Walkthrough Contra Returns - game guide


Walkthrough Contra Returns - game guide

Detailed walkthrough of the entire storyline of Contra Returns

Contra Returns is a game from the famous series that was recently released in Europe and North America for iOS and Android mobile devices.


Explore the controls. Use the buttons on the left to move, and the button with the weapon icon to shoot. Next to the standard weapon there is an additional ability and a grenade throw button. Aiming occurs automatically if you are within range of the target. Leave the location.

On the next one, you will learn squatting (you need to hold down the movement buttons on the left) and jumping. Don't forget that you can double jumps by pressing the Jump button twice. Destroy the enemy capsule and get to the boss. Hold down the fire button as your character will automatically aim at the enemy's head. Keep to the sides. When the enemy starts shooting a laser from the head, stand in the opposite direction. If he passes with his hand, use a double jump.

After winning, you will be taken to the main menu screen. There are many interesting modes here, but we'll focus on the storyline.

First Contact

First Sight of Archipelago (1-1)

Required power : 300

Move to the right, destroying the first enemies. Don't forget to use different skills. At the end of the path, a battle against a mini-boss awaits you. Shoot him with any weapon, and if he fits, go to a meeting. When he swings, run back or make a double jump to avoid being hit by a paw.

Warehouse Raid (1-2)

Required power : 350

Before starting this mission, you will be taught how to buy weapons and change equipment. Move in a straight line, use squats to avoid being hit by the turrets. Jump more often, throw grenades and shoot with an additional ability. At the end, you will need to reflect several enemy waves, and then the mission will end.

Mech Warrior (1-3)

Required power : 400

Upgrade your hero before starting the quest. control the mech and destroy enemies. Everything is simple enough. When an enemy mech appears, shoot at it. Blue spheres can be destroyed with ordinary weapons, and if you see simple bullets, then double jump over them.

Battle Race (1-4)

Required power : 450

Remember that jungle cannon wall in the original Contra? At the end of this quest, you will come across its modern version! Remember that you can click on the screen on the object you want to aim at if you are not happy with where your hero is shooting by default. For example, you need to click on a soldier with a weapon at the top of the wall to kill him, otherwise your hero will shoot at the wall itself. Jump on flying fire spheres. After the first stage, a laser will appear at the bottom, so don't even go down there. Instead, stay on a high ground and fire at the guns that spit out fire orbs. If you destroy them, the task will be much easier. But while they are functional, keep your finger over the jump button.

Near the Entrance (1-5)

Required power : 500

Upgrade your weapon for the first time by spending XP cards and go on a mission. This will be the first vertical level. Killing enemies, rise higher and higher. But take your time when you see the turrets. Pick an angle at which they can't hit you. At the end there will be a flying drone. Avoid regular bullets by keeping your distance from the enemy, and don't forget to use powerful shots.

Old Friend Again (1-6)

Required power : 600

Head upstairs to fight another iconic boss in the series. Shoot at its tentacles that release orange spheres. These spheres, by the way, can be destroyed. If you see a container flying at the top, click on it and shoot it to knock down the weapon's enhancement. After destroying both pairs of tentacles, huge claws will appear instead. All you have to do is stick between them. If the monster moves two claws stuck in opposite edges of the screen, stay in the middle. They will stop shortly before the middle of the screen and will not hit you. If one claw moves, run to the stationary one.

Zombie suspicion

Explore the Base (2-1)

Required power : 700

At this level, there will be no new enemies, and in the end you will fight with the usual walkers. Use all your weapons, shoot powerful charges and throw grenades. Switch to other goals if necessary.

Secret Door (2-2)

Required power : 800

Follow the only route avoiding falling blocks with spikes and electric beams. Jump over enemy shells. In the upper right corner of the screen there is a button to change weapons. You should have already learned how to equip your primary and secondary weapons. After moving to a new location, you will have to fight with the next iconic boss. Use powerful shots to destroy wall guns. Some spheres can be shot with weapons. After completing the quest, you will receive a new hero, William. Unlock it through the corresponding menu.

Zombie Fight (2-3)

Required power : 950

Step on the elevator and go down, killing enemies. If you see red vertical lasers, dodge them - a rocket is about to fly along this path. Use William's abilities to destroy powerful enemies. Instead of a grenade, he is able to dash, ignoring any damage. Very convenient if you need to move to the enemy behind the back. And this will be needed at the end, during the battle with a large zombie.

Daughter of Doctor (2-4)

Required power : 1100

Kill enemies using a flamethrower, and fight a powerful zombie at the end. Use dash (William's ability available at the "grenade" location) to move behind your back to the enemy if he is running towards you. When he is about to jump, a red circle appears on the floor in the landing area. Just don't stand in it and everything will be fine.

Mystery of Zombie (2-5)

Required power : 1250

This will be the first level in which you need to protect the target. All monsters will go to the right. They are divided into 5 approximately equal waves. Stay away from the doctor and back off if you see monsters around you above or below. I do not recommend going up at all. Better to stay on the floor and shoot the enemy from here. A powerful enemy will appear at the end, but you can easily destroy him using special shots. I also recommend taking a flamethrower on a mission, which makes it easier to destroy a crowd of mutants.

Posthaste Pursuit (2-6)

Required power : 1400

Move to the right, killing enemies. Learn the use of superweapons. You can use it once per mission, but in this mission you will be allowed to do it twice. When you get to the Giant Zombie, a boss fight will begin. You can immediately use superweapons and powerful shots. When the zombie spits a stream of acid, stand at the edge of the screen and jump twice at the end. Then stay close to the enemy and shoot him. Periodically shoot down flying containers to get weapons and lives. When the zombie jumps up off the screen, it will land in the opposite corner. So you can run away in advance. However, the landing point will be marked with a red circle on the ground.

