Walkthrough ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights - game guide


Walkthrough ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights - game guide

Detailed walkthrough guide for ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights, in which you will learn how to defeat all mini-bosses and main bosses in the game

When you wake up, you can look around the room. If you go to the left side, then there will be a locked door and two statues of white priestesses. Go right to the new room. Attack enemies using the X key. A little later you will be taught to dodge - by the C key. At the same time, the Z key is used to jump. The first enemies will be helpless, but then they will start jumping. Dodge in the direction of their movement. Do the same with enemies using shields. They should be attacked from behind. A little later, in the third room, faster enemies with a mace will appear. But, as with the rest, you need to use evasion, and somersault in the direction of the enemy running at you. There will be a lot of them in the third room, and in the end you will understand how to heal (key A): you have three charges of prayer, which are restored in a special way. Break the boxes and you will find a healing amulet. The TAB key opens a menu with a lot of information related to the heroine. Use the bench - this is a place to save, restore health, charge prayers, but also revive all previously defeated enemies. Go to the right of it, jump a little higher and pull the lever to open the passage above.

In the fourth room, continue to do the same. Sooner or later, you will run into a locked iron door. Jump down into the pit. There is a large enemy on the right. Dodge and kill the corrupted in time, and then pick up another shard of the amulet to increase your maximum health (the first you found in broken barrels). In the same place, below, when they fell down, they could find a lever. He opens the door from above. The door on the right to the defiled one is broken by a weapon. Go to the left, kill the enemies and look for the ascent upward at the very end. Just stand in a dead end and jump to discover a hidden path.

Sister Sigrid (Boss)

Go further into the "Cathedral Corridor", and save on the bench. Walk right to fight the first boss. So, the enemy has three attacks:

  1. Several hits with a jump upward. Dodge to the side, wait for Sigrid to land and attack her.
  2. Rotation of the club. Usually this attack starts after the previous one. After the first attack, hit Sigrid several times, then roll back and wait out three circular rotations with the mace.
  3. And the third attack is one forward blow with the club.

After Sigrid runs out of health points, she will turn into a huge monster. She will have completely different attacks, but the meaning of the battle is reduced to small - watch the screen, and when the enemy flickers, after half a second or a second, dodge to avoid damage. And so on until victory. After that, you will receive a new ability - double jump. Press Z twice to jump higher. Go back to the previous location, jump up to the ledge to the left of the door and pick up the first relic. Follow to the resting place, save, install the relic and spirit of Sigrid. Unlike the spirit of the Dark Knight, the spirits of enemies you defeat will have a limited number of uses. These "yuzy" are restored in places of rest. put the spirit of Sigrid on the second slot. In total, you have 6 cells. You can switch between every three by pressing the F key.

White church

Leave the cathedral through the passage on the right. Move across the bridge, killing enemies. Remember to use a different perfume. Also pay attention to the white and red flowers, which restore the charges of prayers and spirits, respectively. At the top, you will see a village boy. Run and cleanse him to obtain his spirit. You will soon see another resting place. From this point on, fast travel is unlocked. You can also set the spirit of a country boy.

Rocky village

From the fork you can follow the upper and lower paths. I chose the top route to begin with. Defeat enemies, including birds, and find yourself in the Rocky Village. Enter the first building. Go down to the lower floor and break the far box to get an amulet shard. Continue up to the roof of the house. There is a pit in the middle of the location. Jump into it to find a corpse with foul. This filth is used to enhance existing spirits (attack damage). There is a large iron door to the right behind the pool. It cannot be opened, so return upstairs and run to the right through another building. Behind him - the transition to the next location.

Go to the house on the left. Run across the roof, killing enemies, and inside the house, look for 10 more fel pain. Open the door of the house by pulling the lever. If the enemy is on the edge of the ledge, attack them in the air. In no case do not climb this ledge, otherwise you will receive damage. When you jump down, you will notice a chest. Climb to the top floor of the building on the right and jump in the opposite direction. Jump down and make a second jump to the chest. Inside it is a music box - a relic that slightly reduces damage taken. Do not forget to install it at your resting place. True, it will have to be replaced with the previous one, since now you have only one slot for relics.

