All Black Book endings

All Black Book endings

Here's how to unlock all Black Book endings

In the card RPG Black Book, players will plunge into the colorful world of Russian fairy tales and epics, in which the witch Vasilisa is trying to free her beloved from the underworld. Faced with hordes of evil spirits, she will have to go through many trials in order to defeat the evil that met on the way. In this article, we will tell you in detail about all possible endings in the game. Spoiler alert!

What happens in the finale

After defeating grandfather Yegor, the proposed options will in no way affect the further fate of the witch and will only slightly change the epilogue, in which the player learns about the further fate of the most important characters in the game. Their story will continue depending on the actions previously committed by the player. Depending on the ending, grandfather Yegor will atone for his sins in the church for the rest of his life or continue teaching children the witchcraft.

In any case, Vasilisa will end up in hell and face Satan in a fierce battle. After defeating the almighty evil, the girl will have to decide what to do with the Black Book. Ultimately, the ending of the story depends only on the choice of the player and the number of accumulated sins throughout the game.

Destroy the book

To get this ending, you need to throw the Black Book into the lava after defeating the demon. In this case, the level of sin must be below 130 units. In this case, the girl will destroy the artifact in the fire of hell. The underworld will be destroyed, and Vasilisa will meet in an unknown place near a white tree with her lover. Subsequently, two white birds will fly away from him somewhere. In the end credits in the world of the living, they land on a tree, next to which two people hugging are visible.

Get out of hell

You can open this ending in two cases - not to destroy the book after defeating Satan, or if there are more than 130 units of sin, you can agree with the demon's proposal. In this case, Vasilisa will move inside the book and put another seal on it. In the credits, the witch will sit under a tree with an artifact in her hands.

Take the throne

This is the most negative ending, which is activated when there are more than 130 units of sin. After the destruction of Satan, you must choose the appropriate option. The heroine will take the throne of the underworld, and many devils will gather around her.

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