New World: This is how the crafting works, through which you get the best equipment in the game

New World: This is how the crafting works, through which you get the best equipment in the game

 Crafting plays an important role in New World . There are a total of 17 disciplines in which you can improve and through which you can produce buff food, furniture for housing and equipment. In fact, you should even craft the best armor and weapons in the game through crafting. We reveal exactly how this works.

What crafting disciplines are there? The craft in New World is roughly divided into 3 different tasks:

  • Collecting - for example through logging, mining or fishing
  • Finishing - whereby wood, iron and other materials are further processed
  • Crafting - Here you can make armor, weapons, jewelry, furniture and buff food

Each discipline can be leveled from level 1 to level 200. The highest level is required to produce endgame equipment, while you can only build ordinary items at the first level.

You don't have to limit yourself to one job, you can master every job at all times. So you don't have to see a teacher first, you can get started right away.

How do I level the different disciplines? You level using discipline. With every tree you cut, you level up the logging. With every weapon made the armourer.

While the first levels can be reached relatively quickly, you also have to produce more elaborate items for the higher levels. But that will pay off in the endgame.

Can you immediately level every discipline? Yes, once you've done the tutorial, you can basically do any job right away. However, certain collecting professions require appropriate tools and for the refinement and manufacture special craft stations are required, which you can find in settlements.

The higher you level a crafting discipline, the better the crafting stations have to be. However, such an upgrade can only be carried out by the company that controls the respective settlement.

The collecting professions

How do these professions work? Collecting is about mining different materials with certain tools:

  • You need an ax for the logging
  • A pickaxe for mining
  • A sickle for harvest work
  • A knife for tracking and skinning
  • A fishing rod for fishing

You can make all of these tools directly after the tutorial at the campfire at the watchtower or at your personal campfire. Later, you can design higher-level tools using the engineering manufacturing profession. They work on the same principle as the equipment. So there are 5 levels:

  • wood
  • iron
  • stole
  • Starmetal
  • Orichalcum

You can create the tools directly in the inventory, so that you save space.

What can be broken down? That varies a bit from job to job:

  • Logging offers different types of wood at levels 0, 50, 100 and 175
  • You can get stone and iron via mining at level 0 and other materials at levels 10, 20, 45, 50, 100, 105, 110, 155 and 175
  • The harvesting work offers simple plants, fibers and mushrooms from level 0 and new materials at levels 30, 100 and 175
  • The level of skinning determines what level the animals can be that you can skinning
  • When fishing, there are 11 different types of fish that you can catch

A much sought-after material that you can get through harvesting is fiber. You need it for fishing

The map from is also helpful when collecting, which shows you exactly where the respective deposits are for the materials (via ).

The finishing professions

How do these professions work? Finishing is about upgrading the materials found in the collecting professions:

  • The melting process turns the raw materials such as iron or orichalcum into iron bars or orichalcum bars. In addition, wood can be turned into charcoal here.
  • In wood processing, the raw wood is turned into wood planks
  • In leather processing, you turn animal skins into pieces of leather
  • In the weaving mill you make fabrics from plant fibers
  • In the art of stonemasonry, solid stone blocks are made from raw stone

So the different professions are pretty self-explanatory.

The manufacturing professions

How do these professions work? The manufacturing professions are about making finished equipment from the collected and refined materials. This applies to at least 6 of the 7 professions:

  • In the armory you make weapons
  • In armorsmithing, armor
  • In engineering, you make collecting tools and ammunition
  • You make jewelry in the jewelery shop
  • As a carpenter, you make furniture for housing
  • You use the arcana to make rods and potions

How exactly does the production work? We go through the manufacturing process on the basis of the armourer, whereby the various professions hardly differ.

  • The first wooden weapons can be made directly at level 0 and in a level 1 forge and they only need wood and leather as materials.
  • You can already produce iron weapons with skill level 0, but you need a level 2 forge. You need iron, wood and leather for the weapons and you can also add special items and azoth.
  •    The special items can give weapons new effects
  •    Adding the Azoth currency increases the chance of additional attributes and values
  • For weapons of level 3 and above you need special blueprints, a higher skill as an armorer (between 25 and 200), and a forge of level 3 or higher. The maximum level an armorer can have is 5. It depends on the settlement in which you are located.

Basically, every time you manufacture weapons from level 3 upwards, you have the chance of a special effect or additional places for gems with which you can improve the weapons.

How do you make endgame gear? A legendary weapon requires a blueprint, a forge at level 5 and a skill level as an armorer between 175 and 200. You also need a number of rare materials that also require the highest levels at the crafting stations and ranks between 175 and 200.

You also need the right special items, enough Azoth and a helping of luck. Because your attributes and the places for gemstones always have something to do with chance in the end. You can only influence the special effects with the help of the special items.

Where do you get the special items from? That is not exactly clear yet. According to the developers, you can get yourself out of trees, boulders and various enemies with a small chance. In the beta, at level 10 and with a lot of focus on crafting, we already had 3 such special items in our inventory.

What do you think about the crafting of New World? Do you like the system or are you less interested in it?

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