Bless Unleashed: The Best Builds for Beginners in Every Class


Bless Unleashed: The Best Builds for Beginners in Every Class

In the MMORPG Bless Unleashed , players can choose from five different classes. Since the entry into the game can be difficult for new players, we would like to introduce you with this article a build for each class with which you can plunge into the adventure.

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What are these builds? The builds are based on recommendations from the official subreddit for the Steam version of Bless Unleashed, which have been widely discussed and received. In addition, the author looked at some YouTube videos and other community suggestions and spent several hours looking at possible synergies between blessings and abilities.

The builds are more intended for getting started with the game and are only builds for PvE. All of them are more geared towards dealing damage so that you can move forward quickly in the game. You should be fine with it up to level 30. It remains to be seen whether there will be better builds later in the game - you can find a few tips here in the corresponding builds. The version of the game has changed with the release for the PC and builds of the console version could therefore not simply be adopted.

How are the builds structured? In the sections on the individual builds, the class is first briefly introduced and what you can do with them. Then you will find the blessings that are used in the build, related skills, and some information on how they work.

What about equipment and certain stats? No specific equipment is mentioned in the builds, as these will change over time anyway. There are no special values ​​to look out for during the first few hours. Stats only become really important in the endgame.

Basically, you should use equipment for the builds that amplifies your attacks. Basically, you can concentrate on choosing the equipment that has a higher item level than your currently equipped equipment.

The Gift of Valor Light Knight: Hybrid class with burst damage

This is the Light Knight: The Light Knight (English Crusader) is the first class in Bless Unleashed. Not only can he deal damage well with his sword, but he can also block attacks with his shield. The light knight feels a bit like a hybrid of tank and DD, where he can potentially prevent damage best of the 5 classes. His combo attacks are a mixture of dodging and slamming.

What is the role of the build? You should be able to cope with the build on your own. He can deal damage and quickly eliminate enemies. The build is aimed more at players who like large numbers of damage and not at those who like to withstand a lot of damage.

What blessing is used here? In this build you take advantage of the “Gift of Valor” blessing. This is at the top of the list of blessings. The skill “Fatal Strike” in particular benefits from the blessing and the build is built around this.

Which skills do I use with the light knight?

  • Daring rush
  • Fatal blow
  • Fearless rush
  • Wild battle cry
  • Class Skills: Shackles of War and Defense

Fatal Strike is particularly strong in PvE, as it gives you the opportunity to charge the strike long enough to cause very high damage. With a hit you also reduce the cooldown of your onslaught abilities through the blessing. You should also equip a battle cry, as this activates a fully charged Fatal Strike with the passive blessing effect, Powerful Call.

Before level 18, instead of Fearless Onslaught and Fierce Battle Cry, you can simply take Resolute Battle Cry and Counterattack with you. In PvP, however, this build is rather unsuitable. Your opponents can quickly identify Deadly Strike and avoid it in a targeted manner.

Is it worth the build in the endgame? In the later stages of the game, builds could get better, where you have to swap your damage potential for a better defense so that you can endure more in group play. There you and the class serve as a kind of tank.

“Sign of the Wolf” berserker for large numbers in close combat against many opponents

This is the berserk: The class is shaped by its pure strength. To do this, the berserker sets out with a large ax in hand and anger in his stomach to strike down his opponents. It is important with Berserker that you position yourself well on the battlefield, as you can do so much all-round damage and complete your combos undisturbed.

What is the role of the build? The build is a pure damage build that is not only suitable for playing alone, but can also be used in a group. With the skills presented, you can not only defeat individual opponents, but also larger groups.

What blessing is used here? This build uses the “Mark of the Wolf” blessing to enable the Unrelenting Rift Strike skill to be used as often as possible. The skill can cause a lot of damage and thus quickly kill your opponents. Preheating ensures that you directly charge it to the maximum, charging handle reduces its cooldown time and hits for the earth increases the damage even more.

Which skills do I use in berserk?

Jump attack


Incessant splitting


Class Skills: Frenzy and Shoulder Slap

With Unrelenting Rift Blow you have a skill that can cause massive damage. In a whirlwind, you should make sure that you position yourself well on the battlefield so that you meet as many opponents as possible. That also ensures more anger, which you then turn into a damage boost via frenzy.

Guillotine is also very strong and benefits from the bonus damage from strikes for the earth, but you only unlock the skill at level 26. As an alternative, you can take Wild Earthbreaker with you for so long to cause even more all-round damage.

This build is also more geared towards PvE than PvP, as other players can recognize your abilities and evade them before they are fully charged.

Is it worth the build in the endgame? The build should basically also work in the later phases of the game, as you, as the berserker, are primarily responsible for damage.

