WoW Guide: How to get 5 stars and more than 200 points in Torghast

 In Patch 9.1 of World of Warcraft , it is not that easy to get a good rating in Torghast. We'll tell you how to do it anyway.

With patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion, the Torghast tower was heavily redesigned. Now it suddenly goes to level 12 and there is also a whole new rating system in which players can earn points, which are then converted into a star rating. We reveal how you can get the maximum number of points and what you have to do to achieve the coveted flawless run with 5 stars.

What do you need a high rating for? In principle, a high rating is not absolutely necessary if you only want to have the soul ashes and soul embers of the respective level. However, a high rating of 4 or 5 stars brings other amenities with it. This includes:

  • 4 stars are required to unlock the next level from level 8
  • You need 5 stars to enter the Adamantic Chambers - some bonus levels that first have to be unlocked in the Box of Countless Things
  • A high rating increases the amount of tower knowledge you get from a single run.

The number of stars results from the number of points that you could achieve at the end of your run.

  • 40 points result in 1 star
  • 80 points result in 2 stars
  • 120 points result in 3 stars
  • 160 points result in 4 stars
  • 200 points result in 5 stars
At the end you get a rating - in this example, only a few bonus objectives were met.

200 points and more in Torghast - that's how you get 5 stars

How are the points calculated ? There are basically three main factors that affect your score. These are:

  • Completeness: The more enemies you defeat, vases you destroy, souls free and side quests complete, the more that contributes to completeness - up to 100 points.
  • Speed: If you complete levels well below the specified time, you will receive a high rating and bonus points - up to 50 points.
  • Empowered: The percentage of enemies that you defeat with the Empowered effect also grants points.

Only with these three categories to get the necessary 200 points for a 5-star rating is quite difficult. Therefore, additional bonuses are given if you accomplish special achievements. This includes:

Defeat the boss on level 5 in under 20 seconds.20th
Defeat the boss on level 5 in under 40 seconds.10
Collect at least 30 anima powers.10
Kill 2 elite enemies within 10 seconds.10
No anima force selected multiple times.15th
Defeated the boss on level 5 and left 500 phantasms over (per group member)10
No elite opponent has reached 4 stacks of Unnatural Power.15th
No epic anima power selected.10
At least 90% of all Ashen phylacteries destroyed.5
Opened a treasure chest.5
Collected at least 5 Obleron armor of the same type.10
Helped a prisoner from Torghast.10
All “Bound Soul Debris” freed.10
Taken no damage from falling.10
Robbed a middle man (requires a “Shoplifter” blessing or an “Insatiable Anima Cell”).5
So up to 155 bonus points are possible. With a few of these goals in mind, cracking 200 points is easy, even if you have a bad time.

Basically, however, it can also be said that reaching a 5-star rating becomes easier with every week, as more and more bonuses are unlocked in the box of countless things and the character becomes stronger and stronger.

How are points deducted? It's simple: through death. Every death that is not caught by a Torghast perk (such as Ve'nari or the Box of Countless Things ) lowers your rating by a devastating 20 points. With too many deaths you can even lower your rating to 0 points. Avoid deaths at all costs - hardly anything is more negative for your rating than too many deaths.

Do you have to do everything for a flawless run? No, it is not necessary to really do everything in the tower, as you can earn well over 200 points. With various bonuses, up to 250 or even more points are easily possible, so that a few points deduction do not have much weight.

Have you already completed Torghast "flawlessly"? Or do you have to nibble on it with your class? Tell us in the comments.

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