Dota 2 launch options in 2021 to boost FPS


Dota 2 launch options in 2021 to boost FPS

How to use launch parameters for Dota 2 in 2021: detailed instructions in pictures and a complete list of commands

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Dota 2 is a multiplayer team MOBA game created by Valve. The title is available exclusively on PC and runs through the Valve Steam library, so launch options can be applied to it, as to all games on the platform. This guide will go over all the available launch options for Dota 2 for 2021.

These additional settings can be used to fix various errors that may affect the launch of the game. For example, the problem of incompatibility of graphics settings and bitness of Windows.

How to set launch parameters in Dota

And now, in order:

  1. Launch the Valve client called Steam
  2. Open the internal library with the games available to you
  3. If there are many of these games, enter the word Dota in the search bar at the top. Or find Dota 2 manually, hover your mouse over and right click
  4. A drop-down menu will open, in which you need to go to a separate tab "Properties"
  5. As soon as a new window opens, stay on the first "General" tab and find the "Set launch options" command below.
  6. Click on this command and then enter the desired commands from the list below. If you want to install several commands at once, then put a space between them. Without any punctuation marks!

In the updated version of the Steam client, just right-click on the name of the game, select "Properties" and find an additional field "Launch Options" at the bottom of the window that appears. There and enter the desired parameters separated by a space.

Dota 2 launch parameters to increase FPS

First, let's list those launch parameters that will optimize the game and increase FPS on slower PCs:

  1. -autoconfig - resets graphics settings to default values ​​that will suit your computer's performance
  2. -high - switches the computer processor to high priority in relation to Dota 2 (directly affects FPS)
  3. -dx9, -dx11, -vulkan, -gl - these abbreviations allow you to run the game using the appropriate third-party software - DirectX 9, DirectX 11, Vulkan, OpenGL
  4. -32bit - allows you to run Dota 2 through a 32-bit client (important, since the game runs on 64-bit by default), which saves RAM consumption
  5. + fps_max # - removes any limits on the number of frames per second (by default, Dota 2 has no more than 240 FPS, but now this limit will simply not be there)
  6. + mat_hdr_level - allows you to change the level of color effects, when the value "0" completely reduces the requirement for computer resources, and when you select option "2", full detail is achieved, and the load on the PC increases accordingly
  7. + r_rootlod - allows you to adjust the level of detail: in this case, the value "0" - high level, and "2" - low
  8. + r_shadowrendertotexture - allows you to adjust the level of detail of the shadows: in this case, the value "0" - low level, and "1" - high
  9. + r_waterforceexpensive - allows you to adjust the level of water detail: in this case, the value "0" is a low level, and "2" is a high level
  10. + r_waterforcereflectencities - allows you to adjust the level of detail of the reflection in the water: in this case, the value "0" - low level, and "2" - high
  11. -noaafonts - disable anti-aliasing when processing and displaying fonts
  12. -prewarm - load all the resources needed to start the game before the main screen is shown, so you can jump to the match much faster
  13. -nod3d9ex - deactivate DirectX Windows Aero (the game can be minimized faster, this will improve performance)
  14. -threads N - set the desired number of cores (N) that the game will use

Useful launch parameters for Dota 2

  • -language: English - set the language used in the game (instead of English, you can enter any value if the game supports the desired language)
  • -map dota - if this parameter is present, after starting the game, the in-game map will be instantly loaded (reduces the time required to search for a new game and load)
  • -console - start the Dota 2 in-game console
  • -fullscreen - run the game in full screen mode without any restrictions and frames
  • -sw or -windowed - run Dota 2 in windowed mode, which sometimes helps with optimization
  • -noborder - start the game in the same windowed mode, but without using the border
  • -w N - set the desired screen resolution in width (instead of N, enter the desired value - for example, 1920)
  • -h N - set the desired screen resolution in height (instead of N, enter the desired value - for example, 1080)
  • -heapsize - reduce the amount of RAM consumed by Dota 2, and the value must be set in kilobytes and increase it by 2-4 times from what is actually desired
  • -novideo or -novid - disable the introductory cut-scene that is shown when the game starts
  • -noforcemspd - set mouse acceleration corresponding to the operating system settings
  • -dev - activate developer mode

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