Ghost Of Tsushima Iki Island Guide: Shadow Temple and Shadow Of The Colossus Armor


Ghost Of Tsushima Iki Island Guide: Shadow Temple and Shadow Of The Colossus Armor

This article contains spoilers related to the Temple of the Shadow on Iki Island, so do not read it if you plan to solve the puzzles yourself. There are three sanctuaries in total on the island of Iki. And each contains one of the interesting sets of armor.

How to find the Temple of Shadow

Travel to the southern coast of Ica Island, to the extreme point on the map, to find the Shrine of the Shadow. It is located on the rocks "Footprints of the Buddha", and it is not so easy to get to it. Approach the temple from the east side and try to find a spot marked with a mat and a candle where you can jump over to get to the entrance. But be careful: one of the supports will break and you will need to grab the lower one.

How to solve the puzzle of the Temple of Shadow

As soon as you go inside, you will immediately see references to Shadow Of The Colossus. A mark on the base of the statue adorns the game's colossi, indicating where you need to attack in order to deal damage. The base of the statue also has fur skins that mimic the fur of colossi, which the protagonist uses to climb huge monsters.

Read the poem. In the last lines of the poem, you are asked to walk through the fog like a shadowless ghost. Thus, you need to equip the Ghost armor. As far as fog is concerned, you can take this message as a call to play the weather-changing flute. But instead, stand in the middle of the temple in the armor of the Ghost and throw the smoke bomb to fulfill the requirements of the poem. The cutscene will start, and you will receive the Colossus mask and armor, as well as the Ghost armor skin.

Passing through the fog - what does it mean?

Throw a smoke bomb under your feet.

How to get through like a ghost?

Equip the Ghost armor from the original game.

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