Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Siege of Paris - Knowledge Books Guide

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Siege of Paris - Knowledge Books Guide

 We tell you how to find all the Knowledge Books included in the second story DLC "Siege of Paris"

Knowledge Books are items, upon finding which Aivor gains new melee and ranged skills. There were a lot of them in the original, 3 more were added in the first story expansion . Exactly the same number of skills and their improvements can be obtained in the second expansion "Siege of Paris"!

Shadow of Death

You are interested in the region of Paris. Open the map, study it and head east to the ruins of Chamlier. You will have to visit them on the side quest "Invisible". Look for wooden planks that can be destroyed. Do this and climb down and down. Interact with the wall with the symbol of the Unseen Ones. Examine the corridor. There is a wall of stones on the left that needs to be blown up. Push the rack in front of you, go back and make your way through the hole in the wall. Scare off the rats and climb out of the room through the far hole in the wall to go around the rack. This will get you to the Knowledge Book with the Breath of Death ranged ability.

Description of the Breath of Death ability. Allows you to smear an arrow with a deadly poison, and a terrible ailment will hit the wounded with it. The victim's torment makes the witnesses shrink back in horror.

Visit the Abbey of Pont de l'Arche, which can be raided. In the main building of the church there is a stand with a second Book of Knowledge.

Description of the enhancement to the "Breath of Death" ability. Evaporating, the poison forms a cloud that acts on the area.

Golden flame

As part of the same side quest "Invisible" you will go to the ruins of Diodurum. Jump into the water, dive into the depths and swim into an open opening. At the dead end, get out to the surface and open the door of the Unseen Ones. Jump down into another body of water and swim along the tunnel to the very end. Go upstairs, take the red jug, jump over the hole and place the object near the stone passage. Jump back and shoot an arrow to destroy the opening. Having done this, you will find yourself in a room with another key and a Book of Knowledge with the "Golden Flame" melee skill.

Description of the "Golden Flame" ability. Allows you to attach explosives to the enemy, which explodes with a short delay.

Raid the Compendium or simply explore the abbey. The Knowledge Book is hidden in the main temple. Climb up the outer wall of the temple, into the bell tower. Destroy the wooden floor and jump down. Move two shelves and destroy another wooden hatch to get into a room with a second book of this type.

Description of the upgrade to the Golden Flame ability. The victim can be forced to turn and push away by holding WASD.

Rat invasion

As part of the same side quest "The Invisible", you will go to the ruins of Gisakum. In the center of the ruins, where the enemies are (below), find a wooden floor and destroy it with an arrow. Go downstairs and open the door of the Invisibles. Go forward and find a table with a note and a third key in the far right corner. There are red pitchers in the near left corner. Take one, go up the ramp at the far end and set it up against the wall. Blow up the wall, go back and pick up another red jug. Go through the blown up wall and place it by the stones on the right. Blow up the rocks and retrieve the Book of Knowledge with the ranged ability Rat Invasion.

Description of the ability "Invasion of rats." Allows you to shoot an arrow with a rat bait; soon a huge flock of angry rats runs to the place where the arrow falls.

For the second Book of Knowledge with this ability, travel to Paris and visit the Plague Quarter. The marker points to the building, but the door leading inside will be locked. Find a wooden staircase to the right of the steps leading to this door. Climb up it and go into the open room. Break the bolt holding the door closed. There are stones in the corner, they need to be destroyed with the explosion of a jug. Climb the long stairs and find a jug. Taking it in hand, go out to the balcony and jump along the beams to the left. Run over the rooftops and jump over other beams. Climb the ledge of the broken wall and jump onto the beam pointing in your direction. In this way, you will go down. With the jug, enter the building using the door and blow up the stones in the floor. Jump down and take the item.

Description of the upgrade of the ability "Invasion of rats." The rats grow in size and cover a larger area.

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