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GTA Online: How you unlock the LS Car Meet and what it brings you


GTA Online: How you unlock the LS Car Meet and what it brings you

Are you wondering how you can participate in the GTA Online tuning update ? We'll show you here how to do it, where you pay $ 50,000 and what you get for it.

What's new: The “Los Santos Tuners” update was released for GTA Online on the morning of July 20th. You now have the opportunity to take part in new types of races, meet other tuners, unlock prize vehicles and practice drifting on the test track.

We'll show you how to unlock the tuner content in GTA Online and what you get out of it.

Buy membership at the LS Car Meet

It's that simple: If you enter the online world of GTA 5 after the update, you will receive an email after a short time. This comes from Mimi, who invites you to the LS Car Meet in Cypress Flats. There is a large warehouse there, behind which the tuning magic happens.

Navigate on the map to the meeting point indicated by an LS symbol.

Buy membership at the LS Car Meet

If you enter the warehouse for the first time, a cut scene will be played to you. You will be introduced to Mimi, she is the head of the LS Car Meet.

You can buy membership from Mimi for 50,000 GTA dollars after the cutscene has ended.

What does membership bring?

As soon as you have bought the membership, you will find the point for the LS Car Meet with new options in your interaction menu. At the same time, you also unlock the reputation level, which you can increase through missions and races.

This is what you unlock: If you buy a membership for 50,000 GTA dollars, you will receive:

  • Reputation level that you can increase
  • Access to the test track
  •                Here you can enter alone or with other players, see cars and set new personal bests
  • Access to test vehicles
  • the opportunity to take part in pursuit and street races
  • The “Prize Vehicle Challenge” where you can win a car
  •                 Which car that is changes regularly
  • Access to the merch shop, the tattoo studio and the tuning workshop

Is it worth buying? You don't really have to ask yourself this question, as 50,000 GTA dollars are earned quite quickly. If you alone win one of the many time trials that you find on the street, you will receive 100,000 GTA dollars for it.

If you are short of money and really have to watch out for money, ask yourself before you buy how important the full tuning experience is to you. Players who loved Need for Speed ​​Underground a few years ago will probably not get around this purchase.

Have you already taken part in the Car Meet and tried out the various options?