So you can find and defeat Boatswain Ambrose in New World


So you can find and defeat Boatswain Ambrose in New World

There are some tricky quests in the new MMORPG New World . The quest marker for the task “One threat after the other” should lead you to Boatswain Ambrose, but he doesn't exactly do that. We will show you where the pirate is and how you can defeat him.

How do you like Boatswain Ambrose? The pirate hides at least as well as the treasure he buries. If you follow the quest marker of the quest “One threat after the other” it will lead you to Nyhart's anchor, but you will wait in vain for the boss who is hiding in his cave.

To find this cave, turn east on the jetty and walk straight ahead until you see a staircase down. If you follow these stairs, after a few meters you will find yourself in front of a cave entrance that is guarded by pirates.

You should get these pirates out of the way now, otherwise they will follow you to the boss and make the fight even more difficult. Once you have found the entrance to the cave, you only have to go straight ahead. You follow the cave around a curve and after a few meters you will find boatswain Ambrose.

However, it has the same problem as the boss fight against Alastor the Vigilant , namely that it is not always there. The fight against Ambrose does not take place in an instant, but in the open world. So if the pirate is dead right now, you have to wait until he appears again.

Amazon advises impatient gamers to restart the quest via the journal (key J) or even to restart the whole game. This can mean that the pirate appears for you and you can complete the quest.

In this video you can see the way to the bootsman Ambrose:

This is how you defeat boatswain Ambrose

How is the fight against the pirate going? Boatswain Ambrose is equipped with a heavy but slow melee weapon. As already explained above, you should turn off all of his henchmen on the way to him. That makes the fight a lot easier.

The fight against boatswain Ambrose is particularly good at long-range combat. It's slow, but does a lot of damage when it hits you. So you should try to keep the boatswain at a distance as best you can. Abilities and improvements that slow the opponent down are especially good here.

In close combat, we advise you to make short and quick attacks so that you can draw back before you are hit by it. If you follow these tips, you should have no problem defeating Boatswain Ambrose.

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