Active pause in Microsoft Flight Simulator: what it is and how to do it


Active pause in Microsoft Flight Simulator: what it is and how to do it

You don't have to be a fan of flight simulators to enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator . The Asobo Studio game has been developed with all types of players in mind . This does not mean that the most experienced players of this genre have been in the background. They have simply added certain changes so that the game can be enjoyed by everyone.

We have said it on more than one occasion, Microsoft Flight Simulator has a graphic section that has left us with our mouths open . It allows you to fly over points of interest simply by searching from the world map. Next, we have the possibility to activate the autopilot, put the external view and admire the landscape. Then there is the active pause, a very interesting feature that may go unnoticed, but is worth knowing in detail.

What is active pause

Active pause is a feature that allows the aircraft to stop mid-flight . Don't worry, it won't plummet. However, everything on the ground will continue to move. This feature can be useful for easy manipulation of the aircraft's instrument panel.

If you want to take a screenshot you can also use the active pause, so you can move the camera as you wish without risk of having an accident . By the way, in Windows 10 you can take screenshots by pressing the Win + Alt + print screen buttons.

How to activate active pause

Activating active pause is as easy as pressing the Pause button . Next, you can forget about the airplane controls. Enjoying the views is as easy as moving the camera with the mouse. If you wish, you can change the view and alternate between the external camera and from the cockpit.

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