Scarlet Nexus guide - how to increase the level of communication and what gifts to give partners


Scarlet Nexus guide - how to increase the level of communication and what gifts to give partners

Here are some of the best gifts for your partners in Scarlet Nexus

As you play Scarlet Nexus, you will be able to give your companions a variety of gifts. This will happen during the rest phases between individual chapters, when the heroes find themselves at their secret base. With the help of gifts, you will increase the level of communication with the characters, and unlock new or improve existing SAS-abilities. Some gifts strengthen this connection more than others, while others may not interest your interlocutor at all.

Before you can give items, be patient and wait for the second rest phase to begin. This will happen immediately after the second story chapter. Each gift has a specific icon that tells you how much the other person likes the item.

  • Highlighted - I like it, a little strengthening of the connection.
  • Small pink heart - loves, medium bond strength.
  • Big red heart - adores, big bonding.

You can receive these gifts in a variety of ways. For example, killing enemies, searching locations or even buying them in stores. You can also get gifts for completing side quests. Still, the best way is to exchange gifts in the store for the received data during the passage of missions.

Below you can see information about each character and the gifts that suit them the most.

Gemma (Yuito storyline)

  • Scroll - loves.
  • A set of elite alcoholic drinks - loves.
  • Sandbag - loves.

Hanabi (Yuito storyline)

  • Rare antique lamp - adores.
  • Luxurious oil - loves.
  • Squash racket - love.

Luke (Yuito storyline)

  • Perfect poster - loves.
  • Hero figurine version 1 - loves.
  • Squash racket - love.

Tsugumi (Yuito storyline)

  • Flowers - loves.
  • A small set of potted plants - loves.
  • Plant Watching Journal - Loves.

Arashi (Kasane Storyline)

  • Toolbox - loves.
  • A set of games - loves.

Kagero (Kasane storyline)

  • Electric acoustic guitar - loves it.
  • Toolbox - loves.
  • A set of games - loves.

Kyoko (Kasane storyline)

  • She loves a crystal ball that brings good luck.
  • A scented candle with flowers - he loves.

Shiden (Kasane storyline)

  • Septentrion - loves.
  • Lightning photography - love.
  • Tortoiseshell glasses - loves.

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