Ending Explained in 12 Minutes - Why Does the Loop Exist?


Ending Explained in 12 Minutes - Why Does the Loop Exist?

12 Minutes is quite complex to understand. Here we explain what really happens behind the scenes, the real ending and who the cop really is.

12 Minutes has a total of 7 finals , no less. However, none of them is really the "real" ending , as all of them hide details. Although this entire explanation is subject to personal interpretation, here we will give you our explanation of the ending and why the loop exists .

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For quite obvious reasons , this section does contain spoilers .

Ending explained and why the loop exists

Obviously, we start from the assumption that you know the basic "real" story of the game , which includes the following points:

  • Our wife ran away from her father's house .
  • Someone killed his father .
  • Our protagonist and his wife are stepbrothers .
  • The murderer of the father was our protagonist .
  • The policeman was close to the father , and he wants the watch to sell it and pay for treatment to save his daughter .

To begin with, everything indicates that the game is a long session of hypnosis . This can be seen in small details such as the importance of the clock , so present in popular culture when it comes to hypnosis. Also, the pocket watch becomes the wall clock in the father's study. It is not that the daughter took him away, it is that he is an "anchor" with the real world.

The policeman does not exist . In reality the policeman is the father , who enters into the hypnotic illusion as a symbol of someone seeking to save his daughter. Why are we so sure about this? Well, first of all, there is the parallel: the policeman needs the watch to save his daughter from illness, while the father seeks to save his daughter from an incestuous relationship with her stepbrother.

Reinforcing the theory that the father does not exist there are two more things : the first is the change of the father between the Consciousness and Continues endings . In the first ending, we see that the father has a good head of hair, while in the second, he is bald, exactly like the policeman . In addition, in the credits there is no mention of the policeman, only the father .

With all this, our interpretation is that there are three possibilities . The first and most plausible is that everything is a hypnosis session while our character is not yet an adult. In it, the father shows us what the future would be like by marrying our stepsister . Whatever we do, it almost always goes wrong, so ... In this loop, the father introduces himself as the policeman to instill in our subconscious the idea that we must do whatever it takes to protect your children, so we will want to do "the right thing" and not have that incestuous relationship.

The end Continues gives rise to the second theory and that is that the father erased our memory to forget or modify our childhood. However, chance made us meet our stepsister again. The problem with this possible interpretation is that it does not explain the loop .

The third theory is the classic one of the multiple timelines , although it is too simple to us to fit and, in addition, it does not explain the loop either .

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