New World: This is how you find fibers

New World: This is how you find fibers

 The raw material “fiber” is used in the crafting of New World . We reveal where you get the fibers from.

What are fibers used for? You can use fibers to make linen at the loom. Linen is the first raw material you need for light linen armor in the game.

Where can you find fibers? Fibers are only found in forest and grasslands. There you have to interact with the “hemp” plant and collect the fibers.

The map generally provides a good overview of the resources. Open it with the “M” key and click on “Places with raw materials”. There you can see where the various raw materials are and can also see from the nature of the map what kind of landscape you are in.

This interactive map of the players is helpful when searching for materials. It shows  exactly where fibers, oil and other raw materials can be found.

At what stage can you mine hemp? Theoretically, you can mine hemp directly at level 1. There is no restriction on this. However, you will only find the first hemp at level 5 and will only need it later in crafting.

However, you need a sickle to mine the hemp.

The Closed Beta is currently running in New World and will end on August 3rd. The release of the MMO from Amazon is planned for August 31st.

Have you played the beta yet? How is your impression? Do you prefer to wait for the assessment of others before testing? Let us know in the comments!

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