WoW: This item is mandatory when you farm Rares in Korthia

 Do you farm rare enemies in Korthia, the new area in World of Warcraft ? Then you urgently need the Silver Shattered Fur Pipe. We show where they can be found.

There's a lot to do in the Korthia area , the new small zone from Patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion. The numerous rare enemies (rare spawns) are particularly popular. After all, they sometimes drop really good stuff. Including not only armor, but also a lot of anima, resources for the archivist, toys and mounts. But getting there in time after spawning a rare enemy is tough. But there is one item that will help you extremely.

What kind of item is that? It's about the Silver Shardhide Whistle. It's a toy, so it doesn't take up any inventory space. When used, it conjures up a splinter skin for 2 minutes that you can ride on. The highlight: The first 20 seconds the splinter skin accelerates you to a speed of a whopping 410%! With it you can cover great distances in a few moments.

With this toy you can dash through the throat and Korthia.

After the 20 seconds have elapsed, you can continue to ride on the splinter skin, but the speed of movement is then slowed down. Then you should click away the buff and switch back to a normal mount.

This is how you get the toy "Silver Shattered Fur Pipe"

How do you find the Silver Splinterskin Whistle? The Silver Splinterskin Whistle only takes a few minutes and there are no difficult conditions to get. You just go to Korthia to coordinates 47/29. If you look at the tree, you can see a purple glowing nest above. This is the treasure.

To get the treasure out of the tree, however, you have to use a trick. Have a look around. In several places it should sparkle a little, there you can pick up a "poisonous moth".

With the moth you get a new ability for 5 minutes, but you can only use it once. You can temporarily tame one of the shardskins to ride on it. But the following applies:

  • The split skin must not be in combat with anyone, so you have to use the moth at a distance.
  • Riding stops as soon as the splinter skin is attacked. So clear the area around the tree generously.

Now tame a splinter skin and ride it directly against the tree! As a result, the treasure falls to the ground and you can loot it, which means that the Silver Splinterskin Whistle immediately becomes yours.

If the attempt fails, don't worry. You can get the moth again almost immediately. It can then be found at another point in the area.

How does that help? The massive speed boost for 20 seconds is enough to cover almost half of Korthia. The speed is on par with that of a flight mount - and those are not allowed in Korthia. Anyone who is often annoyed about arriving a few seconds late with a rare enemy should definitely secure the pipe. After just a few days, you won't want to miss it anymore.

Are you still busy in Korthia? Or have you already done and collected everything there that interested you?

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