Warface Ranked Match Guide


Warface Ranked Match Guide

Everything a beginner needs to know about rating battles: how to win, basic tips and effective tactics

"Ranked matches" in Warface are the main mode for all high-level players, because here users can not only test their skills, but also get good rewards for increasing the rating league. In this article, we will tell you how to get started with Rating Matches, how to avoid mistakes during battles, and what gear is best for rating matches.

What are Ranked Matches?

Ranked matches are a relatively old regime. Every day, tens of thousands of players face off against each other on the battlefields in hopes of raising the level of their league. For new levels, players receive certain rewards: these can be “warbucks”, “crowns”, special “boxes of luck”, achievements for obtaining a certain league, as well as permanent camouflages for guns or various weapons for a while. With each subsequent season of Ranked Matches, the developers offer players new rewards for participating and raising the Ranked League. The main task of the player is to get to the 1st league of the mode and pick up all the available rewards.

Ranked PvP is a 5v5 team battle. Battles take place on maps of the "Undermining" and "Blitz" or "Capture" modes (depending on the season). For the "Blitz" mode, the exception is the "Platform" and "Bank" cards, which are currently not in the rating matches. Another difference from fast-paced PvP battles is that today, during a rating match, you cannot choose the fifth class - the heavy robot "SED".

The ranked match system includes 21 leagues and is divided into seasons. With each new season, for raising the league, players will receive new rewards, which were determined by the developer. The announcements of new seasons can be tracked on the official website of the game.

Win streak bonuses

To increase the league in rated PvP, a player must win a certain number of battles. The higher the league, the more battles you need to positively complete in order to get the next league.

Ranked match mechanics offer bonuses for winning streak. For every three matches won, before getting the next league, you will unlock a bonus - one additional victory in the next league. Thus, the absence of losses in matches can drastically affect your promotion and league promotion.

Basic tips and preparation for ranked matches

The main difference between rating matches and quick PvP battles is the presence of a voice chat. It is a very handy tool that allows players to quickly exchange information during a match without third-party VoIP messengers or other applications.

To properly configure voice chat, make sure your headset is connected to your PC, open in-game settings and go to the "Sound" tab . In the window that opens, select "Enable voice chat" and for convenience, check "Enable Push-to-Talk" . The latter function allows you to use voice chat in "walkie talkie" mode. In this case, to activate the voice chat, you need to set a key convenient for you in the "Control" - "Talk" section .

Do not ignore the voice chat, as the information received from teammates in time will help you to win the battles more than once. And the "Push-to-Talk" function will make the game more comfortable for the members of your group, since in this case they will be able to hear only the necessary information, and you, in turn, will not disturb your comrades. With these little things, a real team game begins.

It also happens that one of the teammates starts to "spam" into the voice team chat. In this case, you can simply disconnect communication with this player. To do this, press the Esc key and mute the annoying comrade in the "Voice communication" section .

It is not always worth relying on teammates' information, as it may be out of date or misleading. Use the information received wisely, analyze it, calculate the risks and only then take any action.

If you decide to play your first rating match, tune in to team interaction, as "solo" you are unlikely to be able to win. More details about the tactics of battles on the maps of the "Undermining" and "Blitz" mode, we described below.

Choice of class and equipment

If you do not take into account some of the features that we talked about above, then rating PvP is not much different from ordinary battles, because here, as in quick matches, victory does not depend on the personal skill of each player, but on the coordination of team actions. That is why during battles you need to choose the class that you play best.

Currently, there are some equipment restrictions in rated PvP. The list of prohibited weapons includes themed and holiday weapons, anti-personnel mines, and automatic sniper rifles. Otherwise, the equipment depends on your preferences: you can choose both elite and combat equipment, as well as other available sets of armor. The exceptions are some elements of armor that protect a fighter from a single hit and some class mid-level body armor. The armor available to the player to participate in rating battles is marked with a special icon.

The choice of weapons is also an exclusively individual task, since one player can sort out with weapons and play with any barrels almost the same without much difficulty, while the other is used only to a certain gun.

General tactics of battles on maps of the "Undermining" mode

Detonation mode is a small map with two points for setting the charge and several key points and positions. Players are divided into two teams of 5 by 5 fighters. The first team must plant and detonate the bomb, while the second must prevent the attacking team from planting the bomb. If this happens, then it is necessary to prevent the detonation of the charge by defusing the bomb. Not far from the base of each of the teams there are points for joint actions that can be used to storm an enemy squad.

Battle tactics for the attacking team

First of all, if you are an inexperienced player, then you need to listen to your teammates. Friends can help you quickly get used to, give you some advice and ask you to act out in the right position. Basically, when playing with a random team, users listen to one or more experienced players who coordinate the actions of the entire team.

