New World: This is how you get fish oil


New World: This is how you get fish oil

Getting started with cooking in the MMORPG New World is actually pretty easy if you know how to get to the basic ingredients of the recipes. We will tell you where you can get the fish oil in New World.

What is fish oil used for? You probably ended up in this guide because you want to get started with cooking in New World. Because, along with nuts, fish oil is a basic ingredient for the cooking oil that you need in many recipes. Apart from edible oil, fish oil is also used to produce canned fish.

How do I get fish oil? Fish oil cannot be produced, but is obtained when you cut up the fish you have caught. You can dismantle objects and fish directly in your inventory. Right-click on a fish to select the item “Disassemble”, or simply left-click while holding down “S”.

In our experience, the probability that you will get fish oil as well as fish fillets when cutting is around 33%. But you can get more than 1 fish oil. The chance of this has already been increased in the past.

Fish oil is very important for cooking as the cooking oil made from it is a basic ingredient.

Where can I find fish? You can get fish by fishing or buying them at the trading post. Since fishing in New World is not difficult, but only requires a certain reaction time and timing, we recommend that you catch the fish yourself. You open the fishing menu with F3 when you have put on a fishing rod. Any common and unusual fish is also suitable for cutting up.

Start fishing and use it effectively

Where can I get a fishing rod from? Either you make your own fishing rod in your tent camp with few materials, or you can get one through the unlock quest.

For a fishing rod you only need these materials:

  • 1 wood
  • 1 fiber 

You can get the quest at the pond where the “standard fishing spot” is in the Windkreis area west of the Grünhafen settlement. You can later make better fishing rods with lines on a work bench.

You can fish on just about any body of water - even a small stream in a town.

Where can I go fishing? All over the world there are special fishing spots (“hot spots”). Fishing spots are spread over several bodies of water in Aeternum and have 1 to 3 stars. The stars indicate the quality of the fishing spot.

On the compass and on the map you can see the places with a fish symbol and the stars shown below. You can catch fish particularly well at fishing spots, but you need a certain level of fishing to recognize them (means: to be seen as a marker on the map).

Should I use bait when fishing? This is generally recommended. Because a bait increases the chance of catching better fish and getting less rubbish out of a body of water. With rubbish we mean boots or other household items. More fish also means more opportunities to get fish oil by breaking it down.

When fishing, you can not only pull fish, but also other items such as materials or even rare boxes. So the activity is worth it, although you are much more efficient with bait if you only want to farm fish oil.

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