How to get more hearts in Sky: Children of the Light


How to get more hearts in Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light, the latest from the creators of Journey, is now available on Nintendo Switch and mobile: we tell you how to earn more hearts to spend on cosmetics.

It is now available on Nintendo Switch Sky: Children of the Light , the last game from Thatgamecompany that until now was only available on mobile phones, iOS and Android. It is from the creators of the masterful Journey, and for now you will only find it on Nintendo consoles ... and also, as on mobile phones, it is free to play .

As in Journey, it is based on the exploration of beautiful and dreamlike scenarios, this time soaring through the skies, throughout seven worlds. The customization of our character is one of the ways to express ourselves in a game with a strong social component, as we will come across other characters online.

How to get more hearts in Sky: Children of the Light

As usual in free to play games, there are various in-game currencies with which to purchase cosmetic items. In Sky, the currency you need to buy hairstyles, clothes, masks and capes are hearts . There are several ways to get them.

  • Buy them from the spirits you meet along your journey. Each of them can sell you a heart in exchange for three candles (another of the game currencies), but they can only sell you one per spirit, so you cannot get more than 37 hearts in total with this method.
  • Leave Message Candles in Meditation Shrines : If you get 10 likes , you will receive a heart (you will need 3 likes from your friends to get published, yes).
  • Collect Gifts of Light that your friends send you.
  • Give them to your friends . You can only send one heart per friend each day, so the more friends you have, the more hearts you can get ... if you are generous with each other.

A tricky method to "grind" more hearts is to make multiple accounts of the game . If, for example, you play it on Switch, create another account on a mobile phone, and vice versa; so at least you will ensure some daily hearts and I like necessary to get them. 

Of course, if you want to have enough to buy all the cosmetics, it is best to make as many friends as possible, and be active in the game to send gifts and like ... and hope that they do the same with you.

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