New World: What is Azoth and How to Get It


New World: What is Azoth and How to Get It

The mysterious material Azoth plays an important role in New World . It spoils the world, but is also used by players for fast travel or crafting. We reveal what exactly is behind the Azoth.

What is azoth? Azoth is a mysterious material that is said to offer Eternal Life. It attracts the many adventurers who have stranded on the island of Aeternum, because this material is only supposed to be available here. However, the greed for Azoth spoils the game world and thus created the corrupt.

In addition to its importance for the lorry, the Azoth is also an important currency in New World.

How do you get Azoth? Azoth doesn't play a big role at the beginning and you get very little of it. However, from level 20 it becomes more relevant and easier to get:

  • An easy way to get Azoth is by completing quests related to the main story and the Azoth staff. These reward you with around 20 Azoth.
  • However, you can also farm in a more targeted manner by defeating Corrupted Level 20 or higher.
  • You also get a lot of Azoth for participating in world events against the Corrupted .

What can you do with the Azoth? You need this currency for various content in the game. It is mainly used for fast travel. With the help of Azoth you can use the map to travel to any settlement that you have already visited.

The currency also plays an important role in crafting . If you want the best equipment with the best perks and attributes, you have to use Azoth in the process.

Last but not least, you can reset your skill trees with the help of Azoth and thus adapt your skill for the respective weapon.

New World is currently in closed beta and the first players are slowly reaching the max level. 

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