With these tips you can take full advantage of New World's fast travel


With these tips you can take full advantage of New World's fast travel

In the MMORPG New World , players often have to walk long distances to get to a certain location. The fast travel function is a welcome alternative. We will tell you how it works and give you tips on how to use it.

New World's Aeternum map is large. This ensures that players have to cover long distances on foot on their way to the next quest giver or to certain sources of raw materials. Traveling costs time, which you could use for other things in the game.

The fast travel function is easy to understand

How does fast travel work in New World? The fast travel in New World is a teleport from point A to point B. You can access the fast travel on the map by clicking on the double arrow symbol (>>), or by clicking directly with a fast travel point in interacts with the world. The fast travel points are called ghost shrines in the game.

What does the fast trip cost? If you want to use the fast travel function, then you need the currency Azoth. In our guide on Azoth you can find out what it actually is and how to get it. The price for a fast trip depends on the distance you want to cover:

  • The base price for the fast trip is 50 Azoth.
  • Distance costs are added to the basic price. The further away your goal is, the higher these are.
  • There are also debit costs. The more you carry around with you, the higher they are.
  • The costs are then reduced by a faction control discount, a faction discount and a company discount.

So it's worth emptying your pockets at a warehouse and teleporting to a fast travel point that is in your faction's territory.

Fast travel points are also visible undetected on the map

How do you find fast travel points? The fast travel points, or ghost shrines, can be found in the wilderness and in larger settlements. If you want to unlock those in the wild, just approach them. It should be enough that you stand on their platform. A fade-in appears when you have successfully unlocked it.

The ghost shrines in the wilderness are partly a bit hidden. From a certain distance you can recognize them by a bright, blue glow, but if you don't get past them close enough, you can easily overlook them.

A tip on how you can find the fast travel points more easily on your journey through Aeternum is to identify them using the map. Because the spirit shrines are drawn on the world map, even if you haven't discovered them.

There are other alternatives besides fast travel

What are the alternatives? You can of course also cross Aeternum on foot. This can also happen involuntarily if you run out of azoth. So be economical with it, at least in the first levels. Later in the game you can collect it in a targeted manner. Otherwise, there are three other ways you can travel faster through New World.

The first option is to use the callback to an inn. You will activate this function as part of the initial story missions. Here you will receive a quest that will take you to an inn where you will register as a guest. The callback works once every 60 minutes and you only come to the inn to which you are bound. It can be used free of charge for this.

Option two is also linked to a settlement and works via player housing. In order to purchase a house, however, you must have an area reputation of at least rank 10. Of course, you also have to own a house. These are expensive, especially at the beginning of the game, and therefore not a fast travel option for new players. If you own a house, you can teleport there.

The third and final alternative is death. When you are out in the wilderness, you can set up a tent camp where you can rest or make items. In addition, the camp is a point at which you can be resuscitated once you have given the temporal blessings.

After you have died you can choose different respawn points and are then revived at these. Please note that if you die, your equipment will also be damaged. If you can plan your death, then put it in the inventory beforehand.

With these tips you can hopefully make traveling in New World a little easier and save some travel time. Even with the use of the fast travel you will cover enough virtual kilometers. 

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