New World: So you find saltpeter


New World: So you find saltpeter

You need a wide variety of materials for crafting in New World . One of the crafting materials is saltpetre, but it's not that easy to find. We reveal where you get saltpetre in New World.

What is saltpetre used for? If you've landed on this guide, you've probably tried making ammunition for the musket. Because that's exactly what you need saltpetre at an early age. However, there are a few other crafting recipes that use the raw material. You can find out more about crafting in New World here .

Where can you find saltpetre? You can find the material mainly on the floor of caves or in nests of creatures. It's not that easy to spot because it looks a lot like the ground. Only the white dots stand out a bit. However, you can dismantle it as usual if you are close enough to it.

In Immerfall and Windsward you will hardly find any saltpeter, but there are some springs in the Königsfels and in higher areas such as Eben Maß and Lichhtholz.

This is what saltpetre looks like, for example.

The map in the game provides a good overview of the resources. There you can see where there are different raw materials and can also see what kind of landscape you are in from the nature of the map. However, this does not apply to every material. For example, saltpetre is not displayed.

It is helpful to turn these in the search for saltpeter  i nteraktive map of players (via that does just visible where you can find fibers, oil, saltpeter and other commodities.

What do you need to make ammunition?

  • 5x charcoal
  • 2x flint
  • 1x saltpetre

At what level can you mine saltpetre? Theoretically, you can mine saltpetre directly at level 1.

The Closed Beta is currently running in New World and will end on August 3rd. The release of the MMO from Amazon is planned for August 31st.

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