GTA Online: Exotic Export List - Here you can find the cars


GTA Online: Exotic Export List - Here you can find the cars

In the garage of GTA Online you will find the Exotic Export list for cars. We'll show you the 100 spawn points of the exotic vehicles on the map and give you tips on how to find them. We also show you how much you earn with it per day.

What kind of list is that? You can find the exotic export list in your garage, which you can buy since the “Los Santos Tuners” update. However, the list does not hang in the workshop right from the start. After you play the first mission there, from one of the mini-heists, the board with the exotic cars you are looking for will be unlocked.

Where can you find the cars? There are a whopping 100 spawn points across the entire GTA Online map where you can catch the vehicles. Some are driven by NPCs. Others are in parking lots and are marked with a blue dot on the minimap when you are near a vehicle on the list.

How do you hand in the cars? If you find one of the exotic cars from the list, you get in there. If you are behind the wheel, you will receive a request to bring the vehicle to the port. An anchor symbol flashes on your minimap to show you the way. However, a GPS route does not start automatically.

When you arrive at the docks, drive the car into the yellow circle provided. Then a cut scene plays and you have completed the assignment.

You can see this blue point on the minimap near a car you are looking for

How much money does the Exotic Export List bring?

This is how much you earn: With the export list you can earn 300,000 GTA dollars per day. The vehicles are divided as follows:

  • The first nine cars on the list that you collect bring in GTA $ 20,000 each
  • The tenth and last car on the list brings in GTA $ 120,000 in one fell swoop
  • If you complete the list completely in one day, you will receive a total of 300,000 GTA dollars for it

According to our own test, it takes about two to three hours to find and deliver all vehicles. In order to earn money quickly, other activities are more worthwhile. But if you're exporting the vehicles on the side, that's a nice business to fill your account with.

Every 100 spawn points on the map

Here you should search: All locations of the auto spawns of the Exotic Car List have already been compiled in the GTA forums. 

Every 100 spawn points on the map

As you can see, the spawns in the upper part of the GTA Online map are rather rare. If you're already there, you can check out the cars. However, from there you have a long way to the docks to drop off the cars there.

Every 100 spawn points on the map

On the lower half of the GTA Online map you can already find significantly more vehicles. We recommend you keep your eyes open there. The path to the docks is not far from these spawn points.

However, these spawn points are not all active at the same time. It's best to grab a helicopter and roughly fly the points. Keep an eye out for flashy tuned cars. These are not run-of-the-mill NPC vehicles that you collect.

How do you like the content with the exotic cars that you are supposed to pick up? Have you already used it or is it a piece of content that you ignore or do at most on the side?

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