Ruined hut

The next resting place is “The Ruined Hut”. Move a little to the right and go deep into the screen, to the next street. Follow the left, killing enemies. In the farthest house there will be a big man jumping and spitting poison. After killing him, you can pick up a shimmering item - an amulet shard that increases health. Pull the lever and jump down. Jump on wooden platforms without falling into the water. This red water is poisonous and damaging. At the end of the path there will be a lever that opens the passage upward. This will create a short route. Return to the left again and not far from the last house, find a passage deep into the screen. Follow there to get to a small location with a Merchant from the west. Defeat the mini-boss to get his spirit (the raven will attack enemies seen from afar). During the battle, wait for the enemy to fly at you, dodge, and while he hits the void,

Return to Ruined Village and save. Go to the right, kill the enemies and go up to the top floor of the house, where there will be a lever that opens the iron door from below. Jump to the roof of the house on the left and look for the amulet shard on the left edge. Move to the right through the opened door, clear out another building, at the top of which there will be a lever from the iron door. Go to the next location on the right. On one of the platforms there will be a fel of pain, and on the other there will be a glowing object - a magic chain, adding another slot for relics.

Since the locations in the game are too confusing, in the future I will focus on tactics and strategy of battles against bosses.

Headless Knight (Mini Boss)

Fighting a knight is identical to fighting other armored warriors. You need to wait for the enemy to swing and, before the attack itself, make a somersault behind him. Attack from behind until he turns in your direction. If he bounces back, puts a shield in front of him and "charges", be prepared for a swift lunge forward: to avoid damage, run back. Better yet, run and jump.

Veteran Gelrod

The battle consists of one stage. Attack the enemy and make timely rolls behind him. When he jumps up to drive the hammer into the ground, make sure to stand to the side of him so that you are behind the back of the enemy. After such a reception, he will be temporarily stunned. If you see that he freezes and begins to charge, run back and wait out the burst of red energy. Also, the enemy can hit the ground with a hammer without jumping. In this case, a wave of red energy leaves in both directions. The main thing here is to jump up in time. By the way, the same waves depart when the hammer strikes the ground in a jump. See the purple bar under the health bar? You gradually shrink it, and whenever it empties, the boss is temporarily immobilized.

Mushroom Mage (Mini Boss)

Avoid the poisonous green cloud that the mage releases in front of him from time to time using the staff. To do this, run away from him. Jump over flying projectiles using a double jump. You need to jump at the very last moment, when the shells are approaching Lily. Otherwise, everything is quite simple.

Flower Witch (mini-boss)

Roll when three shells are flying at you to get right under them. Also, the witch can create one projectile. Run away so that the projectile flies up to you, then jump over or roll under it and run to the witch. Also, avoid highlighted areas of the floor where fire will appear.

Elaine the black witch

When the witch fires a burst of magic projectiles, jump under them somersault. Do the same if the witch fires single projectiles. Jump attack with your weapon and different spirits. The purple stripe is Elaine's tenacity. If she drops to zero, the witch falls and you can attack her unhindered. If it's charging, run to the side. In the second half of the battle, when health is less than a third, the witch will strengthen her attacks. It will start shooting from the top of the screen with a lot of shells at once. You need to jump and roll in such a way as to fly between two or three neighboring ones. Also, the witch will quickly teleport to your back and attack with her tentacles. The main thing for you is to maintain attention and evade in a timely manner. The rest is simple.