Warship battle

Deck Assault (3-1)

Required power : 1690

Quite a simple task. Use powerful shots against the machine gun points at the top, so you can destroy them without any problems. Explode huge and small purple spheres. Otherwise, there should be no problems. You can take on a mission a new weapon - a shotgun, just do not forget to upgrade it first

Skateboarding Intruder (3-2)

Required power : 1998

You will move around on a flying board. Jump over missiles, the flight path of which is shown with red lines. Also try to destroy small red and yellow drones as soon as possible. The former will try to bump into you, and the latter will shoot at you. At the end, a huge enemy will appear. As soon as he begins to scatter projectiles, gradually move away from him to the left area of ​​the screen. This will avoid getting hit.

Into the Hull (3-3)

Required power : 2288

A simple task in which you have to jump a little and finally destroy two purple spheres. Try to jump over flying projectiles, and in the case of turrets, dash so that you are behind them. So they won't harm you at all!

Devil's Flame (3-4)

Required power : 2596

Pass the level, destroying enemies, but I do not recommend taking weapons with the letter C. It fires rockets, but has too long reload time. A mechanical spider will appear at the end. Get close to him and use your superweapon. Then use powerful shots and gradually back away to avoid the missiles falling in an arc. It's that simple!

Loose Lips Sink Ships (3-5)

Required power : 2904

There will be no bosses or mini-bosses in this mission. Instead, you will be faced with streams of fire. Wait for the fire to stop and follow along. In one of the places you need to go down the ledges. To do this, hold the stick down and press the jump. Try to go behind the enemies behind the turrets. It will be easier to kill them, moreover, and they will not be able to oppose anything to you.

Meet at Last (3-6)

Required power : 3217

The final task of the chapter. At the end of the mission, you will find another boss, familiar from previous games in the series. Jump over or sneak under flying projectiles. At the end, there will be gizmos that spit fire. You can run behind the boss without worrying about taking damage from contact. He is not here. Or dash if playing as William.

Mountain pursuit

Snow Mountain Downhill (4-1)

Required power : 3756

In this task, you will slide on a snowboard in the snow. When killing enemies, do not forget to jump over snowballs in time. Also, avoid the red beams that indicate the trajectory of the missiles. In the end, you will have to destroy the familiar flying drone, but there should be no problems.

Alien Again (4-2)

Required power : 4292

Follow through the location where the machine gun will drop for the first time (M). When destroying enemies, use different abilities. At the end there will be a snow blower armored car - a huge machine that will try to ram you with its huge spiked bucket. When you see an exclamation point, keep to the left of the screen. Dodge missiles following their flight path (red rays). In addition to firing rockets upwards, the transport will shoot in a straight line. Some need to jump over, while others duck.

Spaceship Crisis (4-3)

Required power : 4813

In this task, you need to avoid a powerful energy beam that is chasing the hero. if you play as William, do not forget about his invaluable dashes with a shield. Move without stopping, use jumps and run forward, not looking at the falling rockets. In most cases, you have to manage to get past their flight path. If you do not have time, again jerks will help.

Treacherous Cave (4-4)

Required power : 5367

At the first stage, two alien capsules will appear at once, so try to get rid of them as soon as possible, otherwise the aliens will appear endlessly. Then there will be a boss fight. You need to jump over it (or make a dash of William) in order to be behind your back every time and avoid most of the damage.

Crossing the Mine (4-5)

Required power : 5921

At this level, it is advisable to move on moving platforms from below. Crouch down to prevent enemies from hitting you. At the end there will be a walker, but it is not difficult to deal with it. The main thing is not to rush so as not to get hit by the turrets.

Spaceship Combat (4-6)

Required power : 6477

This mission is all about a boss fight. Shoot at the center of the ship. Avoid red dots on the ground where the ship will shoot a powerful beam. When the boss fires from the two side cannons, follow the trail, staying between them. When small drones fly out, switch to them.

Deep infiltration

Deep into the Cave (5-1)

Required power : 7371

Move through the location and go behind the turrets to avoid damage. Jump more often to dodge other opponents. At the end there will be a powerful tank with missiles - use superweapons against it.

Secluded Underground (5-2)

Required power : 8321

Go down and destroy the aliens. A huge spider will appear at the very bottom. He will hit a huge area, so every time you need to jump to the enemy behind his back or make a dash. Depending on what skills the current character has.

Direct to the Nest (5-3)

Required power : 9215

Move to the right, destroying aliens and spitting plants. Jump over their projectiles. At the end, a flying enemy will appear, but you can literally destroy him in a moment by activating a superweapon.

Gomeramos King (5-4)

Required power : 10165

At the end of the assignment, you will fight with the hearts of strangers. It will spit out small monsters and red orbs. You need to dodge the spheres, you cannot destroy them with weapons. Finally, at some point, the heart will be covered with a red shield. Do not shoot him, destroy ordinary aliens instead.

Fight and Retreat (5-5)

Required power : 11,115

Another mission in which you roll off a snowy mountain. Do not forget that you can also jump, dodging the snow drifts. Also dodge missiles and destroy the descending grenade launchers. At the end there will be a flying drone. Stay under it as it periodically fires a powerful laser beam straight ahead.

Mission (5-6)

Required power : To be continued

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