily stunned. Use this moment to deal damage. The less health a witch has, the faster she will perform attacks. Random shots of purple projectiles may also appear. After the victory you will be taken to the Lord of the Gate. But it will be a pointless conversation.

Lost cemetery

Move there from the reapers commission and go down below. Enter the building on the left, burn the web and jump down. Break cocoons and kill spiders. In the upper left corner is the Soul Orb (100). Climb up the long ladder and pull the lever to create a short path. Go downstairs, stand on the wooden platform and shoot into the bowl. Go behind the bars, kill the spiders, take the sphere of souls on the left (100) and go up the stairs on the right. Shoot the bowl on the left to reveal the second grate.

Proceed further, kill all enemies and a passage to the left will open. Light the bowl, go up the stairs and follow the right. Do not rush to use the large passage. Go to the right, after killing the spiders, and return back to another room. Pick up the old compass (trinket). There is nothing else to do in the crypt, since new abilities are needed.

Sailor aground

At the lost cemetery, go to the "Aground Sailor" sign, near the tower. Light the bowl, go upstairs and go through the cave. Go through a few more locations and find yourself in the right place. Chat with the Bowler. Go down the stairs and go up and right through the secret passage to find the adventure log (trinket). Enter Jefferson's Café, taste his concoction. Whenever you do this, he talks about the secrets of the passed locations. Jefferson will give 3 clues each time. All of them indicate the location of statues with crystals of life or magic.

Overgrown ruins

Return to the abandoned cemetery, to the fork with two signs, and go right towards the overgrown ruins. Light the bowl and go right. Pull down the lever, go back and jump off the bridge to collect the Soul Orb (100). Go downstairs and light a fire from the ledge on the left so that the funicular appears. Move to the ruins.

Climb onto the platform to the left of the large gate and lower the lever to open it. Go ahead and destroy the plants. Talk to the character. He will say that you need as much strength as Mother's to break stones. Hit the liana on the right, and it will lift you up. Take the only route. Attack enemies and large plants that will spit after being hit. While they are charging, run up to the rocks in the passage. The explosion will destroy these stones. This is how you can move on. After a couple of plants, go under the green vine on the left to find a fire-spitting flower and a sphere of souls (100).

Keep moving, destroy the fire flowers and shoot at the large plant so that it spits a projectile towards the stones on the right. Get to the inhabitants of the thicket and talk to Mother. She needs a horn. Go downstairs near the bard Barbara, destroy three plants and climb up the liana that appears to pick up the orb of souls (100). Hit the large plant and destroy the stones on the left. Pull down the lever to create a ladder. These are all slices. Continue moving, collecting various loot and destroying stone obstacles. Eventually, this path will lead you to the horn (trinket). Return it to Mother and see how a passage with vines opens.

Mushroom dungeon

Enter the new location and activate the gate. Burn the cobwebs and talk to the prisoner on the left. Move on, kill the spiders and talk to the Frog King. There will be a door ahead that requires 4 souls. Go downstairs and go through the passage on the lower right. Hit the large plant and destroy two stone blocks. From here you can go down and up. I recommend going up and burning the cobwebs to the left of the passage to collect the Soul Orb (100). And then burn the cobwebs in the passage itself and go up. Kill all enemies. As for the small buds spitting fire, then they need to be attacked from a distance, with an arrow or fire, and after the first hit you can finish off in close combat. Free the first soul after the victory.

Return to the previous room and go to the lower passage. Destroy stone blocks with the plant and light two bowls at once to pick up the green key. Go below. Turn right, open the grate with the green key and kill the enemies behind it. A powerful skeleton attacks with a hammer twice in a row, keep this in mind. Rise higher and free your soul. A little higher, you can open the grate and create a shortcut into the overgrown ruins.