Graveguard (mini-boss)

To begin with, the enemy constantly emits a poisonous cloud of green color, so standing next to him is not an option. Best used with the Village Boy spirit. The boss has three main attacks:

  • In the first case, his eyes do not glow red. Instead, he lifts his head back, and his tail pushes forward and shoots 6-7 projectiles flying in an arc from top to bottom. You need to dodge directly under them, but at the same time stay at a distance from the enemy.
  • Another most common attack is a forward dash claw attack. You will know that the boss is going to take it when his eyes light up with a bright red light. Dodge towards the boss to be behind him and attack.
  • The third attack begins in the same way, but instead of dashing forward, the spider jumps up and hits the ground with its claws. Moreover, the shock wave leaves in both directions. So you either need to jump up over it or stay away from the spider.

Sister Silva

And this is another full-fledged boss of the game. Silva is another nun, just like Sigrid, whom you killed in the very beginning. The battle has two stages. In the first, Silva tries to attack you with her hammer. If her eyes are sparkling and she is on the ground, there will be a hammer blow with a forward lunge. Just bounce back. She delivers a maximum of two hits per row, and then jumps back. But before each blow, her eyes will glow red. If Silva jumps up, moving back, and her eyes sparkle, then she is about to throw 3-4 shells. Dodge directly below them, heading towards Silva.

When Silva reaches 70% health, she will glow. From this point on, the boss will move a little faster, and also periodically jump forward, swing a hammer in the air and throw projectiles. Make sure that at this moment you are either behind her or directly under Silva. However, there is an option to make a somersault right under the flying projectiles. Overall, Silva will fly and travel more through the air.

As soon as you empty your health bar, Silva will turn into a huge monster. When she is accelerating towards you, do somersaults in her direction to be behind your back. Stay away from Silva if she goes up in the air and screams. Dodge under a huge flying ball, jump towards Silva, somersault, if she makes a dash in your direction. Continue until you win. The main thing is not to be greedy with blows - 1-2 maximum and run back.

Warden (mini-boss)

I didn't even want to mention this mini-boss: the fact is that you have already fought enemies of this type. All they do is do a combo of two melee strikes, jump up and hit the ground below them, or jump forward in your direction. In most cases, dodging in the direction of the boss helps. And try to attack him exclusively from the back.

Fallen Archer (Mini Boss)

Jump in front of the archer's shot if he pulls the bowstring and starts to glow. In this case, one powerful arrow will fly to the point of your last location. Also, the boss fires four arrows at once, but they fly in an arc up and down. Just roll over. He often jumps from one side to the other, but this should not cause problems.

Shadow Guard (Mini Boss)

I recommend using the caravan trader as you will be fighting a flying enemy. His main attack is a dash with a sword in your direction. Roll right under the enemy. A little later, it will rotate with a sword strike around its axis. It is not accompanied by any sound, but the jerk is characterized by an intensifying sound.

Mad Knight Ulf

Be prepared for the knight to constantly jump and dash back and forth. Roll over to him when you see shining eyes. When the health pool drops to 75%, a flash will occur and the knight will be strengthened. Dash when the knight is standing in the distance and waves his hand, releasing a stream of energy. Watch out for the purple stripe. If you manage to empty it, the knight will fall to his knee and become defenseless for a while. Another outbreak will occur after the Mad Knight has about 30% health remaining. If his eye starts to sparkle too brightly and the knight prepares to hit the ground with his hand, try to be as far away from him as possible, or watch the flow of energy and position yourself directly between them. If he jumps in your direction and makes a somersault in the air, either run away, or tumble behind him,

Head of the Protectors (Mini-Boss)

A simple enemy. Roll behind your back while the nun throws a huge shuriken in front of her. Move around the location if she raises her hands up.

Maid (mini-boss)

It will be a familiar dog. True, it's an improved version. At the same time, the dog will not attack you. Bug? Maybe.

Subject (mini-boss)

This enemy will hide in a clay pot. If he is hiding, run back a distance and wait. Every time he pokes his head out of the pot, the monster will scream and a powerful energy field will appear around him, dealing damage. Just stay away. Next, the subject will try to get close to you and attack in front of him - make a somersault behind him and attack.

Executor (mini-boss)

Dodge behind the knight right in front of his blows and counterattack. Everything is simple enough.

