How to get robuxes for free at Roblox

 The best and proven ways to get free robuxes: from various sites to creating your own game

Roblox is a huge pixelated platform where you chat and interact with players, create simple games, or compete with other gamers in other projects.

Sooner or later, there will be a desire to pump your avatar. And then you will think about buying robux. When you get tired of donating (or you don’t want to do it from the word at all), use this material on the best and proven ways to get free robots in Roblox! Thanks to this guide, you can buy new costumes, skins and other customization items for the main character.

How to get robuxes for free

There are many legal ways to get free robux. Let's list all the main ones:

  1. Let's start with the most proven method of getting robuxes - the referral program . On the main page of the game, by logging into your account, you can generate a referral link. Then start distributing it online or among your friends. And if a person who has registered using your link decides to donate, you will receive 5% of the robux bought by him . The method is long, you have to rely on luck, but no one will deceive you for sure!
  2. Another great way is to create your own games . Once you've done this, if your game becomes popular, you can create game passes (also called gempasses). If a player buys a gamepass, you get robuxes for it.
  3. A less guaranteed option is activity in specialized groups (VK and so on). We cannot guarantee that you will be definitely rewarded with robuxes there, but we say with confidence: we have heard more than once that such groups really exist, and if you earn the trust of administrators, show social activity, publish interesting posts, then sooner or later you will receive your portion free robux!
  4. The last and most dangerous method is various sites that offer free robots as a reward for the actions taken . These actions can be multiple clicks, comments somewhere, downloading and installing an application, playing free games on Android, iOS or PC, and so on. There are many sites, but not all of them pay rewards, so there is always a chance that you will be wasting your time.
  5. And on the sites from clause 4, lotteries and sweepstakes are often arranged . Their members, if they are lucky enough, can get their portion of free robux. Sometimes they are played by video bloggers on their YouTube channels .

Where to get free robux

There are many sites that offer free robux. Unfortunately, it is physically difficult to check each of them, but we were guided by the feedback received on the Internet, so we can give some kind of guarantee that no one will deceive you there:

  • - allows you to withdraw from 1 robux and more. You need to take surveys, download applications, visit various sites. There are always tasks, and they are updated every new day. In addition, lotteries and draws are held here. It is enough just to leave your application confirming your desire to participate.
  • Gamehab is a resource that allows you to earn robux for polls, installing applications, playing free games in which you need to collect soul stones and exchange them for in-game currency in Roblox.
Where to get free robux

In a word (resources that we could not verify):

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