Walkthrough GreedFall - The De Vespe Conspiracy

Walkthrough GreedFall - The De Vespe Conspiracy

 Passage of the new add-on for GreedFall

To activate a new task, you must return to any house of De Sard, (for example, in New Serena) and read the note located on the chest. After a short conversation with your partners, you can go on a story mission.


The player needs to learn more about De Vespa, so we follow the marker to New Serena to the house of Mrs. Morange. The girl will advise the hero to be careful and send him to meet with Aurelia De Vespe in a previously closed part of the world.

To move to a new location, we go to the camp at the rocky cliff in Frasonegad, "Forest of the Ancients". We follow to the marker and move to Aydag-Ol-Kreydo, "Burning Blood".

We go along the path to the camp and meet new previously unseen monsters. We defeat the monsters and make our way along a straight path to the De Vespe camp.

We meet with the girl and find out that the uncle of the protagonist has agreed on the marriage of Constantine and Orelia.

Upon arrival, they were robbed and taken away one of the boxes with marriage documents. We go in search of thieves. The squad members assume that the contract may not be real, so they are obliged to verify it for authenticity.

We move to the marker and sequentially study several points on the map.

The trail will lead the heroes into the forest, and then to the waterfall, where they will stumble upon a camp of thieves.

We fight with monsters and carefully study the staging post. To do this, we first examine the fire and boxes with objects.

After a short conversation with the squad, we continue to search for the box. We move forward and find an object on the ground.

The hero will not be able to open the box unnoticed, so the team decides not to get inside the vault. In the distance, the heroes will notice the mercenaries, so we get to the edge of the elevation and examine the people.

The squad realizes that Orelia has sent them into a trap. The safe path will be littered with a stone, so we return to the camp down the slope and break through with a fight through a small squad of enemies.

Having reached the safe zone, the princess will inform the hero of her intention to test the team. After a short dialogue, we give the girl the casket and get a marriage contract in return, which must be handed over to Konstantin. She will also ask to prepare the city for the wedding ceremony as soon as possible.

Compromising information

We leave the camp and talk to the group. The heroes decide to get ahead of Aurelia and meet with the rulers of Hikmet and San Mateus in order to thwart De Vespe's plans.

First, we go to the governor Burkhan, following the marker. We move to the De Sardé residence and talk to the ruler in the castle. The heroes will be outstripped by the ambassador of Orelia, but the girl will not be able to win over Burkhan. The man will expel the messenger from the castle and tell the hero about the location of the De Vespe camp outside the city.

We set off on the marker to find incriminating dossiers in the vicinity of Hikmet. After getting out of the city, the heroes must eavesdrop on the conversation of De Vespe's messengers or kill them all in order to get a note with a hint. We leave for the stump and examine it.

The squad will fall into another trap, so we deal with all the enemies and examine their bodies. De Sarde learns that incriminating documents were handed over to a certain merchant in Hikmet.

We return to the city and follow to its eastern side. We communicate with the merchant and use charisma to persuade him to give the box to the hero. We go into a small room behind the merchant and find documents in a small box.

Now we go to the De Sarde residence in San Mateus. We go out into the street and find a note from the guard. We follow the road to the right and communicate with him.

He will tell you about the arrival of the servants of Orelia in the city. We move to the tavern and talk with the envoy of Orelia.

The man will refuse to talk about the box, so we bribe him with booze or use charisma to persuade. The box has already been transferred to the inquisitors, so we leave the tavern and follow to the warehouse marked on the map.

Inside the heroes, a detachment of cutthroats from Orelia De Vespe is already awaiting, who will refuse to cooperate with De Sard. We destroy all opponents and take the second dossier.

We leave the warehouse and deal with enemy reinforcements. We return to New Serena and find leaflets denigrating the honor of De Sarda.

We follow to the marked point in order to find out information about who did it. We go to the square and observe the reaction of city residents to false leaflets.

We communicate with the girl on the left in an orange dress and move to the barracks. We go down to the lower floor and meet the girl in the prison cell.

The flyer will tell you that she was forcibly forced to place posters all over the city. She will ask to release a friend from the De Vespe camp. We follow to the point and destroy a small detachment of opponents.

We talk with the prisoner, who will tell you where to find the remaining leaflets. We follow to the marker, deal with the numerous army of the enemy and destroy all the posters.

We go to the governor's palace and show the found documents to Monsieur De Coursillon. The man will confirm the fictitiousness of the marriage contract, and also advise you to get a fake seal from Orelia De Vespe.

Counter attack

We leave for the house of Mrs. Morange and discuss with her a red herring. Before leaving for the De Vespe camp, we follow to the port and talk to Admiral Cabral, who will tell you about the missing Navts.

We leave the city through the eastern gate and move to another location to search for sailors. We immediately go down and find another camp of Orelia.

We destroy all opponents and find the key to the Navt camera on the table or in the backpack of one of the defeated mercenaries. We also find some notes about the rulers of the cities.

We go down the stairs and open the captured Navts. They will tell you a little about Orelia and her plans. We follow to the main camp of De Vespe and deal with all the enemies.

In the central tent of Princess De Vespe we find on the table a false seal and a diary on the nightstand next to the bed. We go through the entire location to the marker to ask the locals about poisonous plants. To do this, we go down in the center of the map down to an open clearing.

The islanders will give a flask with medicine for poisoning and ask to quickly deal with Aurelia De Vespe. We return to New Serena to rescue Mistress Morange.

We give the girl the antidote and go to the castle to arrest Princess De Vespe.

All the evidence found allows De Sarda to carry out his plan and take Aurelia into custody.

Monsieur de Coursillon will advise you to get rid of the found documents, so we leave the castle and go to our house. We throw all the papers into the fireplace and complete the plot addition.

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