12 Minutes: How to Get All the Evidence

 12 Minutes has 7 endings, but to reach them it is necessary to find many tests, which will allow us to carry out special actions. Here we will show you what you must do to get them all.

12 Minutes: How to Get All the Evidence

12 Minutes presents us with the possibility of living the story of a couple in which the husband is trapped in a 12-minute loop . Every time that time passes or there is a specific circumstance, the loop begins again. The game has 7 endings , but to see them you have to have discovered certain details, the tests .

Since every time you restart the loop you keep what you have discovered (not the objects, but the details), the first thing you should do is get all the evidence . In this guide we will show you how to discover everything you need to see all the endings . It is very important to do everything in order , because this develops progressively, and each loop requires things that you have discovered or learned during the previous one, or even during several loops together.

How Long Can Police Hold Evidence w...
How Long Can Police Hold Evidence without Charges?

The meditation book

  • In this first part we will have to enter the apartment .
  • Go straight ahead, interact with the flowerpot by the door, and grab the fake stone .
  • Now, use the fake stone and you will get the house keys .
  • Drag the keys to your apartment door to open it.
  • Come in and wait for your wife to come out of the bathroom and sit on the sofa.
  • You have to interact with the book he's holding several times, until he quotes the part of the book that says "Just forgetting ..."
  • Restart the loop .

The revelation and the intruder

  • This time do absolutely nothing when your wife comes out of the bathroom. Literally NOTHING, because anything you interact with will mess up the loop.
  • After a while, he will ask you to sit on the couch and you will do it automatically.
  • Let the conversation progress, without trying to interact with anything, until I mention that you could add something else to your lives .
  • Get up and interact with your woman .
  • Select to talk about dessert (or first Other topics and then the dessert option, if it does not appear first).
  • When he leaves, set the table . You have to take the two plates with the dessert from the fridge and put them on the table .
  • Then grab the mug next to the couch and the one on the counter . You have to use them in the sink to fill them with water and put them on the table.
  • Sit in one of the chairs and, when your wife arrives and sits down, interact with the dessert .
  • Now the conversation will move forward naturally.
  • When the time comes, open the gift .
  • Ask "Why dahlia?" and then the options you want.
  • The policeman won't be long in coming . From this point do absolutely nothing , do not try to talk to him or do anything.
  • The loop will restart automatically .


  • As soon as you start and before your wife leaves the bathroom, take the cup that is on the table by the door .
  • When your wife exits the bathroom, go in and close the door (interacting with the bathroom door from the inside).
  • To your left you have the medicine cabinet .
  • Take the sleeping pills .
  • Open the inventory and match the sleeping pills with the cup .
  • Now use the cup with pills in the pile to fill it with water.
  • Go to the living room and offer the water to your wife (if you have taken too long, she will have already drunk the water and you will have to restart the loop).
  • Now go to the bedroom and turn on the light . There will be a spark, turn off the light and do not touch the switch again.
  • Your wife is going to sleep . Obviously, because you gave him drugs.
  • Now go into the closet (in the lower left corner of the apartment) and close the door from the inside .
  • You have to stay here . When the intruder goes to the bedroom, he will be knocked unconscious by using the switch .
  • Run to the bedroom and grab all the items from the police inventory .
  • Use one of the handcuffs on the cop and then open the inventory to select the phone .
  • Click on the envelope icon to go to the SMS.
  • Open any SMS and go through all of them to "read" them quickly.
  • Then get into a cupcake message and click on the phone number to call (this will make you remember the number later).
  • As you do so, the cop will try to get up, interact with him to knock him down .
  • Now we are going to use the knife with the policeman, or the gun with his leg . This will allow you to question him about what is going on.
  • If you do n't stab or shoot the policeman in the leg, he won't cooperate . It will only give you vague answers, so it won't do any good.
  • Now that you've hurt him , talk to him and ask about the charges . Several dialog options will appear, use them all.
  • When finished, return to the first section of questions . This time you want to ask about the clock . Then ask about the relationship with the father .
  • Restart the loop . You have a gun, shoot yourself, for example.


  • This time, just before your wife leaves the bathroom, go into the closet on the left and close the door from the inside.
  • If you don't touch anything, time will pass quickly , to the point where the police officer arrives.
  • Do nothing, let the sequence advance and you will find out where the clock is .
  • Wait for the sound of the elevator, which indicates that the cop has left, and get out.
  • Interact with your wife.
  • Take the book from your inventory and read it.
  • Restart the loop .

The clock and the confession

  • When your wife comes out of the bathroom, go in and close the door .
  • Interact with the medicine cabinet and you will see that, at the bottom , a ventilation grille indicator appears . Click there.
  • You have to use the house keys to remove the grill.
  • Now notice that you have to interact with a point near the top right of the hole , where it says "clock". You can see the position in the image below these lines.
  • You will get the pocket watch .
  • Get out of the bathroom and use the clock with your wife to ask about it.
  • Choose "Choose what to try it with" and go to the bedroom .
  • In the drawer you will find the gift of the second loop, take it.
  • Use the gift on your wife and she will tell you the truth.
  • Quickly, go to the refrigerator . When you open it and put the camera in the first person, take the Polaroid in the center .
  • You have to hurry or the police will interrupt the process .
  • In principle, the photo shows the innocence of your wife .
  • Restart the loop .

The alibi

  • Go to the fridge to get the Polaroid .
  • Use it from inventory to remind your character that his wife is innocent.
  • Go to the closet and interact with the clothes so you can pick up the phone .
  • Now go to the bathroom and close the door .
  • Use the phone and call Pastelito (you have his number because you got it in the third cycle).
  • Tell him that his father wants to arrest your wife and then that your wife is innocent .
  • You will know that things are going well because Little Cake says that he will talk to his father .
  • Take the watch from the vent and wear it on your wife .
  • When he gets up, use the Polaroid on your wife .
  • To top it all off, talk to her and tell her about the cop .
  • Make sure you tell him about the policeman's connection to his father and that you ask him not to open the door .
  • Now when the cop knocks on the door, open up .
  • Let the conversation end, without intervening at any time.
  • The policeman should leave with the watch , and both the protagonist and his wife will be alive .
  • Restart the loop .

The monster

  • Repeat the loop above until the moment you end the call to Cupcake .
  • DO NOT choose the new conversation option with Cupcake , the one to explain why his father does this. You have to repeat the conversation from the previous loop.
  • Don't take the clock off the rack.
  • Go talk to your wife , select to talk about the past and tell her that you know what is hiding in the grid .
  • This time the conversation will be different , and the topic of the "monster" will come up.
  • When she's done, talk to her again and select talk about the past, then the sibling line of dialogue .
  • Remember to ask him not to open the door .
  • Now talk about the policeman and choose "wait" to speed up the time .
  • As in the previous loop, you don't need to do anything more than open the door and let the two of them talk about it.
  • Restart the loop .

The babysitter

  • Repeat the entire process for the last two loops until the moment you tell your wife that you know what's in the air vent.
  • Before talking to her again , go to the bedroom and get the gift from the drawer .
  • Use the gift to get the baby clothes .
  • Tell your wife not to open the door to the policeman and wait for him to arrive.
  • When the cop gets to the babysitter's name part, wear the baby clothes with him .
  • From this point on, your responses and actions are indifferent .
  • In the end, the loop will restart .
At this point you already meet all the requirements to see the final 7 of 12 Minutes .

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