Return to the door that you opened with the green key. Walk down and left. Go down below from the closed passage in the wall and kill all the enemies so that a staircase appears leading up to the third soul. Continue left across the bridge. You will see a green key and a key grate on the right. Go further left until you find a long staircase in the corner. Climb up it, clean the room and go outside. There will be an altar on the side, but you cannot approach it. Go the other way and pull the lever. A ladder will appear and a grate below will open. Go through this grate and jump into the hole behind the wooden crates to find a new weapon - the thunder hammer.

Go back to where the green key is. Break the wooden crates. Then start at the bottom bowl. Stand by the vine and light the bowl with a shot. Hit the liana, shoot the bowl on the right, jump down and shoot the middle bowl. Go behind the bars, climb the liana and fight many enemies in the next room. Try not to fall. When three thugs appear, run in a circle, attack a couple of times to recharge, and otherwise shoot from afar. Save the last soul.

Walk up and destroy the plants. Shoot the large plant and make it destroy the stone block. Stand in the middle and shoot three bowls alternately to light them. Take the green key, go through the passage in the upper right, to the right and enter the door with souls. Open the next treasure chest, and then go through the test in battle. As a reward, you will receive a new spell - an explosion. Now you can destroy stone blocks yourself.

Destroy the block, stock up on energy by destroying jugs. Walk right first and take the Soul Orb (100). Then go left, activate the elevator with the lever and go downstairs. Go to the right, along the steps, light two bowls and, behind the open grate, you will find a sphere of souls (100) and a model of an ancient gate (trinket). Walk left, past the raven, destroy the stone block and collect the Soul Orb (100) and the Bauble.

Return to the Mushroom Dungeon (to the right of the Commission's Soul Storage). Free the prisoner by shooting stones. Go deeper and take the passage to the left of the Raven's gate, behind which you found the ability. Walk left again and down. So you will find yourself in a place with a reservoir where you saved your last soul. There is a wall on the left. Break it down and move on. Activate three bowls at the same time. Start with the left or right bowl on the ledge. Walk forward and find an altar with a crystal of life. Find the sign to the right in the dungeon leading to the domain of the frog king. Go there.

Flooded fortress

Move forward and hit the pink monolith. Keep moving and shoot at the next monolith, but only with a bow (fire and explosion do not work)! At the fork you can go up and pick up the sphere of souls. Continue past the huge statue of a frog with a mace. Go up and right and find the lever to remove the grate and hit the mace. Continue through the fortress, killing enemies and opening new passages until you find yourself at the throne of the Frog King. A boss fight awaits you here.

So, in the battle with the Swamp King, first run away from him while he jumps on the mace, and when he hits it with a swing, run up from behind and attack from behind to break the first strap. Repeat the steps three times, after which the Swamp King will disappear, and will return already in an enlarged size. He will attack in two ways. If he is to the left of the arena, he throws 5-6 explosive shells that destroy the floor. If he is on the right, he tilts the arena, pulls you towards him and destroys 3-4 slabs. In the second case, you need to stand so that there are plates to the left and right of you. If the slab begins to shake under your paws, jump left or right. In the first case, you need to leisurely run from one plate to another. As soon as after any attack the boss falls into the arena, attack him as much as you can (in melee). After that he will jump into the water again, and here the main thing is to shoot from a bow at his pink mace on his back. On a successful hit, you will restore all the missing slabs. This is important, otherwise very soon there will be nothing left in the arena. After the victory, go left, climb the stairs and pick up a huge arrowhead (trinket).


Follow the cemetery to the entrance to the Ceramic Witch and head downstairs. Turn left past the tower and go upstairs. Look for the entrance to the rock on the left. It leads to the top of the mountain. Follow the Aground Sailor. If a servant was freed in the domain of the King of the Frog, then he will stand to the left of the cafe, and next to him there will be an old servant mask (trinket). Walk left and up the stairs on the right. Break the stone barrier. At the fork, you can go to the right and find the sphere of souls. And so go to the left and go along the bridge to the castle of Zamochnik.