Playing the role of "engineer", do not ignore the explosive device, as other players will expect you to install a charge at one of the key points. If you got to rank 26, then you probably know that the "engineer" class is able to plant and disarm a charge twice as fast as other classes. Use this opportunity in ranked matches as well.

During the battle, try not to linger at your base for a long time and stay close to your teammates. Be sure to cover the rear of your comrades. This tip is especially relevant for inexperienced players who lack the skills to face enemies directly at key points. But this does not make the task less useful. Often, enemy fighters will try to bypass your team and go to the rear. If this happens, then the whole group runs the risk of being surrounded and overwhelmed without much difficulty.

Even if you play well, solo gameplay is a losing tactic in advance. Coordinate your actions before implementing them. So your comrades will understand whether it is possible to expect support from you or to act independently.

Fighting tactics for the defending team

The first tip for inexperienced players is the same as in the previous section: listen to more experienced teammates. Unlike the attacking team, the main tactic of battles for the defending team is not to try to take enemies by storm. In this case, "crushing" the enemy is a very bad idea. It is best to distribute forces at two key points and wait for information about the intended actions of the attacking team's fighters.

If you are an inexperienced player, then we do not recommend going around the enemy while defending key points. The fact is that the enemy can "dig in" not far from his own base and simply meet you with the whole team, which will lead to your death. You will definitely not be able to help your group with the dead, and if an inexperienced medic-class player is on your team who tries to revive you, he will most likely also die, and the surviving comrades will have to meet the attacking team in the minority.

As we have already noted, the optimal strategy during the defense of key points is to distribute, take positions near the point of installation of the charge and wait for the enemy. Be sure to control points for joint actions and other passages from where enemy fighters may appear.

Remember that at any moment the enemy can change tactics and go to the second point. If this happens, then you must immediately respond to these actions and change your position. If you did not manage to get to the key point before the charge was installed, and the enemy still managed to plant explosives, then do not rush to enter this point. Most likely, all approaches are already controlled by opponents. In this case, smoke or flashbang grenades will help to lull the vigilance of enemies, and before the direct assault on the key point, you should throw a fragmentation grenade to the place where other people's fighters may be.

General tactics of battles on maps of the "Blitz" mode

Blitz mode is a colorful map with a single key point on which the charge is set. Unlike the "Undermining" mode, here the charge is laid from the very start of the round. The defending team needs to prevent the attackers from defusing the bomb.

On the map, you can find at least two points for joint actions, one on the side of the attacking team, the other on the base of the defenders. Points for installing plastic explosives will help to penetrate the base to the defending fighters. On all maps of the mode, you can find from five to seven main points for penetrating the base of the defenders and several additional points that open access to other key positions.

Battle tactics for the attacking team

The best tactic when attacking on Blitz maps is to split into two groups and gradually move towards the set charge from several directions. This is the most optimal strategy followed by most Warface players.

If your team decided to enter the territory of the defenders through one key point for the passage, then you should not blow up several such points at once and leave them unattended. This situation can also occur when your team was divided into two groups, and then one of them died. At this moment, an open point for an explosion will remain on the map, which enemies can use to bypass and surprise the remaining members of the squad.

Once you reach the planted bomb, do not try to defuse the charge while two or more enemies remain alive. Surely this will lead to your death, since the enemy fighters can wait a moment and just kill you while the bomb is clearing.

Immediately before defusing the charge, be sure to use a smoke grenade in the place where the bomb is installed. This will allow you to briefly hide from the sight of enemies and, if you are playing as a fighter of the "engineer" class, quickly disarm the charge. In this case, it is worth remembering that enemies can still kill you by shooting at the approximate location of the charge.

Fighting tactics for the defending team

The main advice for all defending players - in any case, do not try to storm the attacking team, waiting for enemies right at the points of passage to your base. In most cases, this tactic will surely lead to your death and a lost round.

Defending is a little easier than attacking. It is a fact. Many well-coordinated teams that know all the passes and shots, and the members of such teams know how to shoot well, just enjoy playing for the defenders. But you also need to be able to meet enemies correctly, so if you are an inexperienced player, just follow the advice of your teammates.

Distribute to your base near the installed charge. Try not to be in the same place with several teammates at the same time. If you see that your teammates cannot hold back the onslaught of enemies, then change your position and go to the aid of your comrades.

Never leave an installed charge unattended, as in any round there may be a cunning opponent who will take advantage of the situation and defuse the charge before you have time to recover. In most cases, even the sound when the bomb is cleared will not reveal such an enemy, since it can be drowned out by the sounds of shooting and explosions.

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