So you can find and defeat Alastor the Vigilant in New World


So you can find and defeat Alastor the Vigilant in New World

Many players of the new MMORPG New World are currently wondering how to defeat Alastor or how to find him at all. Getting your hands on and tracking down the nasty magician isn't as easy as it sounds. This is due to a common problem with new MMORPGs. We'll show you how to find and defeat Alastor.

How do you find Alastor the Vigilant? At the end of the quest “The Ritual” you should face the boss fight against Alastor the Vigilant. You can find him on a platform according to the quest marker. At least you should find it there, because it tends to be impossible to find.

This is due to a typical MMORPG problem: The boss fights in New World are not instantiated, but take place in the normal world. So the boss spawns for everyone, not just for you. So it may well be that you arrive and just have to wait for the boss.

Amazon also tells the players that they can reload the quest section via the journal (key “J”) and then have another chance at the boss. Alternatively, according to Amazon, you could simply restart the game. We would only advise you to do this if you are on a server without long login queues.

Another tip from us: Don't go through the blue veil before you've defeated Alastor the Vigilant. Players are reporting more and more errors in the quest after this very act (via ).

Alastor's spawn point marked on the map

This is how you defeat Alastor the Vigilant

How do you best fight against Alastor? Alastor himself is a mage who relies on long-range combat. However, he is accompanied by two to three skeleton warriors who deal properly in hand-to-hand combat. You should take care of them first while you run away from Alastor.

In this video you can see the fight against Alastor:

If you have defeated the skeleton warriors, you can jump on Alastor relatively easily. He is comparatively defenseless in close combat and shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Have you defeated Alastor the Vigilant, the quest is complete.

You don't have to take the final blow on the boss to complete The Ritual quest. It is enough if you were involved in the fight, i.e. caused a little damage.

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