Jason Schreier Confirms Latest GTA 6 Rumors Including 2025 Release Date


Jason Schreier Confirms Latest GTA 6 Rumors Including 2025 Release Date

Journalist Jason Schreier has confirmed the latest GTA 6 rumors , including a 2025 release . Recently, insider Tom Henderson , who is known for his truthful Call of Duty and Battlefield leaks, posted a video about GTA 6.

In the video, Tom stated the following:

  • The game is set these days and the main reason for this is GTA Online. Rockstar wants to have as much freedom as possible in the DLC for GTA Online.
  • The Vice City map will not be big, but it will expand with new locations and change over the years with the help of DLC. (Tom compares this to the changes the Fortnite map goes through each new season)
  • The game is still in very early stages of development
  • Several main characters, one of whom is a woman
  • The woman will be the brightest in the group and will be in charge of technical things like hacking, etc.
  • Tom believes that the game will be released around 2024-2025 for the following reasons:

  • Rockstar is committed to employee welfare
  • Since the game will only be for the current generation / PC, Rockstar wants to wait until the current generation consoles sell enough circulation so that they can maximize sales.
  • GTA 5 still makes them money

  • Cryptocurrency will play a role in the game

According to Schreier, Tom Henderson's claims in his recent video are completely in line with what he heard about GTA 6, so the idea that the game will actually come out in 2025 seems more plausible than ever.

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