Walkthrough Orcs Must Die! 3 - game guide

Walkthrough Orcs Must Die! 3 - game guide

 A detailed tactical guide covering the strategy for completing all Orcs Must Die story missions! 3

Orcs Must Die! 3 is a tower-defense game in which you control one hero (or several, playing with your comrades), set traps and hold back the onslaught of orcs trying to get to the portal.

North wing

This is a kind of training mission, but no one will lead you by the handle. You will learn how to purchase and set traps. Use the "2" and "3" KEYS to choose between two spike traps. The first ones are installed on the floor, the second ones - on the walls. Set as many traps as possible and never spare the money. Place floor traps across the full width of the road. And remember that they take a while to fire. A triggered trap needs a few seconds to recharge, so help using your main weapon (LMB) and its additional ability (RMB).

After the victory, you will find out the rating for the mission. If you don't miss a single orc and take damage, he will be perfect. You will also unlock a new type of trap - "Pillar of Gravity" (lifts enemies into the air to a height depending on their size, and then throws them down).

Big hall

Enemies will go through two pairs of gates. But first through the left, and then through the right. And only then from both at once. Set up spiked traps on floors and walls. And I also do not recommend installing the wall trap in the same row with the floor ones, otherwise one orc will activate everything at once. For completing the mission, you will receive a "Tar Trap" (slows down enemies).

Side entrance

Cobalt Runners will appear in this quest. They are fast, so they manage to run through most of the traps, activating, but not hitting them. First, defend the area of ​​the first gate, on the second wave - the bridge leading from the second. Then they will unite. Remember to switch to melee weapons in close combat. And yes, cobalts can also run through the portal, so it's important to kill them as soon as possible. For passing you will receive a "Healing Amulet" (when selected, it increases the speed of health recovery, and after use heals the player).

Secret jetty

In this task, orc archers will appear, who will stop and shoot at you with their crossbows. Do not forget to pump melee weapons so that you can further improve them. Smolny traps are ideal against cobalts. Install 3 pieces on both sides. It is best to wait for the enemies already next to the portal. For victory you will receive "Barricade" (used to create obstacles on the way and make enemies change their route to the portal).

Divergent stairs

Immediately set up three barricades in front of one of the two staircases so that the orcs go around. This will make it easier to control them. Use resin traps. Try to shoot huge trolls directly in the head. Do not get close, as their blow can stun the hero. Remember that you can stand at the portal to restore HP supplies. And periodically look at the available money to set new traps. For a victory, you will receive a Mega-Bomb Launcher (launches mega-barrels with explosives, deals physical damage, can be controlled only in combat scenarios) and a Huge Knockback Trap (knocks a large number of enemies at a certain distance depending on their size, only combat scenarios). Two new characters are also unlocked - Signus with the chain lightning staff and the Feign Death ability and Warwick with the elven short swords and the Teleport ability. The former can be used in single player campaign mode, while the latter is only suitable for co-op.

Lava Pits (Combat Scenario)

To be continued...

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