The fallen warhorse - this is how you get the chic WoW mount


The fallen warhorse - this is how you get the chic WoW mount

The fallen warhorse in World of Warcraft is coveted. We reveal how you can get this mount.

With Patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion, Blizzard has fulfilled a lot of wishes for one group in particular: collectors of mounts and pets. There are tons of new creatures available. A particularly popular animal is the "Fallen Charger" (Fallen Charger). Getting this can take a while - but the looks are definitely worth it.

What is the fallen warhorse? The fallen warhorse is a rather magnificent mount from the gullet. It actually only consists of a shadowy figure, but wears magnificent, golden armor. This gives the undead horse an extremely classy look and makes it the perfect addition to many transmog sets - or just to show off a bit.

Where can you find the mount? In the throat, near the current attack by the pacts. The current pact attack is shown on the map. The fallen warhorse always appears near the attack and announces itself with a zone-wide emote:

An ears splitting whinny echoes across the Maw as the Fallen Charger begins its ride.

If you're reading this emote, the warhorse has just appeared. Then you only have a few minutes to find the animal and engage it in a fight. If you fail, it reaches the edge of the throat and another emote appears:

Fallen Charger releases a final mournful whinny as it fades away. 

In that case, no one has been able to stop the warhorse and it just despawns.

The Fallen Charger - an impressive sight.

 What tips should you keep in mind? Quite a lot, because the war horse can cause a lot of problems. Important is:

  • The war horse starts slowly, but rides faster and faster as time goes on.
  • The war horse hits extremely hard. Substance classes do not even need to try it solo.
  • The chariot has a respawn time of 1-6 hours. If you just missed it, be prepared for a long wait.
  • The war horse is not guaranteed to drop its mount. The drop chance is around 5% - 6%.

In any case, it is worthwhile to take a look at the group search in the Schlund. Just look for groups that are waiting for the "Fallen Charger". Often players write in there how long they have been waiting. In a group, your chances of defeating the fast horse are also significantly higher - because it has a lot of oomph and quickly knocks many heroes out of life.

Be nice and take your time: Lastly, it should be said that you should be friendly when it comes to this mount. Due to the high spawn time, many players look for it for a long time. When you see the animal, you shouldn't shoot it down immediately. Put some spell or effect on it so that you have "tagged" the warhorse and then take your time until other players can join.

You would also like other players to wait until you could arrive, right?

We wish you the best of luck with the hunt for the fallen warhorse - and have fun with it, when you can finally get it.

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