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Ghost Of Tsushima: How To Access Iki Island


Ghost Of Tsushima: How To Access Iki Island

Along with the improved version of Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut for PS5, the Iki Island expansion will be released, which will be available for the next and previous generation of Sony consoles. To access it, you need to fulfill several special conditions. Below we will detail what you need to do to start the next chapter of Jin Sakai's adventures.

If you are not yet aware, then the "Iki Island" add-on takes Jin to a new location, where he will have to face the demons of his past. The content will bring a whole new region to explore, with tons of new stories, collectibles and enemies to explore.

1. Finish the game before the second act

If you do not have backup saves and either "New Game" or "New Game +" is available, you should not be upset: it is enough to go through it from the very beginning to the second act, the Toyota region.

2. A new fairy tale / story "Journey to the Past" will appear

As soon as the above condition is fulfilled, a new story will appear on the map called "Journey to the Past". The marker is located in the Toyotoma region on the banks of the Drowned Man. If it is not in your diary, go to the coast of the Drowned Man, and the task will appear on the map. Follow the guiding wind to the desired point, marking it on the map.

3. Start the quest chain to travel to Iki

Upon arrival, you will discover suspicious events: an abandoned Mongol ship moored to the shore. Study it and you will soon be embroiled in an unexpected battle against the Mongols. You will also be introduced to a new type of enemies - shamans. Destroy the invaders, and then go to the ship to sail to the island of Iki.

Please note that the game will warn you: you will not be able to return back to Tsushima until you have passed a certain part of Iki Island. We are talking about several storyline tasks.