Castle Fortress

Hit the pink cubes in the given order and then pull the lever to the left of the gate. Walk forward, activating the gate, and you will find yourself in the hall. There is a closed hatch in the center. You need to open all the locks. Will act in order.

To begin with, go straight to the left. Run over the falling platforms, keep moving, run counterclockwise in a circle and hit the other pink cubes while avoiding the laser. Then open the gate. Win the battle and climb the stairs on the left to the first soul.

Return to the beginning, to the hall with the hatch and go to the upper left opening. Walk past the columns with anchors, climb the stairs and move up and to the right of the screen to find another staircase and a passage to the right. Pull the lever immediately. You will open a passage to the right in a hall with a locked hatch. Return to the anchors, go up the stairs and turn into the passage on the left. Light the chalice near the tomb of Lord Lockpick. The first lock of the four has been removed. Going down is useless, because there will be anchors, which means a new skill is required. Head back to the right and climb higher to find a new passage that has a seed pot next to it. Win the battle and free the second raven soul.

Return to the hall with the hatch and locks. The upper passage leads to the raven's gate, but two more souls need to be found. Go into the passage a little to the right, also at the top. Climb the stairs, run along the wooden bridge and hit the four pink cubes. Go around the lasers behind the wall to the left. Take the pink key and return to the room with the hatch. Go to the passage on the right (there was a grate, but we opened it by lowering the lever above). Activate the four cubes by hiding from the laser behind the walls to the left and remembering to use the bow, which can also hit the pink cubes. Open the gate and move on. Re-activate the four pink cubes, picking up moments to bypass the lasers. Win the battle and climb the right staircase to the third soul. Go up the two stairs on the left and return to the hall with the hatch.

Go through the opening on the upper left, outward where the unreachable anchors are. There is a trellis with a pink keyhole in the left corner. Open it with the previously found key. Win the battle and free your last soul. Go to the hatch, through the passage above and go through the raven's gate to get the last ability (after winning the battle). This will be the hook spell.

Sailor aground

Move with the hook, clinging to the pillars. Return to the "Sailor aground" and go to the right along the bridge. Grab the anchor on the other side and defeat the Big Guardian. He will hit 3 times in a row. Then go up the adjacent stairs to get an inked bear (trinket). Now head back to the cemetery. In the second cave, you need to climb two stairs. Climb one at a time and grab onto the anchor on the right to fly over to the other side and receive a dead man's coin (trinket).

There is a grate in another cave. Walk left and a little lower and grab the hook on the right to get to the lever. Pull it down to open the grate. Go behind it and you will see a portal. Enter it. A battle against a mini-boss awaits you. He attacks 1-2 times maximum. But you can have time to hit three times after his attacks. In addition, the boss will move between ghost hooks. Stand to the left, between the two sides, and he will never hit you. Go ahead and don't get greedy for the beats. After the victory, you will receive an improvement for the hook - after being attracted to the target (enemy), attack with LMB to deliver a crushing blow.

Return to the "Sailor aground", go to the left of the cafeteria and the prisoner and turn left. Navigate the anchors using the grappling hook. First to the left. Fight enemies. There will be opponents throwing a boomerang. After the victory, get to the altar with the crystal of life.

Now let's try to open the secret door. She is on the same side. And closed by 4 locks. If you read the sign next to it, it says about a weak spot in the wall under the wooden gangway. Go back and a little to the right, where there is a long wooden staircase leading up. There is a wall under it. Destroy it with an explosion and activate the pink cube inside. There is the next puzzle slab nearby. It speaks of a weak wall behind two columns. Further, I will not retell the riddles, but I will immediately tell you where to look for the rest of the weak walls:

  • Climb the long stairs. There will be a mini-shop where you found the seed. Climb the stairs beside her and see a stone head looking at the wall. Destroy this wall and activate the cube.
  • Now go to the right, break the crystals and go around the column. A stone gargoyle hangs on the other side. Shoot an explosion under it to reveal the third cube. if you leave here and go down below, you can find an orb of souls (100). In addition, when you fall from a long staircase, hit the round stone slab and move through the underground passage to the altar with a crystal of magic.
  • Now go left and you will see a wall with two small columns. Shoot and activate the last cube.
  • When done, return to the gate that was previously locked. Open them and take the reaper's two-handed sword. This is the last weapon in the game.

