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How to get each ending in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

 Conditions for obtaining all endings in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! - an extended version of the original game (no Plus!). After starting, you will see the desktop of the in-game computer, through which you will include various episodes. To do this, use the DDLC icon located at the top.

How to get the normal ending of the game

During the passage of the first act, you do not need to restart the game, try to complete the episodes more than two times. And when asked to choose a pair for the weekend, point to Yuri or Natsuki and don't try to take both girls. The second act does not affect anything. When the third starts, exit the DDLC application to see the desktop again, look in the characters folder and delete the Monika.chr file from there. Launch DDLC again, and in Act 4 you say goodbye to Monica.

How to get the normal ending of the game

How to get a good ending

The ending will be much better if you act as follows ... First, make sure there is room for three saves. Each of them must be dedicated to write two poems for each girl - Yuri, Seiori and Natsuki. Thanks to this, you will see cut-scenes for each of the characters for the current day. Then choose Natsuki for the weekend and Yuri after. Confess your love to Seiori before the second act starts. In the event that you completed the first act earlier, exit the application and use the file to reset the progress. Continue playing the game to receive a letter from Dan Salvato in Act 4.

Ending number 3

Instead of starting a new game, quit DDLC and explore the Characters folder on your desktop. Delete the Monika.chr file from there and run DDLC. Watch the cut-scene. In 10 minutes after that, if you don't go anywhere, you can get a secret message.

Ending number 4

Another ending is hidden in the second act of the game. Create a verse for Natsuki during the first and second nights. When Monica speaks to you, select Natsuki. This will activate the screen labeled "Game Over". However, right after that you will be able to continue the passage.

Side stories and true ending

In addition to the main storyline, you can unlock several side stories that are not related to the main storyline and are launched through a separate application on the in-game desktop (not through DDLC). At the beginning of the game, there will be nothing on the desktop, but as you continue to write poems with words that Seiori, Yuri, and Natsuki like, you will unlock new lines.

Remember that:

  • Seiori likes emotional, family and romantic words
  • Yuri prefers intelligent, dark and cryptic words
  • Natsuki is delighted with words related to fashion, food and animals.

There are 6 side stories in total, each with two parts and these parts are unlocked separately from each other. There are no elections, the plot is predetermined in advance. That is, you just hear a story. For the second part of each story, you will receive a new wallpaper for the in-game desktop.

  • Trust: Monica and Seiori
  • Understanding: Seiori and Yuri
  • Respect: Natsuki and Monika
  • Balance: Seiori and Natsuki
  • Reflection: Yuri and Monica
  • Self-love: Natsuki and Yuri

When you have reviewed all 12 side stories, you will unlock the Equality epilogue. So you will see the true ending of the game, get a letter from the admin and a new wallpaper on your desktop.