Abyssal Guardian Hanir

For starters, Hanir will disappear, leaving behind 2-3 mobs. Kill them by rolling behind your back as you lunges. Keep moving right while trying to get close to Hanir. Summoning mobs are his main attacks. The main thing here is to dodge and jump in a timely manner when the shells are flying. I recommend using the Spirit of the Executor to attack Hanir with a poleaxe behind his back.

At 75% health, he will receive a boost. From time to time he will jump over you and throw daggers. Just roll to the side. at the end of the battle, he will start to do somersaults in the air, trying to hit you in the fall. Watch out for the boss and dodge. And also do not forget to jump over the shells. Use every perfume you can.

One-Eyed Shield (Mini-Boss)

If the enemy hits with a sword with a swing from behind, just roll over to him behind his back and attack. If he tries to plunge his sword into the ground, run away, because upon contact with the ground, a shock wave will be created that emanates in both directions.

Commander Julius

At the first stage of the battle, everything is quite simple: get close to the enemy, wait for his eyes to sparkle and he will swing, and then move behind him and counterattack. He will receive the first enhancement after the health reserve reaches 75% of the maximum. If he's taking a long time to charge his weapon, run away and don't try to dodge such a powerful lunge. However, if you can, dodge behind him before he accelerates in the chosen direction. Also, in addition to normal strikes, he will bounce slightly and attack forward, falling diagonally downward. Finally, he will be able to deliver roundhouse kicks, so be prepared for them by attacking the boss from the back. Once again, it will be boosted by 30% of maximum health. Instead of a powerful lunge forward, the enemy will shoot in front of him. Therefore, when there is a long charge, try to be behind him as soon as possible. The rest of the techniques remain the same.

Decay Dragon (Mini-Boss)

Use the merchant from the west to shoot at the flying enemy. Themselves evade from his blows by wings and flying spheres. Fortunately, the spheres fly slowly, so avoiding damage is easy enough. The spirit of the Flower Witch will also be helpful.

Failed Sinner (Mini Boss)

You will have to fight in the water. Just dodge his attacks and counterattack.


At the first stage, attack Míriel with any convenient spirit and weapon. Jump over the rolling ball that explodes at the right edge of the screen. And also avoid falling projectiles. They don't fly as fast, so jerking will be enough. Note that the lump can explode in other places as well. So before jumping over, wait for it to roll a little further than the middle of the free space. Stand at the end of the screen yourself. From afar, you can attack the merchant from the west and the Flower Witch.

At 70% health, the boss will receive a boost. When he hits the ground with his paw, jump and fly to the side, as powerful claws will appear under you. The next boost will be 50%. When the enemy screams loudly and begins to emit a red haze, the number of projectiles fired will increase significantly. The number of claws appearing from under the ground will also increase when a paw hits the ground. But between them there will be a free, safe space. Moreover, the enemy will hit the ground with his paw several times in a row. It will also release several exploding lumps in a row.

Forbidden Land Warrior (Mini Boss)

Wait for blows and dodge behind your back. Everything is as usual. If the enemy is jumping, roll under or away from him.

Fel king

Jump up and attack the heart in the chest of the monster. Kill the flying creatures that appear, do not leave the center of the screen so that the enemy does not touch you with its tentacles. Repeat until the enemy has about 70% of their maximum health. Run away as the power-up explosion is about to occur. Keep attacking the heart. The enemy will summon two flying monsters at once, and when the tentacles hit the ground, they will cause a shock wave, so jump over it. Kill the flying monsters as they shoot at you. The next boost is 50% of the maximum HP. This will lead to an increase in the summons.

After defeating the boss for the first time, watch the cut-scene. The second battle will begin. Instead of smoke, the enemy will release poisonous clouds, so do not try not to come into contact with them. Avoid huge spheres. Try to run back to the edge of the screen and jump or roll at the last moment. Keep killing flying monsters and beating your heart in your chest.

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