Lost cemetery

Move back to the graveyard and go down from the gate. Enter the building on the left. If you have not completed it before, read above in the same chapter. In the back of the building there will be a room with two fireplaces. To light them, destroy the stones with one skill, and then light the upper fireplace and quickly move to the right with a hook and light the right one. Go inside and use the gate to fight another Silent Servant. Use the grappling hook and attack after pulling. This mini-boss will attack twice. If you are standing nearby, then he hits in front of him, and then uses the rotation. If you are at medium range, then in the second case, he lunges. After this series, do your 3-4 hits. You will receive a bow boost. The longer you hold RMB, the more powerful the shot will be.

Go in the direction of the Aground Sailor. Climb the stairs by the tower and signpost, but moving left, jump down the stairs. Get to the very bottom and break the stone blocks in the passage. Inside the cave, you will face a battle with a large knight. He attacks three times in a row, so dodge three times and counterattack. After the victory, climb the stairs and exit to the left. Move higher and you will see an altar with a crystal of magic.

Follow the passage leading to the Ceramic Witch's house from the cemetery. Roll left and find the cobweb. Burn it and enter the gate to fight the third Silent Servant. Defeating him (he will use the same melee attack sets, as well as summon fire orbs that continuously revolve around the mini-boss), you will receive an upgrade for fire orbs. They now do more damage (burn enemies over time).

Ceramic Witch Manor

Return to the manor and immediately go through the ventilation on the left. Climbing upstairs, you will find yourself in the ballroom. Climb the stairs at the top to find yourself under the ceiling. Move along the wooden planks and climb with the hook to the other side, clinging to the green jug. Here you will find a shelf with a wedding ring (trinket).

From the central room with the raven's gate, go to the right until you find yourself in the corridor with the jugs. Light the ceramic bowl using the fire orb and a cache will open to the right. Go upstairs and walk under the ceiling along the white beams to find an old photograph (trinket).

Go down to the location of the observation ovens. Move through it until at the very end you find a fork with four platforms on different sides. The platform on the top right is pushed back and is on the other side. Shoot her with an explosion and she will move closer, and then grab onto the grappling hook. This path leads to the altar with the crystal of life.

Overgrown ruins

Move through the ruins and look for a large stone circle. Climb the vines on the right, higher and higher, and go left after two vines located nearby. Fall onto a small stone circle and LMB in flight to get underground. Go through the underground tunnel and get out through another circle. Go through the doorway to the altar with the crystal of life.

Underground mushrooms

Move to this location, and go into the passage in front, past the camera where the prisoner was sitting. Turn right and go through the lower passage in the spitting plant cave. Stones will be right behind him on the left. Smash them with an explosion, do the same with the next ones and pick up the spoken horn (trinket).

Return to the reapers' commission and go down a little lower from the office with tables. There will be a piece of concrete with a lamppost on the right. Cling to it. Move further using the grappling hook until you find yourself on a distant island. There will be a sphere of souls (100) and a model of the reaper's gate (trinket).

Castle Fortress

Return to the beginning of the fortress, where the gate is located, and turn left (and not into the room with a hatch, where you need to open 4 locks). Go through several rooms to the room where there are two lifting plates (you need to attack the pink stones). Climb up on them and use the hook to move along the wall to the top of the screen. This path will lead to a room with 4 pink cubes that need to be activated in sequence. Do this by climbing the steps and moving with the hook. Open the gate, go into the room and light the second ceramic bowl.