The “crescent” ranger for damage in ranged combat

This is the Ranger: The Ranger is the first ranged class in this guide. He attacks his enemies from a safe distance with a bow and arrow and can not only fire powerful single shots, but also kill several opponents at once with a hail of arrows.

What is the role of the build? The build is designed to damage individual opponents and smaller groups. In addition, with the selected skills you have the opportunity to keep your opponents at a distance.

What blessing is used here? The blessing this build takes advantage of is the crescent moon. In particular, it improves your lightning arrow ability and the storm volley by reducing the cooldown time and increasing the damage. Especially “green behind the ears” is worthwhile at the beginning, as it increases the charge of Blitzpfeil and reduces the arrow costs.

Which skills do I use in the ranger?

  • Lightning arrow
  • Storm volley
  • Separating shot
  • sign
  • Class Skills: Refill and Assault Shot

Lightning Arrow allows you to hit multiple enemies at once and storm volleys cause massive damage. Separating shot is in this build so you can get some distance from your opponents if they get too close to you. Since you only unlock “characters” at level 18, you can use the bottomless quiver in conjunction with lightning arrow as an alternative until then.

If you don't need a Parting Shot to create distance to enemies, you can take the Thundering Arrows skill with you later.

Is it worth the build in the endgame? You can still use this build in the later game, although there may be other worthwhile options. But it is enough to cause damage.

The “Mark of the Wolf” mage - Spell DPS with area effects

This is the magician: The main purpose of magicians is to do real damage. To do this, they resort to ice, fire or arcane magic and use mana as a separate resource. This build mainly relies on ice magic.

What is the role of the build? This build is also designed for damage and is especially interesting for players who want to use their spells to eliminate large groups of enemies at once with so-called AoE spells (“Area of ​​Effect”).

What blessing is used here? The blessing used in this build is the "mark of the wolf". However, this affects almost exclusively Frost abilities, which means that it is not really worth taking fire or arcane spells with you for damage. Blizzard in particular is a good passive blessing here, as with every Frost Nova you also summon a small Blizzard that causes additional damage.

Which skills do I use with the magician?

  • Frost sting
  • Frost Nova
  • Arcane phrase
  • Blizzard
  • Class Skills: Empowering and Focusing

The build revolves around the use of Frost Nova in conjunction with the passive Blizzard ability, and later the Blizzard skill. The spells are namely strengthened by the passive blessing effect Frostwolf and cheaper by Absolute Zero, as long as you stand in the fields while casting spells. Especially in the leveling phase, the build is worthwhile due to the high all-round damage, with which you can defeat several opponents at the same time.

If it gets a bit tighter, you can reposition yourself with Arcane Sentence. You can also use Arcane Flash until Blizzard is unlocked at level 22. This allows you to push back opponents who have accidentally come too close to you.

Is it worth the build in the endgame? This build should definitely be able to accompany you through the leveling phase to the endgame. After that, it may be more worthwhile to switch to a build that is built on the "crescent" blessing.

“Gift of heroism” priest for big hits

This is the priest: priests channel the power of the gods to influence the battlefield around them. They use magic to protect, heal, and strengthen allies. Even so, they have skills with which they can destroy their opponents. So you are a hybrid of the classic healer and DD.

What is the role of the build? This build is not a healer build. Rather, it is aimed at players who want to cause damage with their priest. If you prefer to travel alone outside of group content, then you will get the necessary firepower.

What blessing is used here? The blessing used in this build is the "gift of valor". You can use it to improve your shatter-type skills and give your opponents the "trance" state. This in turn increases your critical hit rate and your critical hits reduce your cooldown. The passive blessing effect Righteous Judgment then restores your spent energy.

Which skills do I use with the priest?

Holy flame

Divine blow

Sounds of remorse


Class Skills: Blades of Justice and Faith Shield

This priest build is less about healing and more about damage. This makes it more suitable for playing alone in PvE. But if you need more healing, you can pack the Healing Sphere - you only unlock Blades of Remorse at level 18 anyway. After that, it is better not to exchange the sphere for the blades, but for the Holy Flame.

If you only need a little self-healing, then the healing through the state of “judgment” should be sufficient first, which you give your opponents with the skill of the same name. The higher your damage, the better the healing. So just because the build is focused on damage doesn't mean you can't heal yourself. This also works for larger groups.

Is it worth the build in the endgame? The build is more worthwhile because of the focus on damage if you are traveling alone. If you have to focus more on the role of the healer or supporter, then other blessings are stronger.

What are your thoughts on the Steam release of Bless Unleashed for PC so far? Have you been able to deal a little with the different classes and some of the builds yourself? Or couldn’t anyone convince you so far?

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