Ghost Of Tsushima Iki Island Guide: Ash Temple and God of War Armor


Ghost Of Tsushima Iki Island Guide: Ash Temple and God of War Armor

This article contains spoilers for the Ash Temple on Iki Island, so don't read it if you plan to solve the puzzles yourself. There are three sanctuaries in total on the island of Iki. And each contains one of the interesting sets of armor.

How to find the Temple of Ash

The Ash Temple contains an armor dedicated to God of War 2018. It is located near the east coast of Iki Island, south of the river delta, near the Tatsu stairs. Look for a temple on a hill that can be approached from the west. There will be a staircase leading down. It can be identified by the white birch trees that distinguish the sanctuary from the rest of the forest.

How to solve the puzzle in the Temple of Ash

Fans of God of War will immediately understand why the aforementioned birches are so important to the sanctuary. There is a birch tree to the left of the statue, marked with a handprint. In God of War, such an imprint belonged to Freya, the wife of Kratos and the mother of Atreus. An ax is also stuck in the birch tree, reminiscent of Kratos' actions at the beginning of the game and pointing to the Leviathan's ax, which is considered the main weapon in the game.

In the center of the shrine is a scroll with a poem that is associated with God of War and gives hints on how to open the temple. The last lines ask you to "honor your father's battle" and "show him the power of your blade."

Each shrine can be completed by choosing the correct armor and performing a specific action. In this case, you need the Sakai clan armor found in the second act of the original game. this armor belonged to Jin's father, Kasumase Sakai, and he wore it when he was killed by raiders from the island of Iki. Thus, to honor your father, simply equip this armor. Then swipe right on the touchpad to draw the sword while standing in front of the shrine. The cut-scene is activated, and you will receive a reward - a helmet of war, a Spartan mask and a Ghost of Sparta skin for the Sakai clan armor.

How to honor the memory of your father?

Equip the Sakai armor from Act 2 of the original.

How to show your strength?

Swipe your finger across the controller's trackpad from left to right while standing in front of the Ash Temple.

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