Return to the room with a closed hatch and four locks. Go to the upper left opening. You will find yourself on the street by the columns with anchors. Climb the ladder, go right and climb another ladder to pull up to the anchor and pick up the pink key. There is also a stone round slab in the floor. If you hit her in the fall, you can end up in underground tunnels. They will lead to the sphere of souls (100). Climb higher to the left of the screen and turn into the room on the left. Here you have already lit the first bowl at the Zamochnik's grave. Go through the opening below and use the hook between the anchors. Follow the passage to the right, as the lower left is closed by a lattice.

Return to the central hall and go into the passage in the upper right (to the right of the path to the room with the raven's gate). Climb the stairs to the anchor bridge. Pull to the nearest one and take the sphere of souls. Find a round stone circle on the floor and hit it in the fall. You will find yourself in underground tunnels. One path leads to the realm of souls and the other to the old crown (trinket).

Exit to the left again, to an open area with columns and anchors. Climb the stairs and follow the perimeter to the right. Remember you found there a passage leading to the main hall with a lever? From this lever, pull the hook to the anchor and go to the right. Pull down the other lever to create a short path and go through the opening. Shoot the pink cube on the right, then head up the stairs and grab onto another anchor.

Activate the central cube, go up to it, pull the anchor to the right and activate the second cube. Standing here, at the anchor, shoot at the central cube to lower the upper block. Use the grappling hook to move to it. Next, climb up on the central platform and move to the upper left side. Stand on a platform with an inactive cube (not an anchor) and shoot at the central one. Move the hook to the desired pink cube. Activate the latter, which is not so difficult anymore.

There will be a fork behind the gate. Walk right, grapple off the falling platforms and light the third bowl. Jump down into the pit that will open after that. Don't rush to leave the room. See the wood planks? There is a passage behind them. Follow there and you will find yourself in a secret room with a signed contract (trinket).

Return to the fork behind the gate and use the pink key to open the grate on the left. Activate all the cubes by moving the hook between the anchors. The main thing is not to rush. Light the last bowl, return to the hall and take the elevator up. A sphere of souls is hidden behind the ice floes. Move up, using the anchors and the grappling hook, and soon you will find yourself near the gate leading to the reapers' commission.

Free Raven Camp

The path forward is blocked by a lattice with a pink keyhole, so turn into the opening to the right of it. Chat with free crows. Take the pink key and unlock the grate. There are two paths behind it - up to the right (to the monster) and to the left (to the frozen canyon). Let's choose the left route first.

Frozen canyon

It will be an ordeal. You need to accelerate on the ice and activate the pink blocks with your bow to lower the platforms. At the very end there will be an altar with a crystal of life.

Old watchtowers

Go back inside and go up to the bard. Follow left to the elevator, which will take you up. It will be a long journey. You need to go around every time, kill enemies and look for a lever that opens the passage further. All that is here are enemies. In addition to them, you can only find seeds. And at the end you will find yourself in a cave.

Betty's Lair

Go inside and fight the boss. Attack Betty several times and dodge her jumps and paws. When she curls up into a ball, you will need to dodge at the very last moment, during her roll. Note that she rolls three times in a row. At the end of the battle, snowballs will fall - watch the shadow on the ground.


Return to the graveyard to the gray crow and go through the gate. Then you have to fight her. Use the grappling hook to grab onto the crow, and never stand directly in front of it. attack from behind or from the side. Avoid the black chains along which the Hooded Crow moves, and also attack the flying black heads with melee weapons. After the victory, Death will ask you to deal with the Lord of the Gates.

Lord Gate

Attack your opponent in 2-3 hits and dodge his attacks. Then avoid hitting the bulls. Pursue the Lord across several worlds. At the very end, he will acquire a different strength and will fight twice as fast, but the techniques will remain the same. After winning, you will see the normal ending of the game.

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